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How to drive a bank card to the phone to pay

Digital technology continue to develop, providing users with comfortable services for a comfortable life. Speech will go about bank cards and the process of payment of goods and services. Now we have the opportunity to put a bank card in your phone, so that it is possible to pay it in any stores. Follow how to do it.

Pay a card through the phone allows not a new NFC technology. It resembles the usual Bluetooth, where two devices can detect each other within a certain radius. Its value depends on Bluetooth version. NFC was presented at the conference in 2004. But the massive popularity has acquired more than 15 years later. Unlike Bluetooth has an important feature. “communicate” with another device at a distance of no more than 10 cm. On the one hand, it may seem deficing technology.

But in order to securely pay, this property is the best of what is today for mobile devices. Since the same Bluetooth due to data transfer by 10 or more meters may be subject to attack by intruders. There are already devices capable of intercepting the signal and steal the sent information from one device to another. NFC technology In addition, which has a small range, protected by additional means.

To use the possibility of binding a map and payment through a smartphone on it should be support for this feature. Accordingly, the smartphone without NFC will not be able to be used as a means of payment on cash registers. Therefore, if you wish in the future to have such an opportunity, you need to choose models with technology support. Her task consists not only to be a means of payment.

It also use different manufacturers to quickly conjugate devices. For example, smart speakers and a player, headphones and smartphones and t.D.

What phones are supported?

All smartphones on Android I will notice here to list, the main thing is to have support for NFC, and there was Android 4 in the phone.4 and above. In addition, the list of requirements is the presence of official firmware, no custom. Also the phone should be without root and without a unlocked loader. If you do not know what it is, that’s fine, and if you already managed to dig in the phone‘s filling, then do not be surprised that there may be problems.

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NFC works in most middle-class phones, but with budget models problems, options with NFC are not so much. Understandable thing if you have top galaxy or xiaomi, then this question is not discussed, NFC you will have.

Accordingly, do not forget to turn on the NFC in the settings. And do not worry, battery charge This function does not eat.

application, phone, need

“Add” card Sberbank to the phone

Check if you have an NFC

The first thing to do is make sure that there is a NFC module on the phone and whether it works (in principle, it has already begun to install it even for many budget vehicles).

For reference!

NFC is a special. Technology for contactless data transmission (at a distance not exceeding 20 cm.). Technology has been widely used and today is used everywhere. In more detail on Wikipedia.

The easiest way to do it. Go to the Android settings menu in the “Wireless Network” tab. If the NFC module is in the phone. you will see the appropriate settings section (see. Screen below).

Also check the availability of NFC using special. Applications (for example, NFC Check, Link to Play Market).

Check if the Google Pay application has established

In general, usually, if the phone supports NFC. then Google Pay is set by default. But just in case I give a link to Play Market (if you do not have applications. Install it).

For further work. Open Google Pay.

Card Scanning / Manual Map Data Enter

In the “Payment” tab, all added cards will be presented in the application (in my case there are 1).

To add a new card (and in your example I will add a card of Sberbank). You need to click on the button “Payment Methods” (see. Example below).

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Next, the phone will suggest scanning the map: just bring the camera to it and wait 1-2 seconds. You can enter manually maps (number, validity period, name and surname, in general, everything that is on the front side).

After you need to enter CVC code (drives on the back of the bank card, see. Help below).

CVC code can be found on the back of the card (last 3 digits, cm. Example below). Each card has its own unique CVC code. Most often it is needed to confirm the online shopping payment. For security reasons: Never inform this code.

Terms of Use and Confirmation

If the details of the maps were entered correctly, Google Pay in the next step will be prompted to familiarize yourself with the terms of use (you must click on the “” button, and after “accept”).

Next to the phone, tied to the bank card, will be sent SMS with a confirmation code. It will need to be introduced into special. The field that appears immediately after you click on the “Continue” button (see. photo below).

Map Added (Decal Default Selection)

If the above steps were executed correctly, in the “Payment” section (in Google Pay) you will have a new card. If you have a few cards. That payment you can choose one of them (which will be used by default).

Another alternative

If you have a Sberbank-online application installed (link to it on Play Market). then the task is greatly simplified.

After you run and log in in the application. open your card properties (just click on it).

Next, select the “Add Google Pay” function (see. Screen below).

application, phone, need

In the following steps, you will only have to agree with the terms and confirm your decision. After which the card will be added. Quick and convenient!

1) How much are these “games” with Google Pay and phone?

For free. Currently neither Sberbank, nor Google Pay for this flue of payment. What will happen next. Don’t know.

2) How to pay a smartphone after I added a map on Google Pay?

Yes simple. Come to the store, take the phone at the checkout, remove the screen lock and take it to the terminal (there may be one point: in some stores are used old terminals that may not support contactless payment, but there are less and less, and it seems to be adopted that the program in a year or two of them all replace).

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After the inscription will appear that payment passed (some smartphones publish additional. sound signal).

3) What smartphones work Google Pay?

The smartphone must have an NFC module, and the Android version is not lower than 4.4. In general, now even many inexpensive smartphones satisfy these requirements. And, as it seems to me, then this topic will only be popularized.

Connection and configuration

Customize the system should be started with clarification, is it built into your NFC phone. If the phone has a characteristic icon, continue.

Check compatibility

Sometimes abbreviation and NFC icon are missing on the lid, but there is an optional diagnosis. For example, go to the settings and select “Wireless Networks”. Next, click on the “” tab and look there NFC icon. Opposite the function, click the slider and move it to the right. No function indicates the absence of support from the OS. Other applications will not help make NFC available, because work is carried out thanks to the chip.

How to setup

In the settings, locate the NFC function and select the device with which you want to establish communication. Total pair of movements Perform this task. it is enough to use the top menu with quick settings by clicking on NFC. If you are the owner of the iPhone or iPad, then this information is hardly useful. Developers guarantee automatic network activation immediately after the device is turned on.

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