Connecting a computer to the Internet. Wi-Fi Routers

How to connect the Internet from the router to a computer (laptop) over a network cable?

Many articles have already been written on the Internet connection to the Internet on a wireless network. Instructions for connecting, solving different problems, errors and t. D. And in this article we will consider connecting the router to a computer using a network cable, which usually comes with a router. With a cable connection, everything is much easier than with Wi-Fi. But despite this, sometimes there are questions with connecting to the router using a network cable (LAN).

Basically, of course, with the help of a cable to the Internet, stationary computers are connected, in which there is no built-in Wi-Fi receiver. And if you buy a special Wi-Fi adapter for a computer, then you can refuse the wires. I always advise you to connect a router on the cable to configure it, well, and the firmware updates are. There are different cases, can Wi-Fi does not work on a laptop, and you will connect to the Internet, or the speed of the wireless network is low, a network cable is useful to us. Cable Connection always works more stable than by air.

All we need, it is the network cable itself, which we will connect the computer to the router. This is an ordinary twisted pair, with RJ-45 connectors on both sides. Such a cable must be complete with your router. True, it is short there (depends on the manufacturer of the router). If you need a long cable, you can make it in a computer store. You can also yourself, but there is a special tool. Instructions are full on the Internet.

As a rule, you can connect 4 network cable devices to the router. It is 4 LAN connector that you will most likely find on your router. In some cases, LAN connector may be 1, or 8. No matter what version of Windows installed on your computer. Instruction Suitable for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. In Windows XP, everything is connected in the same way, but IP settings will be slightly different.

How to connect to the ADSL channel

In this case, the user can connect to the global network using a telephone line, without paying the channel input to the house (if it is connected to the city network). To work with the ADSL channel, a special device is required. a modem, and for the organization of round-the-clock access to the network, you need a router with a built-in ADSL modem.

Router (router, switch, hub, hub). a network device that provides a continuous exchange of data packets within the network. Router allows you to connect several users (or devices) to the provider channel, and “distributes” the Internet is it, so the user can include its computer and go to the network using a browser, without manipulation with labels and bookmarks.

Configuring an Internet connection using an ADSL router requires the following actions:

    Put a special device on the telephone line for the trimmer. splitter, which provides connecting to such a channel and ADSL router, and a telephone.

We connect the port “Modem” of the Splitter to the “DSL” modem connector using a two-core cable with RJ-11 sockets

After the actions made for connecting to the Internet will answer the router, which can operate in 24/7 mode, providing access to the network for the user’s first request. over, besides the ADSL router, there are both Ethernet devices that will work when connecting to the selected line.

However, the setup algorithm described above involves the organization of only wired connection. To start a wireless network you need a router with Wi-Fi technology support.

If you have a connection to the Internet goes through a router, a connection is configured (PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP) on it. then you don’t need to configure anything on your computer. Just connect the network cable from the router to the computer. I told about the configuration of such a connection above.

If you connect a cable directly to a computer, and you have a login and password to connect to the Internet, then you need to create a connection.

Open the Network and Shared Access Control Center:

Click on the creation and configuration of the new connection or network. Then, select the connection to the Internet, and click on the Next button.

In the next window, select the item: high-speed (with PPPoE).

Next, ask the username and password that you must provide an Internet provider. Also, you can specify a name to connect, for example: “High-speed Beeline connection”. And you can still install checkmarks near password storage facilities, password display and permission to use this connection to other users. I advise you to install a tick near the item Remember this password.

Click on the Connect button, and if everything is properly connected, and the parameters are correct, the connection will be created and the Internet connection is set.

See this connection and manage it, you can click on the Internet icon on the notifications panel.

By clicking on the connection, the number set menu will open, where you can connect, delete, or edit the connection settings.

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Internet connection via Wi-Fi

If you have a Wi-Fi router at home, or you want to connect your laptop to the Internet from friends, in a cafe and t. D., You can use Wi-Fi to do this. If you already have a driver on a Wi-Fi adapter, and Windows 10 almost always installs it automatically, then it remains only to open a list of networks available for connecting, select the desired, specify the password (if the network is protected). and you are already connected to the Internet.

On this topic, I already wrote a detailed article: how to connect to Wi-Fi on Windows 10. I think with the connection to the wireless network problems should not occur.

Configure the Internet through 3G / 4G modem in Windows 10

It remains only to consider setting the connection via USB 3G, or 4G modem. On a computer with Windows 10, the configuration of this connection will not differ from the 3G Internet setting on Windows 7 (article on the example of the InterTelecom provider).

First of all, we need to connect a modem to a computer and install the driver to our modem. Driver can be downloaded from the manufacturer of the modem, from the website of the provider, or just find it on the Internet. Search by name and modem model. Also, the driver can be on a platform with a modem, or on the modem itself. If the drivers for your modem is not under the Windows 10 operating system, then try to find for Windows 8, or even Windows 7. Maybe it will fit.

After the driver you are installed, connect the modem to the computer, and you can start 3G configuration on Windows 10. By the way, everything is almost the same as when setting up a high-speed connection.

Open the network management center and shared access.

Click to create and configure a new connection or network and select the Internet connection.

Next, select the type switched.

And set the parameters that provide the provider: number, username and password. I showed an example of the InterTelecom provider. I recommend putting a tick near the item Remember this password. Connection name set arbitrary. How to fill in all fields, press the Create button.

If all OK, the connection will be created, and the Internet connection has been established.

If you cannot connect, then check all the parameters and the USB modem connection. Maybe you still have a very bad coverage of your provider. In such cases, the Internet may not be connected at all, or work very slowly. How to see what a signal level you have and how to enlarge it, I wrote here. In some cases, if the network is very bad, you need to install an antenna for your modem.

You can start the created connection, stop, delete, or edit you can click on the Internet connection icon and selecting the Created Connection.

Connection using a Wi-Fi Router

Many inexperienced users when buying a Wi-Fi router believes that the purchase of this device will save them from concern to mess with network cables and other wires. But no, the network cable is needed here. The only difference is that it needs to be connected to the router, and not to the system block of your computer.

However, Wi-Fi from this does not lose its advantages. After it is properly configured, you can use the Internet all family. This is especially true if your family members have their own computers, laptops, netbooks or relatively modern phones with Wi-Fi support. Without a router, you would have to use one computer (to which a network cable is connected), or constantly reconnect this cable to the device from which you want to go online. Not only is it uncomfortable, so the network cable is rather fragile, and it can be damaged if you constantly roll and connect.

connecting, computer, internet, wi-fi

So, to connect the Internet with a router, follow the following step by step instructions:

  • As in the first case, make sure that there is a network cable. Also in the previous part of the article presents his photo.
  • Find WAN port on your router. It is located on the right near the antenna (in some models. left), painted in blue and often has the appropriate inscription. All other yellow connectors are LAN ports. Now a little theory. WAN and LAN are the types of computer network. WAN is a global network, in more simply put such with which you can go online. LAN is a local network. For them, the same type of cable is used in the router, so you can insert a network cable in the LAN port, but it will not give you the right effect.

Now you need to check whether everything is fine with the connection. This will tell you the following signs:

    WAN connection indicator is onset on the router.

To connect, click on the mouse at first to the network connections icon, and then on the network, and click “Connection”

Note! If you have any problems with the last item, it means that the Internet needs to be configured. And if with the previous, then the problem is already in your cable or router.

How to configure L2TP connection in Windows 10

The L2TP tunnel protocol used to connect to the global network is the symbiosis of the old PPTP protocols from Microsoft and L2F from Cisco. It is easily processed by network devices and has a high information exchange rate due to a reduction in the load on the processor. Has great connection stability and high security. Able to create tunnels to work in any networks. The L2TP protocol is usually used in corporate networks, as it allows you to create a network connection over the existing network. This ensures a steady connection between the main office of the organization and regional offices.

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To configure the L2TP connection, you need to perform a series of consecutive actions:

  • Right-click on the Start icon.
  • In the menu that appears, click on the “Network Connections” string.

In the “Start” menu, select the “Network Connections” string

In the “Parameters” section, open the “Network and Shared Access Control Center”

In the “Network and Shared Access Center” partition menu, you must select the first item. “Creating a new connection or network”

Highlight the “Connection to Workplace” string, then click “Next”

Click on the “Use My Internet Connection (VPN” tab to continue setting

Enter the server address and do not forget to check the last item to allow you to connect to other users

In the console, click on the generated VPN connection with the right mouse button and go to Properties

The VPN type must be set as L2TP with IPsec (L2TP / IPSec), to encrypt data to select “Optional”

The key to authentication must be provided to you by the provider

If you did everything right, then the L2TP connection is ready for use.

Created L2TP connection enhances the security level for the subscriber and makes a simpler connection to the equipment of the provider.

Direct connection

Direct connection is suitable if you wish to use only one PC, and you do not need the Internet on other gadgets, such as tablet, mobile phone or other laptops. Then you do not need to buy a router, just connect through a special cable and configure the Internet.

The note! Noticeable from the advantages of this method is considered direct connection with the Internet television or stationary telephone network. The Internet comes through the fiber cable, which are used and to transfer other signals, so they are easy to combine.

To begin with, connect a special network cable to a computer. The nest for the Internet cable is as follows.

If you need the Internet configuration after installing a new operating system, you may have to re-install the network card driver. Better download it to the electronic media before you change the operating system.

After installing the driver, provided that the network card is functioning normally, a red cross will disappear on the Internet icon, which signals the absence of connection, and a special yellow icon will appear. This suggests that you connected to the Rostelecom Server. The Internet is connected, it remains only to configure it.

First of all, you need to deal with what exactly the connection is connected. There are only two of them:

In two cases, the Internet is configured slightly differently and it is worth considering indirectly.

Static IP

If you have a static IP, it means that Rostelecom has allocated an individual address for you to which you can enjoy on an ongoing basis. You are the owner of the address, and no one else can connect to the network through it.

On a note! The main plus of this option is that it becomes easier for you to use online services, which provide for the need to memorize the user and the latest changes in the settings. Since you always come from the same address, the service remembers you and with a new login automatically identifies the user.

With a static connection, you need to perform a few simple steps.

    Find on the Windows working panel Internet icon with a yellow warning lack of network sign. Using the right mouse button, open the context menu.

Click the right mouse button on the Internet icon with a yellow warning lack of network sign

By clicking on the left mouse button, select the “Internet version 4 (TCP-IPv4)” parameter, click on the “Properties” button

We put a tick to the “Use the following IP address automatically” item, we prescribe the parameters received from Rostelecom

We put a tick to the “Use the following DNS servers addresses” item, fill in the data obtained from Rostelecom, click “OK”

Immediately after that, wait until the yellow exclamation mark will disappear from the Internet icon, and you can safely go to the network.


If you use such a connection as PPPoe, then setting, on the one hand, it will be easier. On the other hand, small problems may arise due to a non-permanent address.

The connection process itself will also be a little different.

    Go to the Special System section “Control Center” in the same way.

Check drivers

Once you connect the Internet wire, the system recognizes it as a new device. For each device, drivers are required to ensure compatibility of connected equipment, OS and computer components. If the drivers are missing or outdated, then the incorrect work of the Internet is possible.

As a rule, drivers are loaded independently or installed in the default system. But it happens that they go on a separate disk, there are no or for any other reasons for any reason. Whatever case, it is recommended to update the drivers before setting up the network.

If there is a drive with drivers, run the program located on it, and it will install the necessary components. Otherwise, do the following steps:

    Expand the Device Manager, you can find it through a system search string.

We find a network adapter and open its properties

Open the “Details” tab and watch the equipment ID

Use the “Driver Update” function

Choose an option that allows you to find drivers on this device

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If the drivers are not installed, delete the device

Internet connection via cable

With a wired connection, an optical cable or twisted pair is used. The first type of cable has a significant advantage, as it provides the speed of information to one gigabit per second, while over a twisted pair, the maximum speed reaches only one hundred megabits per second.

The speed of information on the Ethernet cable depends on its type and from the network card that takes place. It affects the work of desktop computers, game consoles, TVs and other devices associated in one network. Streaming information does not require constant exchange between devices, which significantly increases its processing speed. Speed ​​is also of great importance when working in a corporate network, especially when it is constantly required to transmit large arrays of information.

Creating and configuring connection on various operating systems

When creating an Internet connection and its configuration, usually apply two types of Internet connections: L2TP and PPPoE. Connection settings are not very different in different Windows editions and is carried out according to a similar algorithm.

How to configure L2TP connection in Windows 10

The L2TP tunnel protocol used to connect to the global network is a symbiosis of two old protocols: PPTP from Microsoft and L2F from Cisco. It is easily processed with network devices and provides high information exchange rate due to low load on the processor. It is also stable enough and safe because it is capable of creating unique tunnels to work in networks. The L2TP protocol is used mainly in corporate networks. Use it guarantees a steady connection between the main office of the organization and regional offices.

To configure the L2TP connection, you must successively perform the following steps:

  • Close using the right key of the manipulator, the “Start” icon.
  • In the open menu, click the “Network Connections” string.

In the expansion menu of the Start button, select the “Network Connections” string

In the Network Parameters window, click on the “Network and Shared Access Center” row

In the Control Center window, click the “Creating a New Connection or Network” icon

In the connection option panel, select the string with the “Connection to Workplace” icon and click the Next key

In the Connection methods selection panel, click on the Use My Internet Connection (VPN) tab

In the address entry panel, type the server address, set the “Tick” from the “Allow use this connection to other users” icon and click the “Create” key

In the network connections console, click on the generated VPN connection with the right mouse button and click the “Properties” icon in the drop-down menu

In the VPN-connection properties console, set the VPN type “L2TP from IPsec (L2TP / IPSEC)” and set out “optional” in the “Data Encryption” field

In the Console properties of VPN connections, click the “Advanced Settings” key

In the console of additional properties, insert the key to authenticately provided by the Provider

L2TP connection prepared for use.

Created L2TP connection enhances the security level for the subscriber and makes a simpler connection to the equipment of the provider.

How to configure L2TP connection in Windows XP

Creating a tunnel protocol and configuring the L2TP connection in Windows XP are produced by an algorithm similar to configuring connection in Windows 10. Differs only intees of windows and connection panels. Due to the fact that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is practically not used in corporate networks and, as a result, L2TP connections in this version lose their relevance.

How to configure PPPoE connection in Windows 10

PPPoE network connection protocol is used when connecting to the main network using Ethernet technology. This protocol provides a number of additional features, such as compressing information for transmission, and also allows authentication and data encryption at the package level. Connection requires authorization on the network by entering the username and password. PPPOE protocol is used when connecting to the main network and provider equipment.

To connect to the Internet via PPPoE, you must successively perform the following operations:

  • Open on the computer Network and Shared Access Center panel.
  • In the unfolded window, click the icon “Creating and configuring a new connection or network”.
  • In the Console “Connection or Network” console, highlight the “Internet connection” item and click on the “Next” key.

Setting 3G or 4G connections

It is time to connect one of the easiest ways to connect and configure the Internet on Windows. 3G or 4G-modem. Here we also have two choices. create a switched connection or follow the instructions of the program from the Publisher of the modem.

Switchable connection is created in the same way as high-speed, in the screenshot you will understand everything.

It is extremely rare when the 3G or 4G modem is connected, this method is used, so we simply connect our modem to the USB connector, run the built-in provision and follow the instructions. Next, click on the shortcut of our connection and enjoy the expanses of the Internet. On the network panel you can also configure an automatic connection when the modem is connected.

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