Connecting a router to a computer through a cable. Install the router in an optimal place

How to create and configure the local network between two computers

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Eh, if in the 90s of the last century a computer was a luxury, then many at home are not one at home, but several computers / laptops.

If you connect computers to the local network (in which there will be only 2 devices). You can get indisputable advantages:

  • the ability to open files located on the other PC work with them and t.D. Now you do not need to run there and a flash drive or disk;
  • Ability to make a network printer (scanner, CD / DVD drive, etc.). and use it from all PC on the local network;
  • the ability to play network games (this is a separate and most interesting opportunity, which can be told about long).

In this article, I wanted to consider building a home LAN (and its settings), which will be useful to all novice users.

I will go along the path of the step-by-step analysis, I will start with the question of connecting one PC to another, then I will consider setting up Windows, and how, in fact, to decrease (make the folders available for the local network), printers and T.D.

Connect the router to the Internet and computer

To begin with, connect the router to the outlet. If there is a power button on the device, click on it. Then wait two or three minutes so that the router manage to boot.

Insert the provider cable to the WAN port (or Internet) of your router so that it allows access to the Internet.

Now connect the device to the computer. To do this, insert one end of the network cable in any LAN-port of the router, and the second. in the network card connector on PC.

Instead of a LAN cable to connect a router to a computer, you can use Wi-Fi. In this case, open the Wi-Fi menu on the PC and start searching for wireless networks.

When the device detects the network of your router, connect to it. Her name must match the router model. If you need to enter the password, look for it on the bottom of the router. But, most likely, the wireless network will be unprotected.

How to connect a router to a computer or laptop via a wireless connection?

If you want to connect a home laptop to the Internet without using the LAN cable, follow further actions:

  • In the lower right corner of the system trady, Mouse over to the network access icon and click on it right-click;
  • In the window that opens, choose the Wireless network you are interested in (by name);
  • Enter the appropriate authentication password;
  • Similarly, you can connect various mobile devices.

Stationary PC owners also have the ability to connect their technique wireless.

This will require a special USB modem that is as follows (the appearance of different models may differ slightly, depending on the built-in or external antenna).

On modern operations, the driver for new equipment is tightened automatically, you do not need to configure anything. If you have older versions of Windows XP, Vista or 7, you may need a manual search and installation of drivers for a specific model of this small, but very useful “USB receiver”. You can purchase such a Wi-Fi-modem in a computer store, its cost will not hit the much, and the user will be able to get rid of the need to pull the cord.

Setting the network card settings

Before you enter the Wi-Fi router settings, you must properly configure the network card (especially if you used to have excellent default settings).

First you need to open a tab in the control panel:

Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections

The easiest way to do is: Press the WINR button combination, enter the NCPA command.CPL and click OK.

NCPA.CPL. View all network connections

Next, you need to open the properties of the connection through which the connection is connected to the router (most often, this is a local network connection, perhaps you will have something like an Ethernet connection).

Local Connection Properties

Then you need to open Select “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and open its properties.

In the General tab, set the IP address and the DNS server automatically. Save Settings.

Get the IP address and DNS server automatically

Such settings will be suitable in 99.9% of cases, Your Wi-Fi router in the local network is watching an active DHCP server. which will give a free IP address to your computer / laptop.

If an exclamation mark (without access to the Internet is burning “on the network icon

Perhaps this is the most popular option (especially when the router is first connected and configured, for example, after the equipment change).

In this case, the first thing, I recommend opening network connections and check whether everything is in order. To do this, press the WINR button combination and use the NCPA command.CPL (see. Screen below).

How to open network connections / NCPA command.CPL and WinR

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In the network connections window, you must open the properties of your connection (usually, it is called “Ethernet” (as in my case) or “Local Connection”).

Next, find the “IP version 4” string and open its properties. After put the sliders in mode:

  • receive an IP address automatically;
  • Get the address of the DNS server automatically (in some cases it is recommended instead of auto-option, specify DNS 8.eight.eight.8 is DNS from Google. about it here).

Save the settings and check the operation of the network.

IPv4 properties. Get an IP address automatically

The second important point is to check the settings of the router. If you have not previously been configured. in principle, in most part cases. the Internet will not be indicated until the connection parameters are specified.

Different providers have different requirements: as a rule, find the necessary logins and passwords, IP addresses, etc. The parameters [which need to be entered in the router settings] can be in a contract with the provider, which was concluded when connected to the Internet.

To help!

How to enter the router settings [just where you need to set the connection parameters] (for beginners)

Configuring PPPOE Connection in Tenda Web Intees (For Internet Connection)

In this regard, I would recommend another article (about setting up and connecting the router with “zero”). From it will be able to learn all the “omitted” moments.

How to spend the Internet in the house?

How to connect a computer to the Internet via Wi-Fi router

Router (or router) is a special device whose goal is to forward data packets between the global network and connected to the router devices. Externally any Wi-Fi Router is a small block with one or more antennas.

On the rear panel of the router there are ports for connecting patch cord (Internet cable) and LAN ports that are used for wire connected to the network. Wi-Fi coating and signal strength depends on the number of antennas.

Standard router has one or two antennas and coating radius up to 150-200 meters. Such an indicator is quite enough to use in an apartment or house. If there is a need to create a wireless Internet network for office and other large rooms, routers with 4 antennas or special extensors are used. small gadgets that expand the existing zone of the router covering.

There are several ways to connect to the Internet using a wireless router:

  • Creating a single access point. As a result, you can connect with a network any home gadget that supports Wi-Fi technology (laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, Smart TV and other);
  • Wired connection to the router to create a home network. You can not only create an access point, but at any time connect the computer to the router using the Cord Patch and LAN ports. Before connecting two or more computers to the Internet, make sure that the main power cable Ethernet is also connected to the router. Otherwise, you just create home network without accessing the Internet.

Windows connection Windows with already configured Wi-Fi network

The easiest way to get access to the global network is to use the already enabled and configured router. If you are in establishment with the possibility of access to Wi-Fi, you can easily connect your laptop to the Internet or any other gadget.

  • You need to open the Wi-Fi network management window and see the list of available connections;
  • Each access point has its name. Find the right name and click on it. Next, enter the password (if the open network is not necessary to enter a password).
  • The device will automatically connect to hotspot and you can start using the Internet.

Note, on the installation of the wireless connection with the router, your device shows the signal quality. If the network is bad, it can cause a sudden disconnection of the Internet or the impossibility of connecting even with the right password. We advise you to approach the router closer and try to configure the connection again.

It is important to remember the safety of personal data when using public open Wi-Fi networks. Using such connections, an attacker can easily access personal data that is stored on your device. These can be payment card data, passwords, access to email, cloud services.

When connecting to public Wi-Fi in crowded places, we do not recommend paying for purchases on the Internet and go to Internet banking sites. This may cause confidential information. Using open networks for ordinary sewing can not harm you nor your computer.

Setting up a new router

If you purchased a new router and want to configure it to further connect to the Internet, you can do it in 10 minutes. All routers are configured in a single scheme, so no difficulties will arise. The only thing you need to consider is the presence of an Internet cable in your home. Take care of connecting this service from the provider.

Follow the instructions for independently create a Wi-Fi access point:

  • Unpack the router. In his configuration you will find the device itself, patch cord for connecting other devices and power cable. Also, most of the device are supplied with disks for the first setup, and some models can be removable antennas;
connecting, router, computer, cable
  • Connect the antenna to the router if they are disconnected. Then expand the router. On the rear panel there are two types of connectors. WAN (for connecting the Internet cable) and LAN (to create switching devices inside the same network). Also, some models may have USB ports that can be used to connect flash drives;
  • Connect to the WAN port of the Internet, which conducted a provider in the room (also, this port can simply be indicated by the word Internet and be painted in yellow);
  • Then plug the power cable, the connector for which has a round shape and is also on the rear panel of the router;
  • Turn on the device into the outlet and on the entire same rear panel, press the power key. One or more LED indicators on the router housing should start working.
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Features of the Wireless Connection

Connect a Wi-Fi router to a computer (unless this is not a laptop) is not possible without a single device. USB adapter. It can be bought at any accessories store for PC. In order for a landline computer to become part of a wireless network, you need to perform the following:

  • Insert USB.Adapter for receiving Wi-Fi and install software from a disk that is attached to it. Before installation, carefully examine the instructions, it is written there, what settings you need to set the device to work.
  • Turn on the distribution of Wi. Fi on the router router.
  • Activate reception Wi. Fi on PC.

If the equipment works correctly, your wireless network will appear in the list available on the computer. You will only have to enter the password and get started. In most cases, the wireless connection is not needed. Sometimes you just need to restart the router, and also set the use of TCP / IPv4 in the connection properties. Rarely you have to enter IP.Manual address, it can be taken from the documents from the provider or the operator of your connection provider.

You can learn the name of the network and password from the documents received from the telecom operator. If the equipment kit you received from the provider, then the bottom of the router can have a sticker with these data. Now you know how to connect a Wi-Fi router to a computer, installing a connection with any other devices will also not take you much time. it is carried out similarly. On smartphones and tablets just find the network and enter password from it.

Check and configure the router

In most cases, it is not enough to connect the router with a wire to a computer, you need to configure it. First of all look at the connection icon next to the clock on the “Desktop” of your PC. If Internet access works and the computer is connected to the network, you will see the icon depicting the cable and PC monitor. There will be no additional characters on it. the word “connected” will appear when you hover the mouse on this picture.

Automatic setting is typical for later builds of Windows OC. Starting with the 7 version, but it does not always work. In this case, you can notice the yellow triangle on the icon, and when you hover the mouse, the inscription “limited” or “without access to the Internet” will appear. You can get rid of the problem using the IP and DNS configuration:

  • Go to “Network Management Center” via the connection icon or the control panel.
  • On the left, locate the “Changing Adapter Settings”.
  • Several types of connections will appear before you. Find the responsible to the connection with the local network. Right-hand mouse button Call the context menu and find the item “Properties” in it, usually located at the bottom.
  • In the “Network” tab, check that the TCP / IPV4 connection protocol stood next to the string.
  • Click on the TCP / IPv4 Connection Protocol line name to stand out. Press the “Properties” button located under the list of connection tools.
  • Play markers next to the automatic receipt of IP and DNS addresses. Confirm your actions with the “OK” button.
connecting, router, computer, cable

After listed actions, you will only restart the computer. If after that the connection is not restored, then you need to turn to the hot fishing line for the provider trimmer. Preview whether there is an indication on the router, next to the Internet inscription.

If you are connected via cable 2 or more PC, then you need to make another adjustment of the settings: set an automatic IP assignment.Addresses. This happens through the router settings. You can get to them through any browser. usually you need to enter in the search string: (Some routers can be configured by other subnets, the address can be found in the instructions for the router). Login and password for access to settings is indicated in the contract of the provider, on the router itself or is set by default (in this case, in both fields you need to enter Admin).

Through this personal account, you can check the network connection status, change the settings and restart the router. If you do not put dynamic IP assignment. then you will have to spend the setting on each device and enter it manually. This part of the setting can cause difficulty, then you should contact the hot fishing line for the provider’s trimmer so that the operator can be dictated by the necessary numbers.

What to do from when there is no connection to the router?

If the cross is a cross on the network connection icon, this means that the computer does not detect a network connection. There may be several reasons:

  • Does not work connector- LAN on the router. You need to transfer the cable to another port, usually 4-5 pieces, so there will be no problems.
  • Network cable problem. It can be broken even inside the plastic winding, so if you have the opportunity to try to connect the PC to another cord.
  • You need to check the network card drivers. To do this, it is necessary through the control panel to enter the “Equipment and Sound” tab, find the “Device Manager” there. Find the equipment responsible for access to the Internet and see the status of its drivers. If there is a pictogram in the form of a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark next to the name of the network card, then the drivers need to be renewed or updated. This can be done using utilities, boot disks or PC with a network connection.
  • Through the “Network Management Center” you need to check the condition of the adapter. To do this, go to the tab that allows you to change the parameters of the adapters and find a local network connection there. If it is disabled, click on the connection icon with the right mouse button and start it. It will also not be superfluous to restart this connection if it was actively.
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Connect router

To connect a router, we need to make the Internet in one of his connectors, and to other connect all household gadgets. All these connectors are located, most often, not the rear panel of the router. Take a look there. One of them must be signed as “Internet”, and the rest. as “LAN 1”, “LAN 2”, “LAN 3”, and so on, depending on the quantity. Instruction is such.

  • Turn on the router in the outlet.
  • Take the wire that makes the Internet to you in the apartment, and stuck it in the connector, over which “Internet” is written. Now your router connected to the global network.
  • Lay the network connector on the system block of your computer. Most often it is located on the rear panel, close to USB connections, where you stick flash drives. If this is your home laptop, then the network connector is most likely located on one of the lateral sides.
  • Connect the network cable with one end to this connectivity. It leads to a network card of this device.
  • Connect the second end of the cable to any router connector with the inscription “LAN”. On your computer should appear in the Internet. Use the remaining “LAN” connectors to connect the rest of your home gadgets.

Advice. Usually, the router has light indicators that can inform you about the progress of work. One of them should notify you that the router is included in the network. If you correctly connected the device to the Internet, it will tell you another indicator. Separate light bulbs indicate that each of the “LAN” is working properly.

Possible internet access problems

Lack of access to various websites can be caused by a malfunction of a modem or router.

Many people use a modem to connect to the Internet (for example, from Rostelecom), which is a physical device transmitting digital data on analog channels. The modem converts an analog signal into digital, and vice versa.

Router (for example, from TP-Link) is a physical device that connects to the Internet through a wired, wireless or mobile network. In addition, it can combine into one local network all devices equipped with Ethernet network ports and Wi-Fi adapters. With it, the local network participants can freely exchange files and remotely control other devices (for example, printers, TVs, etc. D.).

Need to look at the router. If blue or green indicators are blinking on it (manufacturers can use different colors), it is normal and indicates a stable connection to the Internet and a local network.

But if continuously flashing orange (or red) lights are observed, it usually indicates no connection. The same applies to the modem. a flashing orange light typically testifies to breakage or error.

If the indicators indicate the presence of a problem on both devices, you should try to turn off and on them again. That is, to reboot. This action can be performed, even if the indicators blink normally. there are some routers that sometimes need to restart so that they work correctly.

After a few minutes, the modem or router must connect to the provider again. An error can be caused by updating the servers of the provider itself.

If this does not solve the problem, you can reset the router settings or update the firmware. To check whether the problem is really associated with the router, you can connect an Ethernet computer cable directly to the modem, bypassing the router. If the connection is restored, it will become clear which device causes the problem.

If network problems arise only with one computer on the local network, then most likely this software error. It can be caused by a virus, any malicious or error in the browser. You need to check the system using the antivirus program and install another browser, and then try to open a website using the new program. Other errors are possible, for example, incorrectly configured firewall.

As it turned out, connect to the router through the cable is easy. And with any possible problems you can handle yourself. As a last resort, you can always call the Provider specialists.

Certified Computer Network Safety Specialist. Routing skills, creating complex network coverage schemes, including seamless Wi-Fi.

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