How many volts in the phone charger. Analog with built-in power supply

How many volts should show a charged phone battery?

If the charge is higher than 2 volts, the battery is more or less charged and the phone is simply obliged to turn on. Generally, normal (it is also called nominal) The value of the charged battery is 3.7 volts, the maximum 4.2 volt.

The secondary voltage of the lithium battery of the smartphone is slightly less than 4 volts, and the machine indicator in the characteristics is indicated for it. Charging the phone is usually made with a voltage of 5 volts (from 5 to 12 with the support of quick charging).

How fast charging?

The power of the charger define three parameters:

Volt (B). Voltage Measure

Watt (W). the total value of power

The parameters of the charger are not the only factor affecting the rate of energy replenishment.

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The feedback from the smartphone is also important, which allows you to change the charging speed. with an empty battery it will be maximum. Conditionally, at 50%, power will decrease.

That’s what fast charging exist today:

Characteristics of network chargers

Connection connector. the first thing that determines the compatibility of the charger with charging. Fortunately, times when each manufacturer provided its gadgets with a unique connector, slowly go into the past, and most modern devices use the USB connector or its options. Mini USB, Micro USB, USB Type-C. The memory for such gadgets, as a rule, have a USB connector and. if necessary, a removable cable bundled, which is an adapter to other connectors of the same standard. Although there are also charging with a micro USB type connector or USB Type-C on the body or on a fixed cable. but no advantage does not give them, on the contrary, makes them less versatile.

There are chargers with multiple USB connectors. from two to eight. Such can be charged several devices at the same time, but keep in mind that the output current to the port in this case may be less than the total maximum output current. If you connect to the memory with a maximum output current of 1000 mA two devices, charged by such a current, both of them will “get” only 500 mA (even if it is declared an output current to the port in the same 1000 mA) and twice the longer. The output current on the port can be equal to the maximum only when only one device is connected to it, “picking up” the maximum current.

From the other common connectors, you can note only 8-pin lightning used on Apple mobile devices since 2012.

If you wish, you can still find charger for old gadgets. 20-PIN connectors for Samsung smartphones, 30-PIN connectors for Apple gadgets until 2012, 18-PIN connectors for LG smartphones and so on, but the choice is small, and soon You should expect their full disappearance from the store shelves.

There are also zoom with cylindrical connectors of type DJK or Jack, such power connectors are used in a variety of different electrical appliances. The peculiarity of the selection of such a charger is that they do not have the generally accepted standard, each device using such a connector may have different parameters of charging that should be carefully observed. When buying a memory with such a connector, make sure that the location of the poles, the current and the voltage on it corresponds to the accuracy specified in the instruction manual of the charging device (or at least on its body). Failure to follow this requirement can lead to failure of both charging and charging gadget.

The power of the current of the charger with the Lightning connector can be any. all Apple devices are equipped with a charge controller and simply do not take a current greater than necessary. Another thing is that the current is smaller than the device can consume, will increase the charging time. And for example, the iPad mini of the 1st generation, loading with a current of 0.15 A, can be charged and from the output current of 2.4 A. it will not affect the charging process. Normal iPad from “telephone” charging with output current 1 and will also charge. but twice the longer than the usual. Various Apple devices can be charged with currents from 0.15 to 2.4 A.

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The same applies to the charging devices with a USB connector. the smartphone charge controller will protect it when connected to too powerful. In the opposite case. when connected to a “weak” charging device capable of charged with high current. charging time will increase.

Roughly speaking, and with the Lightning port, and with the USB port, the smartphone charger is better to take at least 2 a. Many modern smartphones can be charged with a current of 3 A, and gadgets are bigger than calmly “take” 4-5 A. Most of the other USB devices also have a charging controller and “are not afraid” of high currents, but it is better to fully complete with the instruction manual and do not charge the current above the specified in it.

Voltage on a circular connector of type DJK or Jack can be different and must comply with the requirements of the charging device.

But with Lightning and USB connectors, everything is more complicated. Standard voltage for these connectors. 5 V. However, in the intelligent modes of quick charging, the voltage can rise to 20 V. This happens automatically, without the user’s participation: the controller of the charging device, using the quick charging protocol, sets the desired mode on the charger. This allows you to reduce charging time several times and manufacturers argue that such modes do not lead to a strong reduction in battery life.

The problem is that some cables are not simply “pieces of copper”. the matching resistors are built into them (USB 2. USB cables), and sometimes control chips (Lightning cables, USB Therefore, it is categorically recommended for quick charging modes to use only “native” cables that are included with the device. The use of unverified cables for quick charging can damage both cable and charger or smartphone itself.

There are many fast charging standards, and for their work it is necessary to have a memory, and the charging device supported one standard. Therefore, if you plan to apply the purchased charger to quick charging the gadget, make sure that it supports the desired standard:

What voltage is needed to charge the phone battery?

The optimal charge current is 10% of the nominal, it is safe and adjustable for the battery. The maximum charge voltage should not exceed 13.8 volts. With a quick charge, it is allowed to 14.5 volts. The total time of the total charge should be in a rayan 5. 6 hours.

One lithium magnesium, as well as a lithium ionic cell has a minimum voltage 3.2V, rated voltage 3.7V and maximum voltage 4.2V.

How to restore battery capacity in the phone?

Remove the battery, wrap it in a plastic bag and put a home refrigerator in a freezer chamber for 12 hours. After the specified period of time, let the battery be warm at room temperature. Then you carefully wipe it with the cloth and install it in the smartphone. Perhaps the device will be reanimated.

For the charge of an ordinary 12-volt battery voltage on terminals, which should provide a charger, must be from 14.4 to 16.5 volts, depending on the type of rechargeable battery. Where exactly to charge the battery. it does not matter much.

What is the power of the current. Amp [a]

The current is a physical value equal to the ratio of the amount of charge for a certain period of time flowing through the conductor to the magnitude of this very period of time. Measured in amperes.

Sometimes such a task as a translation of amps in watts or kilowatts, or vice versa. watts and kilowatts in amps, may cause difficulty. After all, it is rarely some of us remember by heart the formulas of the school bench. Unless of course you constantly have to deal with this by the family of profession or hobbies.

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In fact, in everyday life, knowledge of such things may require quite often. For example, on the outlet or on the plug indicated marking in the form of an inscription: “220V 6a”. This marking reflects the maximum permissible power of the plug-in. What does it mean? What maximum power network device can be included in such a rosette or use with this fork?

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Based on this labeling, we see that the working voltage, which is calculated by this device is 220 volts, and the maximum current is 6 amp. To get the power value, it is sufficient to multiply the two these numbers: 2206 = 1320 watts. maximum power for this fork or outlet. Say, Iron with steam can be used only on a twice, and the oil heater is only half of the power.

How many volts contains 1 amp?

Volta W: a = a x ohm = √ (W x Ohm)
Amperes (W: B) = √ (W: Omms) = in: Omms
Omi Q: A = W: (a) 2 = (c) 2: W
Watty And x in = (a) 2 x ohm = (c) 2: ohms
Volta W: (and x cos ψ) = a x ohm x cos ψ = √ (W x oh)
Amperes W: (in x cos ψ) = 1 / cos ψ x √ (W: Ohms) = in: (ohm x cos ψ)
Omi In: (a x cos ψ) = W: (a) 2 cos2 ψ = (c) 2: W
Watty In x and x cos ψ = (a) 2 x ohm x cos2 ψ = (c) 2: ohms

How many watts in 1 ampere?

So, to get watts, you need to multiply the specified amps to Volta:

In her p. watt, i is a, and u. volts. That is, current multiplied to the voltage (in the outlet we have about 220-230 volts). This is the main formula for finding power in single-phase electrical circuits.

An example of calculating the power consumed is a washing machine consumes from a power outlet 220 volts of a current of 10 A, 10 A 220 V = 2200 W or 2.2 kilowatta, t. to. One kilowatt is 1000 watt.

Translate watta to amps

Sometimes the power in watts must be translated into amps. This task faces, for example, a person who has decided to choose a protective machine for a water heater.

For example, the water heater is written “2500 W”. this is the rated power at the voltage of the network 220 volts. Therefore, in order to obtain maximum amps of the water heater, we divide the nominal power on the rated voltage, and we get: 2500/220 = 11.36 amps.

So, you can choose a 16 amp machine. 10 ampere machine will be clearly not enough, and 16 amp machine will work immediately as soon as the current exceeds the safe value. Thus, in order to obtain amps, you need to divide the watts to volts. the power is divided into voltage I = P / U (volt in the household network 220-230).

How many amps in kilowatte and how many kilowatt in ampere

It happens often that in the network electrical appliance, the capacity is indicated in kilowatts (kW), then it may be necessary to translate kilowatts to amps. Since in one kilowatte 1000 watts, then for 220 volts network voltage, it can be taken that in one kilowatte 4.54 amps, because i = p / u = 1000/220 = 4.54 amps. True for the network and reverse statement: in one ampere 0.22 kW, because p = iu = 1220 = 220 W = 0.22 kW.

For approximate calculations, it is possible to take into account that with a single-phase load, the rated current I ≈ 4.5 rubles, where p. power consumption and kilowatts. For example, at p = 5 kW, i = 4.5 x 5 = 22.5 A.

That is, 1 kW = 1000 W (one kilowatt is thousands of watts). Reverse translation is as simple: you can divide the number for a thousand or move the comma on three digits to the left. For example:

  • The power of the washing machine is 2100 W = 2.1 kW;
  • Power of the kitchen blender 1.1 kW = 1100 W;
  • electric motor power 0.55 kW = 550 W and t.D.

Kilodzhouley in kilowatts and kilowatt-hour

Sometimes it is useful to know how to translate kilodzhouli to kilowatts. To answer this question, back to the basic relationship of Watt and Jouley: 1 W = 1 J / 1 with. It is easy to guess that:

  • 1 kilodzhoule = 0.0002777777777778 kilowatt-hour (one hour 60 minutes, and in one minute 60 seconds, therefore in an hour 3600 seconds, and 1/3600 = 0.000277778).
  • 1 W = 3600 Joule per hour
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Measurement of current and voltage

In order to measure the voltage, the multimeter must be switched to the variable voltage measurement mode, while installing the upper limit as above as possible. For example 400 volts. And then touch the measuring tips of the zero and phases in the outlet or clerk and on the screen you will see the voltage value.

The current is difficult to measure, to measure it, you need to switch to the current measurement mode in the amps and connect so that the current passed through the electrical meter, the multimeter must be connected in series with source of power consumption. Or in more expensive multimeters models, there are two adjustable additional probe from above, which you need to press the dilute key and skip the inside the wire where the current must be measured. Here are two important points: to start only one phase wire and ensure that electrical inspection probes would be tightly closed.

Electrical Equipforms Physics Theory Electricity

Types of charging and connectors

To begin with, it is necessary to deal with what types of charging for smartphone and tablet we most often face everyday life:

  • MicroUSB. Perhaps the most common connector used to power mobile devices. It is used by various manufacturers on smartphones and tablets operating under the management of Android and Windows Phone software platforms.
  • Lightning. A special 8-pin connector that is applied by Apple in the iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPod Nano and iPod Touch.
  • USB Type-C. The symmetric connector allows you to not conceive which side of the plug or cable you need to insert the cord into the connector, and slightly simplifies our life. In addition, USB Type-C provides higher data transfer and the ability to transmit energy with a capacity of up to 100 W, which makes it convenient not only for smartphones and tablets, but also larger devices. laptops or monitors. USB Type-C is already starting to “enter into fashion”, and more and more mobile manufacturers equip the gadgets with a new connector instead of microUSB. Read the details here.
  • Laptops. There is no single standard for the laptop charger yet (perhaps in the future they will be the universal USB Type-C), so different models use different connectors depending on the manufacturer.

Most mobile gadgets use the same connectors, most often they are microusb and USB Type-C, if we are talking about android smartphones and tablets. Sometimes there are situations when at hand there is simply no necessary charger, but it is not always safe to use a non-rig.

MacBook power supply unit

Apple USB-C Power Adapter 29W adapter comes with new Apple laptops that are equipped with USB Type-C ports. If there is an adapter, they can also be charged iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

many, volts, phone, charger, power, supply

For consumers 5V, it gives current strength 2.4A. This indicator is greater than that of the iPhone adapter and power supplies from most iPad and is equal to the power of charging current from the Large iPad Pro.

Apple does not prohibit the use of power supplies from some devices for charging others, even sometimes it leads to a little greater wear of the battery.

Armed with knowledge from this article, you can decipher the inscriptions on the power supply from any gadget, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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