How to change the application icon on Android.

How to change Android application icon

How many applications you use on your Android smartphone or tablet? Too little? Or too much? Each application has a unique icon (or icon), with which we define it. This icon is a kind of visual binding. The icon is an important contribution to the promotion of the application in the market.

Beautiful, unique and memorable icon can significantly affect the popularity and successfulness of the application. This is not just a logo, but a significant component of the brand. Sometimes application developers do a great job to create a successful application, but do not pay due attention to this issue.

I am sure that most of you do not like the default icons from many applications, but you can’t do anything with it. Now everything has changed. If you do not like Android applications icons by default, you can change them.

Here is your smartphone. If you do not like something, then you can delete and change. If you like the Android app, but does not like his icon, then it can be replaced with another icon to your liking.

It is for this reason that almost everyone love Android. On Android smartphones, almost unlimited possibilities for adjusting the appearance. You can change the device to your taste. ranging from the routine and ending with the application icons. You can even put your image or photo as a badge.

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If you want to take a fresh look at the applications installed on your smartphone, then this article is for you. I will talk about hard ways with which you can change the Android application icon on your phone.

How to change Android application icon on your smartphone.

There are two ways to change the Android application icon. First. install a launcher, the second. use a third-party application. Both methods work both on the rutted and non-dewdered devices.

How to change Android icons

You can change the Android icons in several ways: create shortcuts for applications with your icons, set a third-party launcher or download a package icon for a third-party launcher.

To change the icons without using the launcher, you will need to install the Awesome ICONS application.

In it, you can use for specific applications icons from sets, install your images and photos from the camera as icons.

Open the Awesome ICONS application and select the application for which you want to change the icon. Near each application there are buttons:

  • The icon of the selected application
  • Relevant icon set icons (if any)
  • Camera
  • Image selection on the device

When you click on the camera icon, you can take a photo and install it as an icon. When you click on the third icon in the form of a picture, you will immediately go to the selection of the image for the application icon. And pressing the first button with the icon of the application itself will open the settings menu.

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Section Launch is needed to select an application. Click on the icon in the ICON section, the menu will open with four items:

  • Application icon. icons of installed applications
  • Icon Pack icon. selection of icons from the set set
  • Picture. Select Image for Icons
  • Camera. Make a photo for icons

In the Label section, you can change the name of the application on the desktop.

After selecting the icons, click OK and go to the desktop. You will see a label application with your icon.

How to change android icons

.GIF »Data-Lazy-Type =» Image »Data-Src =» http: // AndroidKAK.RU / WP-CONTENT / UPLOADS / 2015/10 / Pomenyat-Ikonki.jpg »alt =” change icons “width =” 400 “height =” 237 “srcset =” »data-srcset =” http: // AndroidKAK.RU / WP-CONTENT / UPLOADS / 2015/10 / Pomenyat-Ikonki.JPG 400W, http: // AndroidKak.RU / WP-CONTENT / UPLOADS / 2015/10 / Pomenyat-Ikonki-300 × 177.JPG 300W »Sizes =” (Max-Width: 400px) 100VW, 400px “/ It is no secret that the standard Android operating system icons cannot be changed using the basic set of functions. It is inconvenient, especially if you want to change something in your smartphone, give him a new kind or stylize under your own interests. There is a demand, it means that an offer will also be available for which additional programs have been developed.

So, the launchers appeared. Launcher is a shell that is responsible for a graphic image. It includes a desktop, widgets, applications by which the user manages its device. To install it, you must go to PlayMarket and select the appropriate option.

  • New kind of smartphone using embedded programs
  • How to change icons
  • Replacing Icons With Applications
  • Replacement with root-rights

Change application icons with third-party applications

Sometimes you may not want to upload a new startup program to simply change the icon package. If this is your case, you can download a third-party application for changing icons. With these applications, you may not be able to change application icons in your system, but you can add the application label to the desktop with any icon on your choice. And if you want, you can even choose the image from your gallery. Cool, right?

Below are several applications that allow you to add customizable shortcuts for applications. Latest screenshots in each case will have as badges. Application icon from icon change application and own application icon.

Stunning icons

Awesome ICONS allows you to configure your home screen icons using icon packages and your own images. You do not need root access to use this application. Here are the steps to use the application:

  • Download Awesome icons (free with purchases in the application) from Play Store. After installation, scroll down to the application for which you want to create a shortcut.
  • Click on the icon, and you will fall into the settings of its label.
  • Now click on the icon on the “icon” and select the desired icon in any of the available. If you want, you can even change the name of the label for a shortcut.

How can I rename the app on Android

Owners of modern smartphones often need to change the name of the mobile program on the main screen. So you can select functional features through the special name utility. Any user can learn how to rename the app on Android.

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One option to change the shortcut on the desktop can be through applications with a trial free version in Google Play. The renaming option is identical to two software:

Important! The classic options for the Android operating system do not allow without the use of third-party solutions to produce similar actions.

Detailed instructions on the Android smartphone:

  • Download and download any of two software to renaming any frequently used platform.
  • When you click on the desired icon on the phone, the user needs to hold the finger before opening the context panel.
  • Select “Edit”.
  • Instead of the old name, a new name is made in the settings.
  • Confirm the action on the “Finish” button.

Important! In the list of installed utilities and system instruments, the name will not change. the renamed label will remain. You can hide the applied service through the section of the phone settings.

Awesome ICONS program

So, the shortcuts on the desktop you have come and you have a desire to have a design update, in this case, the Awesome ICONS program will help you. This application is free and for it does not need root-access.

  • You need to download the Awesome ICONS application from the Play Market Service;
  • After you run the application, you will seem a list of new applications on the smartphone;
  • Now you have to assign a label to the desired application by applying the icon tab. You can choose a shortcut of those that will offer the application, or apply your own images or gallery;
  • Now you need to confirm your intentions, tapping ok;
  • After that, you need to return to the main screen, where you will notice the new design.

Avenes Icon has an important dignity. Since you have the opportunity to take any shortcut for any application or make it yourself, then you can easily hide significant applications for you (online bank, email box, etc.).

But, Awesome Icons has cons. Not everything is so simple, I mean, not all icons can be changed. For example, it is impossible to change the branded labels of Google Market.

We update shortcuts by applying one of Launcher

We talked about the launchers in the last two articles. If you forget that they imagine, I will remind. Launcher is a graphic software shell of the OS design. Liners are quite a lot. For example, there is an excellent launcher from the past article Evie Launcher. Or you can choose another from the same market. All of them are similar and even their principles also have similarities. But, of course, there are nuances.

Replacing Icons with Special Software

It is possible that the stock (pre-installed) launcher is quite suitable for you, but application icons have already fed up and only they want to change. In this case, you can use the Beautiful Icon Styler program, with which you can change application icons without setting Lonchera.

After startup, the main menu of the program will open, where by clicking the “Start” button, select the launcher, then swipe left we will see the tab with icons that we will change. Another swipe, and we will see a set of paid and free download icons:

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Here you need to say that at least the application itself applies for free, you can use the free offer only for three downloads, and then you have to say what is called “tootold”. True, the cost of the full version stacked in one dollar ten cents, which is quite accessible to any wallet.

Which applications will help change the icons in the smartphone desktop?

In Standardv Android, if it is not modified by the manufacturer of the smartphone, there is no possibility to change the icons on your own. You can only move them to folders, distribute on the desktop. But there are several types of applications that can change the appearance of standard icons, give them a new style.

  • Packages icons. This is the most affordable way to change the design of your smartphone. In most cases, the user does not require root-rights to use such applications. But changes to touch only icons, and not all visual design in general programs changing graphic design of the entire Android system. They can stylize it under iOS or the other you choose the shell. At the same time, such applications can work with ready-made packages icons. With their help, you can fully individualize your smartphone. Often such programs require root rights.

You will have to first download any launcher, and then add a package of icons to it. Many launchers are equipped with their own packages or means for downloading them.

Programs for changing icons on Android

If you are disappointed with the modification described above and the icon of your favorite applications look the same, there is a solution in the form of special programs. Icon Theme, which will make the desktop unique.

Some of them work from Android version 4.0, require access to the root and library xposed.

After launching you may welcome ascetic inteeis. In the list will find all the icons packages that are installed in the memory of your device.

You can choose any of them, and then take changes. After that, you need to restart the smartphone and voila.

Note: When changing icons, two problems may pop up. The first. intervention in system files.

Even a simple change in icons associated with the risk of damage to the system and the need to re-restore all factory settings.

The second. there is no possibility to change the icons of individual applications, although this function can be in some lunchers.

Also recommend below to watch the video. It is really a bomb, only rupts you not physically and in surprise. Success.

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