How to configure LG Flatron monitor. How to clarify the phone screen?

Weak brightness of the monitor. How to enlarge the brightness of the laptop screen?

Monitor screen brightness. one of the most important details when working at a computer that affects eye fatigue. The fact is that on a sunny day, usually, the picture on the monitor is fading and it is bad to distinguish, if you do not add brightness. As a result, if the weak brightness of the monitor. then you have to strain your eyesight and the eyes quickly get tired (which is not good).

In this article I want to stay on setting up a laptop monitor brightness. You can do this in a few ways, consider each of them.

Important moment! The brightness of the laptop screen greatly affects the amount of energy consumed. If your laptop is running from the battery. then adding brightness, the battery will be discharged somewhat faster. An article on how to increase the battery life of the laptop: https: // / kak-uvelichit-vremya-rabotyi-noutbuka-ot-akkumulyatora /

How to enlarge the brightness of the laptop screen

1) Function keys

The easiest and fastest way to change the monitor brightness is to use the function keys on the keyboard. As a rule, you need to hold the functional FN icon button (or the F1-F12 range, depending on which button is drawn the brightness icon. “Sun”, see. rice. one).

One little remark. Not always these buttons work, the reasons for this are most often:

  • not installed drivers (for example, if you installed Windows 7, 8, 10. the default drivers are installed on almost all devices that will be recognized as. But these drivers “not so” work, including often function keys do not work!). An article on how to update the drivers in auto mode: https: // / obnovleniya-drayverov /
  • These keys can be disabled in the BIOS (though, do not support all devices, but it is possible). To enable them. enter the BIOS and change the corresponding parameters (an article on how to enter the BIOS: https: // / kak-voyti-v-bios-klavishi-vhoda /).

2) Windows Control Panel

Change brightness parameters Also via Windows Control Panel (Recommendations below are relevant for Windows 7, 8, 10).

First you need to go to the control panel and open the “Equipment and Sound” section (as in Fig. 2). Next, open the section “Power supply”.

In the Power section, at the bottom of the window, the slider will be “slider” to control the monitor brightness. Having moved it to the desired side. the monitor will change its brightness (in real time). You can also change the brightness settings by clicking on the “Setting the power scheme”.

3) Setting the brightness and contrast parameters in the drivers

Configure brightness, saturation, contrast and other parameters in the settings of your video card drivers (unless, of course, they were installed).

Most often, the desired icon for entering their settings is located next to the clock (in the lower right corner, as in fig. 4). Just open them and go to the display settings.

By the way, there is another way to enter graphic characteristics settings. Just click anywhere on the Windows desktop right-click and in the context menu that appears there will be a reference to the desired parameters (as in fig. 5). By the way, no matter what is your video card: ATI, NVIDIA or Intel.

By the way, if you do not have a similar link. you may not have drivers for your video card. I recommend checking the availability of drivers for all devices in several clicks with mouse: https: // / obnovleniya-drayverov /

Actually, in the color settings, you can easily and quickly change the desired parameters: gamma, contrast, brightness, saturation, make the correction of the desired colors and T.D. (cm. rice. 6).

I have everything. Successful work and quick change of “problem” parameters. Good Luck

How to increase the brightness of the screen using the keyboard?

Function keys are F1-F12 buttons in the top row of the keyboard. All manufacturers for changing the brightness of the screen simultaneously with the corresponding button, press the “Fn” key.

A look at the bottom edge of the screen should be at an angle of 60 degrees. Distance from the eye of the user to the monitor screen. The monitor should be placed at the level of an elongated hand. The top edge of the monitor should be 5-7 cm above the eye.

Setup and assessment of image quality

When working with a monitor with a low-quality matrix, errors often occur when choosing colors when processing images, photos and on print layouts, when creating websites and resources.

The following will allow you to evaluate how well the monitor is configured. On each half of the picture there are numbers 1 2 3 4 5

If you see all the numbers on both bands, the monitor is well configured. The average level will show you the numbers 3. With a very bad setting, only 1 and 2 are visible.

Remember how many numbers you can see. With this after the setup you can evaluate the quality of the improvements.

But, first, a small offtop “with a beard”: ” I downloaded the program” Cleaning the monitor from dust “, laughed, installed, launched. The monitor flooded with a smooth dirty gray color, the keyboard turned off, the click of the mouse did not help. I took a napkin, rubbed a monitor from dust, I saw a barely noticeable button “Thank you, you can get out of the program“. Came out, thought, looking at the clean monitor “

Therefore, first put in order the surface itself, after which go directly to the settings.

What to do if the screen blinks

Frequent screen blinking in Windows 10 can be caused by two problems:

  • use of outdated video adapter drivers;
  • Incompatibility of the software application installed on the computer and system requirements.

The problem occurs not as often as at that time when Windows 10 began to spread.

configure, flatron, monitor, screen

This is due to the fact that the main companies that produce components for computers have led their software applications to the required parameters. On those computers where video adapters manufactured by 6-7 years ago are indispensable for incompatibility, since their drivers were designed without the current requirements.

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To eliminate the error, you need to find out, the driver or software application is the source that creates the screen blinking. To solve the problem and restore normal screen operation and the video adapter, you must use the following method:

  • Right mouse click on the “taskbar”.
  • Click on the “Task Manager” line. In the menu, click on the “Task Manager” row
  • Check out the availability of blinking in the Task Manager panel. If the panel is blinking with the screen, then the reason is the old driver of the video adapter. If this does not happen, then the reason in some of the installed software applications. Check for the presence of the task manager panel
  • Double-click on the “Desktop” icon. On the “Desktop” double click on the “Control Panel” icon
  • Click on the “Administration” icon in the “All Control Panel Elements” window. Click on the “Administration” icon
  • Double-click on the “Computer Management” item in the Administration window. Double-click on the “Computer Management” item
  • Expand the Viewing Events tab in the Computer Management window. Expand the “View Events” tab
  • Expand the Windows Magazines tab. Expand Windows Logs Catalog
  • Check the “Appendix” and “System” tab for errors.
  • If a software application compatibility error is detected in the application tab, then delete it. Then download the latest editing of the application from the company-developer website and install it on the hard drive. Click on the “Appendix” tab and check the presence of errors
  • If the error in the “System” tab indicates that the updated video adapter driver is required, then perform the same operations as for the software application to replace the same operations. Click on the System tab and check errors

Overview and Testing Monitor LG Flatron E2290. Good office solution

LCD technology has long been dominant on the market, and, as a result, an affordable range of flat screens for a computer is now unusually large. Of course, it is interesting to try in the case of the monitor, something radically different from others, but buyers usually prefer several other models, “workshoes” suitable for everyday work, and not for technological exhibition.

The box in which the LG Flatron E2290 monitor will arrive to you, is small. It’s good: it will have to keep it in order not to lose warranty. Opening it, you are unlikely to be surprised, nothing unusual inside. Extracted standard inserts from foamed plastic, and here we have the display itself.

Monitor LG Flatron E2290, economical and compact

,Monitor LG Flatron E2290, economical and compact

The design E2290 is far from extreme samples, but also the standard name cannot be called. The middle screen according to the current dimensions of the sizes, but looks at the same time very compact due to the fine dark gray frame. And if you look at it on the side, then it seems to be “air” due to the minimum thickness. Its faces are decorated under chrome, and the back of the color of the ivory. You can see a large, but rather unobtrusive LG logo. It is duplicated and in front, only the size of him is much more modest.

LG logo is quite large, but in the design of the monitor, it is harmoniously entered

LG logo is quite large, but in the design of the monitor, it is harmoniously entered

The stand appears to some antipode, counterweight. It is not particularly great, but because of its rectangular, the elongated form looks very massive. Case. “Chrome” with a white insert on the front and lateral edges. It is quite unusual that it is on the stand all controls and monitor intertees are located. In most cases, the wires are summed directly to the screen itself, and buttons are located on its own frame.

Generally speaking, the transfer of connectors to the lower part of the structure can be a good solution. in many offices, the rear side of the monitor does not enter the wall, and it is desirable to minimize the visibility of wires from aesthetic considerations. Obviously, according to this fact, LG engineers and placed all the “entrances” on the stand, and even deeply “drowned” them in its surface.

However, it is impossible to forget that modern “grounded” wires are rather thick, and their bending radius is great, and therefore the horizontal location of the connectors minimizes the winnings obtained by the more successful location. Simply put, immediately lead the cables in a special hole in the table will not succeed. You can risk: if the wire is well fixed, it can survive and “cool” gasket, but care must be taken. The missing image is unlikely to spoil life (although it all depends on how much the interruptions are critical in the operation of the workstation), but the damage to the isolation of the feed cable and the short circuit is already serious.

Connectors for connecting wires “Recessed” inside the stand

Connectors for connecting wires “Recessed” inside the stand

Sensory control buttons at LG Flatron E2290 are lowered as low as possible, and such a solution has both pros and cons. On the one hand, from their friends I was heard the praise of such a decision, although it would seem, and the screens frame is located low. But, since the elements of the control decided to accommodate it on the stand, it was necessary to pay increased attention to the protection against accidental clicks, and this was not done. over: the area responsible for turning on and off the monitor is very sensitive, and at the same time is located at the corner itself.

As a result, during testing, the monitor was turned off several times, and the touch was not always made by hand, sometimes there was enough and the wires of the mouse. Of course, during real exploitation, the habit does not touch the corresponding area of ​​the case will be done quite quickly, and the cables on the table are usually spelled out somewhat differently than on the test bench. However, all the problems could be avoided using traditional (and somewhat “tight”) buttons. but they obviously fit into the design concept of LG E2290.

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From the positive moments associated with the design of the monitor, it should be noted a good assembly. Details are driven tight, no wide and, even more, unevenly wide slots in the case there is no. Another thing is that its elements themselves do not possess unsolved strength, so the whole design can be bent a bit. However, during the operation of physical exertion on the LCD, it usually does not happen, so it is not critical. Even the buttons and then are located below, so that the press on the forefine frame is not expected.

The back of the screen also looks very nice, it is useful for offices, where monitors are rotated not to the wall, but in the hall

The back of the screen also looks very nice, it is useful for offices, where monitors are rotated not to the wall, but in the hall

It is a pity, but it is not possible to place a transformer inside the housing, it is made in the form of a separate box, like a laptop. Of course, you can find a place for him, but still it would be better not to take it. However, the dimensions of the power unit are small, which leads us to the thoughts on energy efficiency used by the LG engineers of the backlight.

The monitor uses an external power supply

The monitor uses an external power supply

It’s time to turn on the monitor. As you remember, the connectors are “drowning” in the housing, with the result that connect the wires (and especially to twist the locks) is not so easy. Covering with this task, connect the LG Flatron E2290 with the system unit. After loading the operating system, the fact that the monitor clearly needs adjustment: the “warmer” colors than usual.

Throwing a view from the side, we note the ultra-thin design design

Throwing a view from the side, we note the ultra-thin design design

In our case, a hardware calibrator will be used, which gives the most accurate and, most importantly, a stable result. But if you don’t have this, it is not scary. the calibration can be performed and “on the eye”, using color tables. True, the result may be somewhat inaccurate because of the features of the functioning of our eye-brain system (in some cases it is noticeably distorting the color), but it is not critical, since you are not engaged in color correction. And for such tasks they usually buy several other monitors.

Technical characteristics of the LG W2243S monitor:

Screen Size: 22 “Matrix: TNFILITING SIDES: 16: 9 Decision: 1920×1080 / Full HD: 300 CD / MDynamic Contrast: 30 000: 1 (DFC) Surveillance Angle: 170 / 160Trees Response: 5 msoplels: 15pin D-SUB SUPPLAGE: Adjustment by Functional Functions: Fun Package, F-Engine Hands: 516.4 x 396 x 198 mm (with stand) Weight: 3.8 kg (with stand)

It would seem that we demand from the design of the monitor? Subconsciously, we cease to evaluate its appearance, as soon as we plunge into work, and only functional parameters become important. On the other hand, a large wide screen is not just an inconspicuous panel on the stand, showing pictures. This is a full subject of the interior, and the requirements for its appearance we impose the appropriate. W2243S is quite worthy of the highest marks.

Stylish design made in strict black gloss, not a single line or details. The elegant “wave” of the power button is located in the lower right corner of the front panel and is equipped with a red indicator. The bright backlight of the button would already, probably, are unnecessarily intrusive. and in LG it does not distract, but only gently completes the whole composition as a whole.

Next to it are the control buttons. The “FUN” button includes the Fun Package functions menu, the “MENU” button is used to log in to the standard settings menu, the inclusion button of the F-Engine chip is combined with the “Up” navigation arrow, then the down arrow goes down and, respectively, the Author Cutton From the menu.

The back panel matte, at the bottom of it there is a power cord connector and VGA-output. It is worth noting that the manufacturers did the minimum of connectors this time. there are no familiar audio outputs, nor HDMI.



You can try this: in the “Screen Resolution” tab, go to additional properties. In the conflict monitor, remove a tick “Hide modes that the monitor cannot use” and play for the modes. The second option is that the DVI cable is poor quality and can give out somewhere.

You can try this: in the “Screen Resolution” tab, go to additional properties. In the conflict monitor, remove a tick “Hide modes that the monitor cannot use” and play for the modes.

There a bunch of some insane regimes appeared. 20, 30, 59 Hz. When you try to choose any of them there was a black screen with a monitor message that the mode is outside the range or something like that.

I don’t know about cable, it seems to be normal.

Monitor setting order

Specific actions depend on the monitor model, but the set of settings itself is about the same for all monitors with an electron beam tube.

Brightness and contrast. These are the parameters of the image that have the greatest impact on its consumer properties. Therefore, to configure them with regard to the characteristic type of activity.

Modern monitors usually have a special button for quick switching between three activities:

  • Normal (work with text documents);
  • graphic (viewing graphic images and operation of computer games);
  • Video (watching movies).
  • In normal mode, the purpose of setting the brightness and contrast parameters is to reduce the load on the organs of vision to a comfortable level. Depending on the state of the system of view, the type of activity and nature of the documents, each manifests the brightness of the normal regime to its taste. The setting is subjective and, as a rule, is reduced to the installation of low brightness values.
  • In the graphic mode, the purpose of setting up the parameters of the brightness and contrast is to ensure proper transmission of color shades in all brightness ranges. This setting is striving to make the most objective as possible, for which special programs are used, such as Nokia Monitor Test and others.
  • In the video mode, the purpose of the brightness and contrast setting is to provide the best viewing conditions for video. This setting is very subjective and is determined by the characteristics of a particular film, personal habits and conditions of viewing (external lighting, distance to the screen and T. P.). As a rule, comfortable conditions are achieved with overpriced brightness values.
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Such settings cannot be used when working with documents, as this will lead to a rapid fatigation of organs of vision. Do not use them and when working with graphic means due to unpredictable color reproduction distortion.

Image size and position setting

With optimal configuration, the image center coincides with the center of the screen, and the image itself takes the full screen. If black stripes remain on the edges, the screen area is not fully used. If the image goes beyond the screen, it is also bad. You can configure the size and position of the image separately vertically and horizontally.

Elimination of geometric distortion

Geometric image parameters determine the correctness of the display on the line of lines and contours. Ideally, the line parallel to the edges of the image should be straight. Test squares and circles anywhere screen must have a clear shape and the same dimensions. Monitor setup tools allow to eliminate different types of distortion, focusing on test tables on the screen.

Moire. These are patterns and divorces, noticeable when the same type of small elements are repeated on the screen.

Moire arises due to overlaying two meshes of different frequency on each other. The grid of the image cells depends on the video signal, and the grid of phosphor elements. From the design of the tube monitor.

Muire can not be considered only as a flaw. This is a fundamental phenomenon, the presence of which is due, in particular, the good clarity and accuracy of the image obtained on the screen, especially if in different angles of the Muire screen manifests itself approximately the same. Usually Muar manages to remove, slightly adjusting the video signal. The clarity of the image at the same time slightly decreases. It is important that this decrease is not critical.

Both focus and mixing color rays affect clarity pictures. With poor focusing, the electronic beam falls into several elements of the phosphor and the image is blurred.

With a bad drawing of colors around thin contours, color hacides are visible. Such defects are usually noticeable in the corners of the screen, where the beam undergoes the maximum deviation.

Uniform clean colors (red, blue and green) should fill out the screen with a smooth field. With a good kinescope, one-window can be broken, and the colors are distorted if there are strong magnetic fields near the monitor. For example, such an effect can give acoustic speakers. Sometimes it is enough to move the column for two or three centimeters to the side to significantly improve image quality. If defects are caused by the magnetization of a kinescope, a demagnetization operation can help. This operation is not necessary too often.

During the installation of Windows, the video card driver is installed automatically, but they are usually standard and do not force the equipment fully. Therefore, it is recommended to install a video card driver. Recommended by the manufacturer.

Features of liquid crystal monitors

Recall that for a liquid crystal monitor, the setting is usually not needed. Defects Images are manufacturing. There are two main types of defects. The non-uniformity of brightness or colors in the picture is usually associated with the deformation of the matrix with liquid crystals or the defect of the illumination lamp. Such a lack of unacceptable. You may require a warranty monitor replacement.

Another kind of defect. These are defective pixels, fully or partially not working cells of a liquid crystal matrix. Theoretically, it is believed that a working monitor may have several defective pixels, but this does not mean that such monitors need to be bought. It’s one thing when they spontaneously occur during operation. You can only accept this. Other thing when such a monitor is on sale. It makes no sense to buy it, if it is not difficult to pick up another instance.

Parameters such as the brightness and contrast of the monitor, or the display, are dominant when choosing a laptop. If they are accompanied by excellent characteristics, it favors comfortable reading. rapid fulfillment of all set tasks.

The brightness and contrast of the laptop is very easy to customize

Otherwise, there is a very fast fatigue of the eyes, cutting, tearing and other unwanted consequences appear. However, the brightness of the monitor can be adjusted independently by using the valid advice of experienced users, how to configure the monitor brightness.

There are several options to solve such a problem. At the same time, each option is available for awareness of the sequence of actions and hardly provokes you with additional questions related to the misunderstanding of individual steps.

How to resize fonts and screen resolution?

To ensure the convenience of the PC, you need to configure the size of icons, fonts, clarity of display and image display.

Significantly, these parameters depend on the screen resolution. this is the main parameter of the monitor, which determines the number of pixels contained in the screen.

In order to configure the resolution, you must right-click on the desktop and click “Screen Resolution”. Must be displayed “Recommended” in the Row Resolution.

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