How to disable the Internet on Android. Temporary disconnection

How to disable the Internet on the phone (Android) // Several ways

Several ways to quickly disable mobile Internet on the phone (for Android!).

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In general, I usually get questions about rebooting the Internet, and then suddenly, without a visible reason, several output requests. (Apparently, one of the main operators has changed the tariff net. anyway.)

So, it is very often necessary to limit (or even completely disable) Mobile Internet in the following cases:

  • When you have two SIM cards, and you do not want one of them “spent” Internet traffic;
  • To save. secure yourself from random software updates. (especially if the phone enjoys, for example, an elderly person, and the Internet in principle does not need him);
  • To increase the battery life of the device (for example, when we left for the city and the Internet is not needed there / still flies greatly).

Below I will offer several options for solving the problem: depending on the goal chased, you can choose the right! In most cases, you do not even need to install anything.

What is your internet access? Broadband? Satellite connection? Fiber optic connection? Here is our breakdown by the type of connection to the Internet

For what is completely or temporarily disable mobile Internet

The specifics of Android phones require constantly connecting to the Internet to fully use all the features that it offers. On the Internet, the phone synchronizes contacts with GOOGEL servers, downloads new emails in Push mode, synchronizes notifications or messages and more. At the same time, there will always be causes to disable the Internet: the data package ended and the new has not yet been purchased, we are abroad, and the roaming data is not included in the package or we just want to keep the battery charge. Let’s remind you that all the time when we talk about data transfer via 2G / 3G / LTE mobile network, the phone will have access to the Internet when it is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

To disable the service Mobile Internet go to “Settings”, select “Connections” (I am writing about version 7.0) and select “SIM-Card Dispatcher”. The aforementioned path I described, based on the phone Android Samsung, in the phones of other manufacturers it can be a little different, but the scheme is similar. In general, in Samsung, LG or Sony phones, we need to look for something like “Mobile Networks” or “Data Transfer” in the settings.

Turning off the Internet in roaming

Modern smartphones have a good function. “Internet in roaming”. She is suitable for those who often go abroad and does not want to break away from affairs and communicate with loved ones.

But if you do not use the global network on the trip, and the icon in the form of the letter E still hangs in the status line, then it should be deactivated to not spend money.

  • go to the main menu of the device and go to “Settings”;
  • Here in the “Network” section to choose “Mobile Networks”;
  • Remove the checkbox from the “Data in Roaming”.

Other ways to disconnect network access

In addition, if the antivirus is not installed on the smartphone, then you risk infecting your device malicious virus, which can be found almost on any site.

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How to do it

Reasons for prohibition can be a lot. But, as a rule, blocking is used for:

So, how to block the Internet on Android? You can do this in several ways directly in the device itself:

  • The easiest option is to simply disable “Mobile data” and Wi-Fi.
  • Include offline mode or flight mode. Long pressing the phone button will call a menu in which you can select such a function. In the new versions of Android, starting with Lollipop, this option is also available from the curtain of notifications.
  • “Follow” the device by selecting the access point of another operator or configuring the APN with incorrect parameters. This will require:
  • In the settings select “Connections”, and then go to the “Other Network” section;
  • In the “Mobile Networks” section, click “Access Points” and add a really unemployed.

Now you know how to turn off your mobile Internet on Andorid. To save traffic additionally, you can also completely disable operating system updates and applications or set up updates only via Wi-Fi.

Question: How to disable the Internet on the phone Samsung Galaxy so that money is not shot when I do not use the Internet.

Question: How to disable the Internet on the phone Samsung Galaxy so that money is not shot when I do not use the Internet.

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There are several ways to disconnect the Internet, which differ depending on whether you are going to use this communication channel or not.

In Samsung smartphones, many applications that can actively consume Internet traffic even when the user knows nothing about it. These can be background updates, as well as the exchange of information with the server.

Especially strongly it can hit the wallet when in roaming, where the Internet is very expensive. In this regard, it is important to know how to turn off the Internet on the Samsung phone to keep traffic and money.

There are several ways to disconnect the Internet, which differ depending on whether you are going to use this communication channel or not.

So try to solve the problem of disabling the option yourself. It is necessary to make changes to the Internet connection settings. Mobile phone needs to open the device settings menu.

Most mobile applications imply use the Internet connection. It is this feature that can become quite expensive pleasure for those subscribers who are not connected to unlimited Internet tariffs.

If the mobile phone is not intended to be used to connect to various network resources, this option can be disabled. The best option will be the appeal to the specialists of the operator. Which will completely turn off the data transfer service.

To do this, you need to apply to the company’s technical support with which a mobile service agreement has been concluded. After describing the problem at your request, the operator will disable the data transfer service. As a rule, to deactivate the Internet access option, you must write an application to the company in the nearest salon representation.

If the disconnection procedure can be carried out on your own, it is enough to restart the mobile phone after deactivation of data transfer services.

So try to solve the problem of disabling the option yourself. It is necessary to make changes to the Internet connection settings. Mobile phone needs to open the device settings menu.

disable, internet, android, disconnection

First you need to try to block Internet access. To do this, hold the following actions: Menu. “Protection”. Item “Lock Internet Access”. In the manual for a mobile device, you can clarify the password that is entered when you activate the Internet output lock.

If there is no such possibility, you need to try to set incorrect connection settings. To do this, in the specifying Internet access parameters, you need to register the wrong access point. In the Personal Configuration item, you prescribe new username and password.

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After entering new parameters, they must be saved and restart the mobile device. By the way, in many modern mobile phones in the presence of GPRS-Internet there are other network access possibilities.

disable, internet, android, disconnection

On the mobile device you need to disable Wi-Fi adapter. You should turn off the automatic connection to open access points, because through such networks, the attackers often wake mobile phones.

Go to “Settings”, go to the “Network” menu, there are deactivating the “3G” levers and cell data.

If you just recently became the owner of such a high-tech device, as a smartphone, a communicator or tablet, and still experience difficulties in its use, but your favorite operator with enviable constancy began to write off a considerable amount of money for the Internet session, you need to disable the data transfer service. t.E. Do not delete, namely disable the Internet. So, we give a disabling data transfer for the most popular and modern platforms:

How to disable the Internet on Android?

Instructions, how to turn off the Internet on a smartphone or tablet on Android is as follows:

On devices with Android OS (for example, Samsung Galaxy smartphones) we are looking for in the “Settings” of the “Wireless Networks” menu, there “Mobile network” and tick.

How to disable the Internet on the iPhone and iPad?

Instructions, how to disable the Internet on the Apple iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet is:

Go to “Settings”, go to the “Network” menu, there are deactivating the “3G” levers and cell data.

How to disable the Internet on Windows Phone?

Instructions, how to disable the Internet on a smartphone or tablet on Windows Phone is:

On this operating system, both WP7 and WP8 (for example, in Nokia Lumia smartphones), this is done in the same way: in the “settings” of the phone, we are looking for a “cellular network SIM” or “data transmission” and translate the slider from the “Included” position in ” Turned off”.

Accordingly, after performing opposite actions, you wanted to include the Internet on a smartphone or tablet back.

The most popular smartphone platform is given. If you have disconnected the Internet, you needed due to roaming (do not forget to leave the ban on the transfer of data in roaming in the settings of your device), you can enable “Ban GPRS roaming” from your operator (MTS), disable data transfer service or Internet options:

So that the smartphone does not consume traffic even when the mobile Internet is enabled, you must specify the limit of the use of mobile data. This is done as follows:

How to disable the Internet on the smartphone

Thanks to the mobile Internet, the smartphone owner can be constantly in touch and receive its interests. But there are here and its negative sides. Continuous connection to the global network can significantly reduce the period of autonomous operation of the device, and on some tariff plans to reduce balance on the account due to processes occurring in the background. In addition, there is often a need to block or restrict access to the network on the child’s phone in order to its own security. In any case, you need to know how to disable the Internet on the smartphone, having considered all available methods.

First of all, you should figure out how to disable the Internet on smartone Android, since it is these devices that are most widespread.

  • At the top of the screen, move down the curtain and from the presented menu to select an item with the inscription “Mobile Internet” or “Data Transfer”.
  • Click on this icon, thereby deactivating network access.

Resume the work of the mobile Internet, if necessary, is very easy, by repeatedly pressing the icon.

Disconnection at the operator level

Most operators offer Internet disabling. To do this, it is enough to send a USSD request or call the operator for further blocking services. Alternatively, it can be done in a user account on the official website of the mobile operator. This method is fully deprived of the Internet access, but at any time the user is able to restore the connection.

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How to disable the Internet on the smartphone

Rational Internet traffic management on a mobile phone. Disable and inclusion of network access. gives the user undeniable advantages. It is possible to fully meet the limit provided for by the tariff plan.

To protect yourself from random connections in roaming mode, and therefore, and from unforeseen costs (abroad Internet from the operator is still in that kind!). And then. disabling the network connector saves battery power.

Is it worth talking about how this property helps when low charge, but there is no possibility to feed the battery.

From this article you will learn how to disable the Internet on the phone. It addresses instructions for deactivating network access for mobile with Android, iOS operating systems, Windows Phone.


On Android, you can use several ways to disconnect the network:

Turning off through the top panel

At the top of the screen on the smartphone “Pull” panel. Tap in the menu Mobile Internet icon.

Open in the list of subsection “SIM cards and mobile networks”.

Disconnect the “Mobile Internet” option: Change your finger with a switch position to “Disabled”.

Traffic Limit

In the “SIM card” section, instead of deactivation of the Connect, you can set the traffic limit. The advantage of this mode is that network access is saved, and the user controls the use of mobile data by overlaying the limit.

Go to the “SIM Map” menu, open the “Set Traffic”.

Tap in the submenu item “Tariff Plan”.

Enter traffic limit in megabytes. Click “OK”.

Restricting network access in roaming

If you do not use mobile Internet, staying abroad (outside the home zone), disable access to roaming web resources:

In the list of options “SIM card” select “International Roaming”.

disable, internet, android, disconnection

In the extra panel, tap “Never”.

Deactivation through the main menu

Tap on the communicator home screen icon “Menu”.

Open the Data Use subsection.

To turn off the mobile Internet, touch the finger to remove the “Tick” in the “Mobile data” option.

In the query, confirm Disable: Click the answer “Yes”.

Note. Inclusion is carried out in the same way. In the “Mobile data” window you need to install a “tick”.

In the device parameters

Hold the off phone button until the device parameters panel appears.

Select in the list of data transfer panel.

In the window with a disconnection request, tap “yes”.

Attention! Name of network options responsible for switching on / off networks in Android devices may vary. For example, “Usage of Data”, “Mobile Traffic”.

How to disable Wi-Fi

To turn off the network connection via Wi-Fi:

Go: Menu → Settings → Network Connections.

Turn off the Wi-Fi option: Change your finger touch the position of the switch.

The second option of shutdown. through the top panel. Open it (swipe. top display down) and tap the “Wi-Fi” icon.

Windows Phone

In Windows 7/8 operating systems with English-speaking inteeis to restrict access to the global network, you must Open: Setting → Internet Sharing. And then turn off the Sharing option (the switch must be in the OFF position).

  • “Data Transfer”. Enable / Disable Connect;
  • “Settings in roaming”. network connection modes in roaming (use, not use).
  • “The fastest connection” is the selection of supported connected formats (for example, 3G).

To disable access to the Wi-Fi network in iPad and iPhone, go to the list of settings, then in the “Wi-Fi” subsection and turn off the option.

To disable / connect various network communications (mobile Internet, 3G, data in roaming) You must go: Settings → Cellular communication.

Details of the transcription of the Internet in various iPhone models can be found here.

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