How to download music on android. Loading music with VK

How to throw music from the phone to the USB flash drive

Music accompanies the life of almost any person on the planet. And for listening to your favorite songs, we use a variety of devices. It can be a computer, laptop, tablet, player or smartphone. Sometimes throwing music from one device to another becomes difficult. In this case, you have to resort to the help of alternative ways to transfer files.

The flash drive can come in handy in several cases:

  • If the computer does not see the smartphone;
  • If temporary storage of files on removable media is required;
  • If the mobile device does not support microSD memory cards;
  • If you want to share music with a friend.

It is possible that you may have your own reason. Therefore, it is important to figure out how to connect the flash drive to the smartphone correctly, and then pass on it.

Do not confuse a flash drive with a microSD card. Our material disassembled file sharing methods between the smartphone and the external USB drive.

Applications for downloading music

Number of Google Play downloads: 50 000 000

Popular free app to download music for phone. The service provides access to a huge number of foreign and domestic tracks in MP3 format, allows you to download compositions on your smartphone, save playlists and replenish your phonet.

Inteeis Applications Simple, listen to music online without a subscription, but if there is no connection to the Internet, then zaycev.Net will easily replace the usual music player. Saved earlier music can be listened without connecting to the network by clicking on the “My Music” section.

Music search is convenient, allows you to search for songs by name (even incomplete), artist name or lyrics, and also offers tips.

  • Listen to music you can online without subscription
  • There are lyrics
  • Developers listens to user Комментарии и мнения владельцев
  • Music base regularly updated

How to add music on Android

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From this article you will learn how to copy music from a computer to a phone or tablet running Android. To do this, you can download music directly to the Google Play Music or to use the Windows or Mac OS X computer to copy audio files on the Android device.

download, music, android, loading
  • If you have not yet entered your Google account, click “Log in” in the upper right corner of the page, and then enter your email address and password.
  • If you entered another Google account, click the icon of your profile in the upper right side of the page, and then in the drop-down menu, select the required account.

Click on ☰. This icon is located in the upper left part of the page. Left opens pop-up window.

  • If you have not yet configured the Google Play music, click “Next”, enter the data of the bank card and click “Activate”. Money from the card will not be written off. it is necessary in order to confirm the country in which you live.

Click Select on Computer. This option is at the bottom of the page. The Explorer (Windows) or Finder window opens (Mac OS X).

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Open the music folder. On the left pane of the window, click the folder in which the music files are stored. You may have to double-click on some folders in the main window to find audio files.

Highlight the desired music files. Hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor over the necessary audio files; You can also hold Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ Command (Mac OS X) and click on specific compositions to highlight them one by one.

Click Open. This button is in the bottom of the window. The process of downloading dedicated compositions on Google Play Music will start. When this process is completed, you can play downloaded music using Google Play Music.

Why not downloading music to the phone and what to do

If the user is confident that the problem is not in the file, then you can select two groups of faults:

If we consider the first case, it all depends on what a particular file is downloaded. It is worth noting that the SD card also applies to drives on which problems may also occur. Especially this is common with cheap cards that dubious quality.

On the phone itself may not have enough space, because of this, the music will not download. Therefore, it is very important before the start of downloading a particular audio file carefully ensure that the memory of the drive or the phone is enough.

To solve this problem, you need to free up the phone’s memory, create a free space for downloading certain files. As a rule, the user receives not only a ban on downloading music, but also other applications. All this due to lack of memory.

It may also be such that the application from which the file is being downloaded is also overflowing or issued a system error.

Also, if the user downloads from the browser, it may be that the server’s cache is scored, he has nowhere to download music, not enough free space to download additional files. To solve it, you need to clean the cache not only browser, but also the phone as a whole. In order to make it right, you should watch this video

Thus, the music can give an error when downloading for such reasons as:

  • Lack of memory in the phone;
  • Problems of the application in which the download is underway;
  • The clogged cache browser through which download is done.

To solve each problem, you just need to clean the cache, as well as delete unnecessary files or applications.

Music Download Applications

Of course, all of the above methods imply that the search and download of music needs to be produced on a computer, but not always this option is suitable. Often we need to download music directly through the smartphone itself. And then problems begin. Mobile browsers do not have a built-in flash player (and it is not possible to install it separately), so most sites when downloading or displaying online multimedia, to which we are so accustomed to PC will not function normally. over, the loader itself will not work.

Of course, there are already sites that are optimized for mobile devices. you can download video and audio files. But there are still very few such resources, and the choice of content is quite soothing. Another thing. special music download applications. They were designed specifically for this purpose, and the choice of tracks in them is very wide. There is a huge selection of applications: from Music VK (applications for downloading music from their own lists in the social network ) to a special application from the Zaycev website.Net. The most common to date two applications:

Zaycev music search app.Net

This is a free app from one of the most popular search sites and download music, which is no longer one ten years old please users with a variety of accessible tracks. Download the application in Googl Play. After startup, you will immediately see the list “Top 100 of the Popular Tracks”, and above it search string.

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App in Russian, so you can easily figure out. The main thing is to know what to look for. That is, correctly enter the name of the desired composition, and its program will find in a matter of seconds. over, here you can listen to the track. With the help of the swipe right left and vice versa you can switch between tabs:

Music Box MP3 Program

In fact, all similar applications work equally, so the only difference between the Musix Box MP3 from Zaycev.NET lies in visual design. In all the rest (functionality, principle of work, music search and so on) they are identical. Therefore, it makes no sense to describe in detail this program. It is worth only to say that it’s not so easy to find this app in Googl Play. It’s easier to search for torrent trackers.

Social networks and messengers

Surely you know that music can be transmitted through a customer of social networks (VK,) and messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram). File sharing is carried out using an Internet connection. This type of music transfer is known to everyone, but not everyone understands, as in this case, you can cross the track from the computer to the phone.

Consider how to do this on the example of the WhatsApp messenger:

  • We download the messenger client on the phone and PC.
  • We pass on the authorization on the computer.
  • Add contact with your phone number.
  • Open Chat.
  • Click the button in the form of a clip.
  • Select files to send.
  • Confirm the execution of the operation.
  • On the phone click the download button.

The music composition on the phone will be displayed in the “Music” application and in the special application folder WhatsApp.

How to download music on tablet

I think everyone tried to download music from sites through a tablet browser. But it does not always work, some browsers do not support scripts (opera mini or UC browser), and some open the music file directly in the browser for playback, instead of start downloading.

First method. Just use for jump to another browser. It is recommended to use the Google Chrome, Dolphin, or Firefox Browsers. This option is more suitable if you need to download one or more musical compositions.

How to find the music you downloaded

Before you start downloading, find out the way where your browser will shove the file. When you download music, she gets into the download folder. Each browser can have its own folder, but still the main path to the folder on the memory card, where all downloads fall: / MNT / SDCARD / DOWNLOAD. You can go to the settings of your browser and make sure that the path is different. it is better to change the “Download” folder on the SD card to the folder, otherwise you will then look for your music in the impassive wilderness of the Android file system.

Next you need to transfer music files from the Doublead folder. Optionally, but for convenience. To do this, you need a file manager. If this is not found, or the standard seemed terribly uncomfortable (such embedded in the early Android tablets), you can download Antek Explorer. Cut all downloaded music from the download folder, and create a Music folder, or in the root SD card, if you store on a flash drive, or in the MNT / EXTSD directory, if you want to store on the device. In the Music Created folder insert all cut musical compositions. To play music, you do not need to go to the file manager. it is enough to open a standard music player, and it will automatically determine the location of the media files.

Second way. If you are going to download a lot of music at once, or if MP3 files are packaged in the archive, rationally use the help of a computer or laptop. Download the necessary music to the computer from the browser if it is in the archive. unpack the archive. Connect the tablet to the computer via USB cable, and copy to the Music folder on a Micro-SD card. If there is no such folder, just create it.

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Another option. who has no USB cable, can be inserted into the PC Cardder SD card, and thus copy music to it, then insert in the tablet.

Third way. Swing music using applications. In truth, rustle on all music sites from the browser is not very convenient. Yes, and last century is, friends. Applications like. Sumy, but they are often deleted from Google Play. Therefore, I recommend to monitor such applications.

Google Play Music. Official Google application for searching, downloading and even buying licensed music. It would be the first in the list if support in all countries (just in case, in Russia is supported, Ukrainians are still resting). Although, folk craftsmen enter Play Music through proxy.

How to download music with to tablet

I understand that music at any time can be heard directly from your favorite social network, but not always have access to the Internet. It is for such cases that we have prepared for you a simple advice, how to transfer music from VK on the tablet.

Look for applications on request Music, enter your password and login from VC (otherwise it will not work). They work all the same.

Before you there will be a search box. enter any name of the song, and ahead. By clicking on the “Domika” icon you will see a list of all your songs from the account account. Now you can download any of them. By the way, who is worried about the security of the account. personally checked, the account is intact and unharmed, has not yet increased.

Via USB cord from computer

If you already have folders with music on a desktop, simply transfer them to the phone using a cord. Profitable to do it through the cable. This connection issues a high data transfer rate, and large information arrays will be quickly moved to the root directory of the phone or on its memory card.

  • Connect the machine through the cord to the computer.
  • Select in the Shutter “File Transfer”.
  • Now open “My Computer”.
  • Find in the Portable Device tab and select an internal directory or memory card.
  • Open the directory on the phone to which you want to reset audio files.
  • Copy the folder to music or separate compositions.

How to listen to music through streaming online services and third-party applications

Music can be downloaded or listening through streaming services. To do this, you need the smartphone to be connected to the Internet.

Choose one of the services, for example, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer or other, Subscribe and you can enjoy music.

How to download music using third-party applications

Play Market offers a huge number of third-party applications that allow you to listen or download music. Use such applications easily and quickly, you will only need an Internet connection.

download, music, android, loading

About the best apps for downloading music you can read here.

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