How to enable Android without a power button. Update with errors

How to restart the phone if the button does not work

The problems associated with the power button on the mobile device can be both a technical nature and associated with the inattention of the owner.

If you suddenly found that you cannot enable your phone using the power button, the reasons may be the following:

Every of these reasons should be considered separately.

Discharged battery

As it would not sound trite, but such a problem is found quite often. Wine everything is inattention owner of a mobile device. If the charge level of the device reached 0%, then bring it to the operating state using the power on / off buttons it becomes impossible.

Solve the problem of this character is very simple: you need to connect the phone to the charger and in a couple of minutes the power button will start responding to your commands.

Mechanical damage

The problem of this nature is a bit more difficult. The power button may break as a result of the usual wear due to long-term use by the device or the non-accurate use of the gadget.

It is important to understand this situation, is it really the case in the power button, and not in the mobile device. Although the result of these two faults is one. the device does not turn on and becomes useless, but the repair will be carried out in different ways and require different costs.

Repair of damage to this nature is produced in specialized service centers. Experienced professionals can easily return your device to life. Cases in which it is not possible to eliminate such a problem, quite rare.

Software Failures

The reason for the appearance of this kind of breakdowns can be:

In this case, the power button is not to blame for a gadget control failure. It can, just not to turn on, and start a constant restart of the system (that is, it will be spontaneously restarted at an equal short interval).

External factors

To external reasons that causing the power button fails:

As a rule, the source of external factors causing a breakdown is the owner of the device. In this case, even with the existing warranty, the repair will have to be carried out at its own expense.

How to download android if the phone is turned off?

If your smartphone is in inactive condition and the power button does not function on it, the first thing to be done is to connect the charger to it. On some models of devices already at this stage, the operating system may start.

If the desired did not happen, try to hold the VOLUME DOWN (Volume Up) or at the same time two audio adjustment keys. These actions can lead to Recovery Recovery Environment. This menu will allow you to reboot the gadget, that is, enter the Android graphic inteeis.

With the POWER key, restarting the smartphone via the renovation area is carried out by the Reboot System Now command. If this button does not function, entering the recovery, wait a while. the phone should reboot himself.

How to enable Android phone without a power button located in sleep mode

To activate the phone located in sleep mode without the power button, you can apply one of the methods described below:

  • Put the phone Android for charging. The device will come out of sleep mode.
  • Make a call to your phone.
  • If your smartphone has activation feature by two taps on the screen, the physical button is not needed to turn on.
  • In the event that your smartphone has the “Activation Activation” feature, also does not need a physical button for switching on.
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Sleep phone

Sleeping regime is called the state of the mobile gadget in which it functions, but the display of the phone is in the locked state. To unlock the smartphone in this case, it is enough: enter the password, spend your finger on the screen, shake the phone, put your finger to the scanner of prints, or apply other measures to awaken your mobile gadget.

Click on display

Sometimes to awaken the phone, you just need to click on his display a couple of times. Of course, these method may not help. In this case, apply other, more advanced options. For example, we apply your finger to the scanner of the fingerprint.

The fingerprint scanner

This is one of the most convenient methods in order to unlock the phone. You need only to set this method to unlock, and start using it. Very comfortably. I use this method for launching the phone more often than directly by the power button. Of course, before this you need to include a non-working smartphone in any other way described here, and activate this method.

We connect the phone to the network

At a time when you connect a mobile gadget to the power grid, he wakes up. In this case, the physical power button is not needed. I recommend you try this method, as it can really help. Well, if the battery of your smartphone is in a discharge state, then you need to wait some time, and tap on the screen. The phone should earn.

We shake the phone

This option is also original and convenient. It works due to accelerometer. Of course, it is necessary to use this feature so that it is present in the settings of your gadget and was active. If you forgot this option to turn on, then you will not be able to apply it.

Call, send SMS

To wake up your mobile device, just call the problem phone. A response to an incoming call is optional (this action depends on your OS). When a call to your mobile gadget will occur its automatic unlocking. You can also send SMS. In this case, the phone also revives the phone, but after a few seconds it will go out if you do not accept the message.

Graphic key

A decent part of users is used to exit sleeping mode to apply this method. I also use it, as it is very convenient. If you are one of these users, then you only have to make the desired sign on the graphics key screen to turn on the phone. Of course, to apply this method, this key must be specified to exit sleeping mode.

Biometry authentication

In the new models of phones built-in authentication using face ID. This feature allows you to unlock by scanning your face. Once you bring your smartphone to the face, you will have unlocking the phone. If this feature is missing in your phone, then you need to apply another method.

My advice: as soon as you fix the power button, activate the face recognition, just in case.


If you installed the phone alarm clock at a certain time, then in this case you know when it ranns, and for this you do not need the power button. We approach the phone, turn off the alarm clock, and unlock the smartphone.

Reassay keys

If you have stopped working the power button, that is, it is possible to reassign this option to another button. For example, give this action to sound button or other keys (if they are on your device). Reassign the buttons using a special software.

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Let’s look at one of these programs: Power Button to Volume Button. This program specifically developed to reassign the sound button. To do this, let’s do the following:

  • Go to Play Market;
  • Download the application and run. On the Volume Power page, activate the program;
  • Once you run the program, you need to enable the “BOOT” function. This feature will give you the opportunity to apply the volume button as soon as you reboot your smartphone;
  • Also, in parameters you can activate the “Screen ON” command. In this case, you will have the opportunity to enable the phone screen through the alert that will appear on the display. You may require special rights;
  • After you repente the switch button, it is desirable to uninstall this program (returning the initial setting).

Important: This application can work with failures. On parts of mobile devices, the application does not immediately reassign the keys. On the other devices, the application takes a large electricity charge.

We carry out unlocking using sensors

Most mobile devices have a decent number of various sensors intended for certain applications. Like an accelerometer, gyroscope, lighting sensor, hall sensor, approximation sensor and other.

Therefore, when I crashed the power key, remove the phone lock is possible if you use these sensors. But, before that, you need to install a special program “Gravity Screen ON / OFF”. For this:

  • We go to the Play Market and download the program;
  • We launch the application and agree with its terms;
  • Click on the “ON” button to activate the program. This feature should be triggered on the machine (it depends on the model of your phone);
  • Scroll through the window to the approximation sensor;
  • After that, activate the checkmark after the “Sensor of the approximation” and “Turning on the screen”.

Option 2. Using ADB Tool

Now we come to a more time-consuming problem solving. It is also the last, not counting the possibility of repairing the device for replacing the inclusion button in the service center.

note! If the smartphone never woke up with the charger or you can not access the recovery menu, it is possible to hope for ADB only when you previously included in the “Developer Settings” option USB debugging.

ADB (decrypted as Android Debug Bridge) is a software tool for the developer. With its help, the user appears the opportunity to send an Android smartphone connected to a PC via a USB cable, some commands via the command line.

  • In the hope that the USB debugging parameter was previously activated on a smartphone with a non-operating power button, you must download from the official site for this link “SDK Platform Tools” for Windows, Mac or Linux. Next you need to unpack the downloaded archive. It is recommended to unpack the root folder, for example, a C: \ Platform-Tools drive.
  • Connect the phone to the computer.
  • Run the command line. The fastest way to do this is to press the “Start” button and write “Command Line” field in the “Find Programs and Files” field.

How to use the phone without power button?

Depending on which state is a smartphone, you can use various ways.

The easiest option is a blocked phone with a charged battery:

  • Connect the device to the power cord. During charging, the screen is activated and allows you to work with the device.
  • Download a special application. The store offers a lot of program options that allow you to expand the screen functionality.

Always on AMOLED. The application allows you to keep the smartphone screen in the active state even after locking. Enough a couple of times to tap on the screen, and it is unlocked. The program is designed for devices with AMOLED screens, but also works on most ordinary devices.

AC Display. The program not only displays notifications on the screen, but also allows you to set the activation option when removing from your or bag. Activate the phone’s ability to turn on the screen when the position changes in space.

enable, android, power, button

Enable is made from the settings menu in the “gestures”. When the function is activated, the screen will light up each time the device is raised from a horizontal surface, for example from the table.

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You can set an application that activates the screen when moving or shaking a smartphone.

GRAVITY SCREEN. ON / OFF. The program performs the same function as activation of gestures, and is intended for devices equipped with accelerometer.

And you can install a program that allows you to activate the screen double clicking. Double Tap Screen On and Off. The program allows you to activate or block smartphone screen double touch.

Would you not watched the phone?

Very often, the owners of smartphones do not notice the fact that it was happening by chance. You could get under the rain, the snow fell in a with the device, or just poured water on it, not seeing it. In fact, service centers record such cases very often, and the reason is that during the inclusion, the motherboard gets a short circuit and “failed”. The latter does not always happen, try to leave the phone off in a warm and dry place for a day and after this time. Try to turn it on again.

Unfortunately, if this method does not help, you will have to contact the service center for help. Either something burned down, or the display was seriously damaged and no longer displays the picture. The service center will be diagnosed and the exact cause of the problem will say.

We use special utilities for the phone with a broken button

To be able to work with a smartphone in which the power button is broken, you can install one of the useful programs. Most often to work with gadgets that have such a breakdown, two programs use.

    – ON / OFF. This program will allow blocking the phone when it remains long without moving on a flat surface. In this case, the smartphone will automatically turn on as soon as the user takes it to hand or move it.

  • Power Button to Volume Button. This is a unique utility that, when breaking the power button, transfers this function on the volume keys.

All the described programs have free access on the Internet, where they can no problem download.

Reset phone to factory settings

This method is a cardinal. Therefore, before applying it, you need to keep the phone data on the cloud medium, with the possibility of their subsequent recovery on the smartphone. For this, you need:

As soon as the process of backing your data is completed, you can start to reset the settings. For this, we will do the following:

After starting the phone, we need to recover data from a cloud disk.

If you do not understand the phone setting, to make the parameters of the parameters in this case, I do not recommend you.

Conclusion: Now you know how to restart Android without a power button and you can switch the power button to restart the phone. Of course, after that you still need to attribute the phone to the master to fix the button to fix the button. You know another way to reboot in a similar situation? I will be glad if you share it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Success!

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