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Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Review after one and a half months of use

A couple of months ago, Samsung presented their new smart watches Galaxy Watch 4, the main feature of which was the work on the Wear OS operating system and the support of Google services. The system provides access to a huge database of applications that you are used to seeing on your Android smartphone, and clock use scenarios are limited only by your imagination and desires.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Smart clock series includes 4 models. Galaxy Watch 4 40 mm and Galaxy Watch 4 44 mm are elegant clock with concise design and durable aluminum case. They have a more affordable cost and in their design sooner our beautiful half of humanity will be suitable. Another 2 models are Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42 mm and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46 mm. These models have received more aggressive design, equipped with a rotary burdens and have a large battery that provides better autonomy. With the first opportunity, I issued a pre-ordered on the top version of Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46 mm and the last 1.5 months are actively exploited by: sports, swimming pool, active leisure and travel, snorkeling is only a part of what we experienced hours during this time. Only now I finally formed my opinion, which means it was time for a detailed review. In brief, then this is probably the best smart watch on Android, which exist today among all manufacturers. Of course there are moments that I would like to improve, and some can be frankly recorded in disadvantages, but by the aggregate of the factors of Galaxy Watch 4 is the best that there is in the wearable electronics market.

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Specifications Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46 mm:

  • Screen: Super AMOLED 1.4 “with a resolution of 450×450, 330 PPI, protected Corning Gorilla Glass DX
  • Processor: two nuclear exynos w920 with a frequency of 1.8 GHz, technical process 5 nm GPU MALI-G68 graphics
  • Memory: 1.5 GB RAM 16 GB Built-in Storage
  • Battery: 361 Mah
  • Operating system: Wear OS 3.0 (based on Android 11) with the branded shell ONE UI 3.0
  • Sensors: BIA sensor (bioimenadan analysis), PPG cardiac activity sensor, ECG measurement sensor, barometer, Hall sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, external light sensor
  • Wireless Inteees: NFC for contactless payments, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 A / B / G / N (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo, LTE navigation (optional)
  • Protection: 5ATM, IP68 and MIL-STD-810G
  • Features: microphone and speaker speaker, support for Samsung Pay and Google Pay for contactless payments, support for more than 90 sports modes, ECG and blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, wireless charging, water and dust protection, Compass, barometer, navigation, swivel bezel To navigate the system, replaceable straps, integration into the Samsung ecosystem (advanced features when working with smartphones and samsung wireless headphones)
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Tempered Glass, Fluoroelastomer
  • Dimensions: 45.5 x 45.5 x 11 mm
  • Weight: 52 g


SMSUNG smart watch will be suitable

At the very beginning I was a little surprised, then the clock is called “Active”. It always seemed to me that this should be called a gadget for active use. The one that can be hiking, swim with Caymans in Amazon and run triathlon. Samsung for some reason thinks otherwise and produces a rather concise elegant gadget for every day. At the same time mainly for the female hand.

What did Galaxy Watch Active 2 look like

The clock is really very elegant in their roundness and do not look at all as something active. It’s just a gadget for every day with a bunch of functions and opportunities. They are produced in two sizes of the case. 40 mm and 44 mm. If the second still with the tension can be called “unisex”, the first on men’s hand look very strange. Besides women, they will suit maximum children. When a man bears on the hand of Galaxy Watch Active 2, it looks like he put on his hand fitness tracker unusual shape.

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I tried to wear a clock myself, but I understood that 44 mm model would come for me anymore, and even generally ordinary Galaxy Watch 3. As a result, I had to attract my wife to testing and here everything was happening. over, she liked everything with the exception of the pair of moments. But it is not very sophisticated in the gadgets by man, so I will add a few minuses along the review from myself.

How often you need to charge samsung watches

As it often happens in a good product, it should look good on all sides. That is why the rear wall is no less beautiful than the rest of the case. Dark glass with elements under it looks like something cosmic. For the first time with something like that, I ran into Apple Watch Series 4 and since then it always commemorate.

The inner side of the watch for surprise is beautiful in itself.

It is possible to achieve such an appearance only if there are wireless charging in the clock. But keep in mind that only the corporate platform and nothing more. Conventional QI Chargers are incompatible with these clocks. But the complete memory of the magnetic to the surface, so it is perfectly lying, for example, on something metallic. In this case, the clock does not need to be removed from the charge with two hands or hunching your fingers. Just pull them upstairs or to the side.

Samsung has released Android 11 for Galaxy A50. That’s cool!

Work time is not the most impressive. about two days. If you use a lot of training modes, it will reduce. I do not consider it a problem, as there is nothing difficult to teach yourself not to throw the clock where it fell, but removing, putting them for charging. It is only necessary to find a right place for her. For myself, I realized that the devices that need to be charged once a week or less, they still charge at the last moment. Their advantages are only that you can not take another charging in small trips. Here it is more difficult with this, but charging fast. Even if you forgot them to charge in the evening or slept in them, while you are going in the morning, they will have time to charge enough in order to have enough energy to the evening.

Clock can be put on charging at any angle. Magnets themselves will be right.

Strap Galaxy Watch Active 2

Strap these watches I was attributed to minuses. It is rather soft, but still gives some kind of “plasticity”. At the same time, he has a comfortable clasp and I liked how the tail is removed under the Apple Watch Strap. It is convenient, and at the same time it does not interfere and does not lose design, as a classic scheme with a fixation of the strap using a special bracket.

On his hand he also sits nice, but I did not like what he becomes round. Models with softer straps always remain flat, if you put them on the table. In the case of Galaxy Watch Active 2 (and other SAMSUNG clocks) you get the McDonalds logo or a two-hour bridge on the table. I began to think about it after saw the soft straps from Apple Watch. They even after several years of wear lie flat.

You can install third-party straps, as the mount is standard, but not sure what happens to find something more suitable than the original solutions. They are made in a single style that will be difficult to choose “on the side”.

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I do not like this “memorization of forms”. And you?

How to work Galaxy Watch Active 2

I can’t say that the clock works perfectly and no problems with them arise. There are situations when they are not completely falling off from the phone. In this case, you need to reboot them or just move away for a decent distance and return. By the way, if you do so while the connection is stable, the watch vibrate, notifying that the phone is far. Sometimes it is useful.

Once was an inexplicable case when Watch Active 2 misunderstood the time. They lagged behind for about 10 minutes. The first thought was that they were simply disconnected from the phone, but the pairing was, and on the phone itself the time was shown true. As a result, I had to reboot the clock, and only after that everything fell into place.

Clock are compatible with Spotify for offline listening to music and many fitness applications. In addition, they have other activity tracking functions, including several automatic starting workout modes, among which swimming in the pool. To protect the clock in this mode, water protection is provided according to IP68 standard. They can even slightly dive (1-1.5 meters).

Fitness Bracelet Samsung Galaxy Watch Archive 2 Instructions in Russian

Probably, it makes no sense to rewrite all the instructions here, much more correct will give a link on it so that everyone can learn it in detail with all images.

How to enable / disable device

Galaxy Watch instruction allows you to quickly turn on the device. To do this, the button of the main screen (lower on the right end of the case) is clamped for a few seconds. The shutdown process is similar, but it differs only by confirming the press on the “Turn off” line, which appears on the screen when clamping.

How to restart hours

When problems in the workers, you can use the emergency reboot. The bottom key is clamped for 7-10 seconds.

Impressions from use

Galaxy Watch Active made very high quality. In aggregate with a pleasant design, multitude of functions and a variety of software, a novelty leaves a positive impression. The closest analogy is more expensive fellow or the same Apple Watch, only at times cheaper and without too much frills. The results of weekly testing confirmed the stated autonomy: Samsung gadget lives in active use mode (with all connected communication modules) about 42-44 hours. It is charged “on full” it is less than in one hour.

The clock is able to function autonomously, without synchronization with the phone. However, for the primary setting, the smartphone is definitely needed. And after you can go on a jog or bikerogulk, leaving your home mobile phone. But do not forget that fully all chips work in tandem with Samsung branded applications.

Active people will surely like sports capabilities of the gadget, the presence of many sensors, constant monitoring and detailed statistics on the user status. All this is really important and useful information, especially if you follow your health. And features such as response to messages and calls, are unlikely to be popular. After all, typing the text on a 1.1-inch screen is inconvenient. On the other hand, it is not difficult to use harvested patterns. In general, similar options in Smart clock. on an amateur.

But everyone and everyone uses broadcast notifications with the ability to view directly on the display. Really comfortable and frees from the need to take a phone in hand with each alert.


Display Super AMOLED, 1,1 “, 360×360 2-nuclear processor, 1.15 GHz RAM and drive 0.75 GB 4 GB (available 1.5 GB) Sensors accelerometer, barometer, gyroscopic sensor, HR sensor, light sensor 230 mAh battery (over 45 hours of operation) Wi-Fi 802 wireless connections.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth V4.2. A2DP, AVRCP, HID, NFC Navigation GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo Features Vibromotor for tactile alert, Wireless charging

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Hardware platform

The clock remained almost a complete set of previous models, in them 768 MB of RAM (it is enough for the eyes, I have never seen something to brake or applications fly), 4 GB of integrated memory (you can download your pictures or music). Used dual-core Exynos 9110 processor with clock frequency 1.15 GHz, he is a little faster than the previous generation.

The clock is equipped with the following sensors: acceleration, gyroscope, barometer, pulse sensor.

Separately, I note the presence of hardware GPS / GLONASS, respectively, there is a full navigation right in the clock, without smartphone-companion. Cards, as before, Here.

The SOS function allows you to transfer your coordinates and a message to the specified numbers, this was not on previous models. Also within an hour, your location will be available to your emergency numbers.

Autonomous work

The main fee for the compact body, with a full-fledged operating system. a small duration of autonomous work. It is clear that it all depends on the use scenarios, but by our observations, if you use Samsung Galaxy Watch Active as intense as Apple Watch Series 4 with a 44 mm screen, the first hours will need to charge every day, and the second. only once every day.three days.

Senior SAMSUNG clock models are longer than Watch Active, although not radical. 42 mm version can stretch from one charge with active use of about one and a half days, which in practice means the need to charge them as often, that is, let’s say every night. But if you are interested in the duration of autonomous work, then you need to look in the direction of the largest model. 46 mm. Which, however, is more expensive.

Features of using Galaxy Watch Active 2 C iPhone

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Compatible with Apple Technique: Starting with iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9 version.0 and above. However, the clock is not synchronized with the native iPhone application. “Health”. To collect statistics, you will need an additional application. Samsung Health.

To start interaction with the clock you need to download the Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S) application in the App Store, and you will also be asked to go to Samsung or Google Account to synchronize data. Galaxy Store download is not necessary, it is built into the Samsung Galaxy Watch app.

In addition to the lack of camera control, also through applications for iPhone can not be changed dials and customize the dial “Style” under your clothing. Dials change only on the clock.

You will not be able to make calls. Only notifications come, when trying to take a call, the clock sends to the phone. T.E. Take a call, but you speak by phone. You can also answer messages or e-mail.

Clock with measuring blood sugar level

Interestingly, this year the Galaxy watches, which allegedly receive the name Galaxy Watch 4, will show even the level of glucose. This will allow users to monitor blood sugar levels.

It will be useful not only to people suffering from diabetes, and those who are in the risk area of ​​the disease, but also other users. They will be able to control the value of the sugar level and do not bring it to critical values.

Such devices already exist, but until they become mass. Again, largely due to the need for certification of each specific model. But the appearance of such a measurement will undoubtedly become a very useful feature that many were waiting.

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