How to enlarge the screen on the iPhone. Using cloud storage

How to enable Reachability (screen lowering) on ​​iPhone 12 Pro, 12, 11 Pro, 11, xs, xr, x, if there is no home button

As you know, starting with the iPhone X, Apple refused to the home button in favor of Face ID scanner and explosion. However, the “easy access” mode (also known as REACHABILITY), which allows you to use the device with one hand (the screen “lowers” almost half), not anywhere.

The function that first appeared in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus allows you to use one hand even devices with a large screen. On supported devices “convenient access” is activated by double touching to Touch ID. In REACHABILITY mode, Custom Intees is transferred to the bottom of the screen for easy use with a thumb. To disable the function, you must once again touch the sensor or any area outside the user intees.

In the iPhone with Face ID Home Button With Touch Id, it is missing, but the mode of convenient access “REACHABILITY” is still available.

How to increase icons and content in standard applications on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Run the settings and go to the screen and brightness section;

In the Enlargement section, click on the “View” line; 3. On top there are two possible options. “Standard” and “Enlarged”;

Switching to “Enhanced”, you can scroll to the right screenshots and see how icons and applications will look in the 4-inch display mode; 5. Deciding with the option, click “Finish” in the upper right corner.

How to remove the screen increase on the iPhone

Remove the enlarged screen is simple enough, but, as stated earlier, it should be found for starting to know the reason for the appearance and enable this option.

If the reason is that this is a system failure, then the user is best attributed to the device for the diagnosis to the verified expert, so that he revealed the reason for the program failure and began to do something with the phone.

The longer to delay the reason for the program failure, the faster the phone can fail. At the first signs that something is wrong with the phone, you need to contact the expert or simply to a proven person, so that he began to do something with the phone, disassembled him, looked at the “stuffing”. Because the user may simply not notice that something is wrong in his device. This, as a rule, can lead to a rapid failure.

If the reason in the software fails, but there is no possibility to refer to the expert, it is better to make a full restart. cleaning the phone, that is, return it to the factory settings. You can see more detail about this in this video

But this option is only suitable for deathal cases, those when the user has no other option, except for such that even a specialist could not identify the cause and problem.

If the reason is that the user has acurately addressed the phone and accidentally called this function, then you need to take the following measures to the iPhone screen be the same:

  • To begin with, you just need to touch two times at the same time three fingers to the phone screen. In this case, the image will automatically become normal. It could increase such actions, since pressing three fingers causes a function by activating it.
  • If the user does three touch immediately, a special screen will appear with such options, how to “decrease”, “zoom in the window”, “Select a filter”, “Show controller” and slider itself. The user can easily and easily configure the screen, separation or approximation to it. To ensure that the user can remove the screen and return it to the previous position, you just need to hold the controller to the very end to the left. After that, the screen will automatically move up to the desired size to the user. To remove this window, you must click on any free part of the screen.
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Also, the user can make another way. use the settings in which you can just install this function and disconnect including. It is in the settings in special features.

In order to do everything using the settings, the user needs to do the following:

  • First you need to go to the settings. As a rule, the user does not have access to the settings, as the screen is enlarged strong enough. To do this, you can move the screen with your finger. You also need to find settings, namely. icon. Settings icon looks like a gear on a gray background. Under the settings themselves written a similar name;
  • After switching to the settings, we must go to the main partition, after which it is necessary to find the feature and list of options “Universal Access”;
  • Going to this section, the user needs to go to the “Increase” option;
  • After the transition opens a description of the option, as well as activation or deactivation. You can also adjust the following focus. To remove the user to remove the increase, you just need to translate the slider into an inactive state, from to make it gray.

If the user for some reasons did not make it possible to make the screen as it was before, then he should be used by a special iTunes installed on a computer, with which you can fully control the device.

How to change (increase or decrease) font on iPhone

Here we are interested in the item “Text Size”;

It remains to put the slider into one of the 7th positions, while the text above it will increase as the slider moves.

If you need larger options for increasing the font, go to the configuration path → Universal access → Display and text size → Increased text and set the enlarged size switch to Position Enabled. After that, additional options will appear to obtain larger text sizes.

It is worth adding that users with poor eyesight can also apply the iPhone virtual on-screen magnifier for the selected screen area.

About how to activate the magnifier and use it in detail in detail in this material.

How to enlarge memory on the iPhone by cleaning the phone

Overview of the basic methods of expanding the internal repository iPhone shows that Apple’s equipment owners need to look for workarounds. MicroSD cards are not supported, and from more or less adequate options for increasing the volume can be allocated only to the use of cloud services, flash drives with Lightning plug and external hard drives.

If none of the previously presented methods approached, you can release a couple of gigabytes using garbage from getting rid of garbage. Of course, this will still be a little, but in the realities that Apple offers, this option remains mandatory and inevitable. Our expert is ready to recommend several excellent ways to get so important gigabytes without external carriers and cloud services.

Expert in the field of digital technology and mobile operators. Doing constant monitoring of changes in the industry in Russia and abroad.

How to remove the enlarged screen on the iPhone or iPad

If that, reduce the iPhone screen fails with a double touch or reduction of two fingers.

You need to touch the screen with three fingers twice, and then click the “Reduce” button.

The screen of your iPhone will immediately return to normal. After that you can completely disable the function using the instructions below.

Why I loved to increase the iPhone screen

I own Apple smartphones for several years. In 2013, I purchased my first iPhone, they turned out to be 5s. Already then the 5S screen seemed not so big, but still convenient. By the way, still dimensions iPhone 5 seem to me optimal for use by one hand. In 2014, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Phones received 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens. For that time, such an Apple step became the most large-scale. That is why in 2014 Apple managed to sell a record number of iPhone. However, since then the market has changed greatly.

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Increased display makes the use of compact iPhone more comfortable

Today the normal screen diagonal is 6-6.7 inches. iPhone XS MAX is equipped with a 6.5-inch display, and the most compact iPhone 11 has a diagonal of 6.1 inches. The problems of small screens In 2020, Apple is really no, but there is one nuance that makes us affect the topic of an increase in IOS intees.

enlarge, screen, iphone, using, cloud

We are talking about iPhone 9. Telephone, by rumors, will receive a 4.7-inch screen. The same as in the iPhone 6 presented in 2014. In 2020, this diagonal though it seems small, but the problem is rather not in this, but in the intees itself.

4.7 inches are convenient for use by one hand, so it’s good, the fact that Apple makes it possible to choose. Like compact phone? Here’s iPhone 9. However, let’s look at how IOS’s inteeis on 4.7-inch iPhones looks like today:

In this format, I used a system of about 3 years on a 4.7-inch iPhone. All this time I did not pay attention to one interesting feature: Increased display. It allows you to scale the inteeis, simulating the use of 4-inch iPhone.

To enable this feature, you must go to the screen settings and in the “Display Increase” section click on the “View” and select Zoom “Enhanced”.

Increased display on 4.7-inch iPhone

Intees smartphones increase with increasing displays. And on the background of modern gadgets text and any other information on the iPhone with 4.7-inch display seems too small. An increase in the display will make it possible to use a compact iPhone more convenient and pleasant in accordance with modern standards.

The inclusion of this feature with an additional increase in the size of the font made the use of a compact iPhone as pleasant and comfortable as possible. I stopped looking at the phone from a close distance to view text on the screen. In addition, now it is much more convenient for me to press the icons and any other elements of the intees, simply because they have become more in size. Now you do not need to strain to accurately get a finger to the desired area.

In this mode, the iPhone is like a Palm smartphone with its small screen. At the site of Apple, I would not refuse 4.7 inches. Never simple because physically the hands of people cannot become more in size over the years (at least in the next 100 years), and 6 inches as less comfortable in comparison with 4. 7 inches, they still remain. However, to make the use of a 4.7-inch smartphone comfortable in 2020. the main task of iOS 14.

It would be nice if Apple presented a special mode for use in iPhone 9 and other 4.7-inch iPhone, which would make control so small screen more comfortable. In the meantime, we can only be content with the function of increasing scaling and font.

The company can, by analogy with the iPad OS, to submit iOS Compact. a system for compact iPhone owners with additional visual features that simplify the gadget management.

In addition, in 4.7-inch smartphones, including iPhone 9, it will not be strong enough gestures. Today, even the most budget phones are managed by gestures, so why not give this function to all Apple devices owners? I managed to activate the gestures from the iPhone X on the iPhone 6, and they seemed extremely comfortable and pleasant. In addition, gestures are built into the system itself, so Apple will not be difficult to enable people choose, they want this function or not. The company for the purpose of increasing sales expensive iPhone does not want to make concessions in the convenience of using compact phones.

Will the iPhone people buy if they are offered to control the button, and not modern gestures?

enlarge, screen, iphone, using, cloud

What do you think about this? Doesn’t the standard IOS inteeis on 4.7-inch gadgets too small? And you consider that Apple should better adapt iOS under compact phones in accordance with modern trends to increase both the sizes of the devices themselves and intees. Opinion Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and do not forget to subscribe to us in Telegram.

How to turn off an Apple Watch screen

To remove an increase (or, on the contrary, turn it on if you need it), you can use in two ways. First. Open Watch application, go to “My Clock” section and choose “Universal Access”. Here in the “Vision” menu, turn off or turn on theEnlarge” item.

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So you can disable the screen zoom on Apple Watch

The second way is to disable the increase right on the clock. To do this, run the “Settings” application on the Apple Watch, use the wheel to scroll to the “Universal Access” menu. Go to it and turn off the “scale change”.

If the increase is included, each time you touch the screen twice with two fingers, it will be activated. Sometimes it happens unintentionally (for example, accidentally spent the other hand on the Apple Watch display, and the clock thought that you want to enlarge the screen). Reloading hours, according to readers in our Telegram chat, helps to return the inteeis elements to normal, but if you do not want to face this problem, it’s better to simply turn off the magnification in the Watch application settings on the iPhone or on the clock themselves.

Due to the thinner display frames of Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5 may display more content. The information content of the display has also increased due to increased screen resolution and increased pixel density.

Apple does not just add to your devices universal access functions. iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch use a variety of people, some have problems with vision, hearing or other diseases that would complicate the use of devices without universal access. In addition, Apple Watch themselves are sometimes used for medical experiments. For example, independent researchers have shown that Apple Watch is able to identify diabetes in the early stages, elevated blood pressure and even apnea in a dream.

And last year, Apple Watch has learned to identify dementia, also known as acquired dementia. With an in-depth study, it became clear that the participants in the experiment with signs of cognitive disorders slower their opponents are typing the text on the keyboard, slowly move through the inteeis of their devices and react slowly to changes occurring on the screens.

Often the universal access functions help to use the iPhone with broken buttons. in this case, the owner activates the Assistive Touch and the label will appear on the display, by clicking on it opening access to various functions of the machine. There you can block or completely turn off the iPhone.

Answers to frequent questions about iPhone screen

Screen iPhone black. how to fix?

This may be associated with a dark mode or inversion of colors. To make the screen ordinary, go to “Settings” “Screen and Brightness” and select Light theme. If the screen remains dark, go to “Settings” “Universal Access” “Display and Text Size” and disconnect the “Smart Inversion” function.

IPhone screen gives orange what to do?

This is due to the TRUE TONE or NIGHT SHIFT function. Go to “Settings” “Screen and Brightness” and disconnect them.

IPhone screen black and white what that means?

Light filters could make the screen black and white or give it a color shade. You can disable them via the “settings” “Universal Access” “Display and Text Size” “Light Uphille”.

All colors on the screen darker than should be. How to fix it?

Perhaps you have enabled contrast. Some people are so easier to disassemble the contents of the screen. You can disable the function via “Settings” “Universal Access” “Display and Text Size” “Increase Contrast”.

IPhone screen darkens in the sun. what to do?

On the bright sun disassemble the contents of the screen, it is difficult. Just set the screen brightness to the maximum, and you will see everything. New iPhone models have a higher brightness and display quality, so it is worth considering if you have an old iPhone.

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