How to find out the code on samsung. Why do I need this?


Let’s consider all possible ways to gain access to IMEI and the serial number in Samsung Galaxy A51. For all Samsung devices, you can use the universal method below:

  • Unlock the screen and open the phone number.
  • Enter the following secret code:
  • As a result, you must see the window with the IMEI number.

You can find more IMEI numbers check here.

Second way to find instructions for checking IMEI and serial number. View this lesson:

In order to find more video with IMEI Check Tutorials Click here

The above lessons must give you an answer to the following questions. How to get a samsung galaxy a51 imei number? How to access IMEI in Samsung Galaxy A51? How to check the IMEI number in Samsung Galaxy A51? How to read IMEI information in Samsung Galaxy A51? How to check the serial number in Samsung Galaxy A51?


Convenient mobile application that allows you to restore or change the identification number of the phone running Android OS. Special advantage of the program. availability in open sources: the user will not be difficult to find and download it, even if the Play Market does not work.

To restore IMEI using Chamelephon, you will need:

  • Suitable IMEI. If the identifier is correct, a green tick will appear opposite it. The user can apply the number to the first and second slot immediately or first tap on the Apply New Imeis button for the first.
  • If an error message appears during the manipulation, however, the green check mark will remain in its place, you should remove the SIM card from the “problem” slot and install it again.
  • The owner of the Android smartphone will see a message about the successful completion of the process. Now, as specified in the window, you must turn off the phone, remove and paste the SIM card again, after which the device is turned on again.

Important: After restarting, the user can check IMEI again using the # command. and make sure that the identifiers are successfully changed or restored.

Where imei samsung written on the phone. Seven ways to find out IMEI your phone

Often users acquire Samsung manufacturer devices with a contract for its use only with SIM cards of one cellular provider. Inserting a card of another operator, the smartphone will not be able to register it on the network. If the device is blocked, the device has no documentation, then the user may not know which provider is interlocking. How to check the phone “Samsung” to find out the data for further anlock?

Determine the operator / country blocking is possible with the help of a special service. which is imei check. The essence of the procedure is to analyze the imay code that contains all useful information about the device. Since checking IMEI phone is possible only with this identifier, it should learn it. This procedure is carried out in remote mode and is safe for a hardware component of a mobile phone.

So to carry out IMEI check, you will need to learn some data. You will need to find the IMEI number of the device and the name of its model. The identifier can be found on the original box from the device:

Either IMEI can be found on the battery.

IMEI code is easy to display on the screen, for this you need to dial # on the keyboard.

You can simply remember the command to output code, or rewrite it, because it may be needed not only to define the phone by IMEI. The device model is also indicated on the battery.

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Safe IMEI check no longer requires any data. The procedure is carried out within 24 hours. After which you can carry out unlocking and use the device without restrictions.

To order the IMEI phone definition service, you will need to have your own profile on the website providing the procedure. You can learn how to check the phone “Samsung” if you pass a short registration or enter through the social network “” or “”. Have an account necessarily because through it will be transferred to payment and make an application.

When there is a profile, ready to order a phone definition service on IMEI, you need to translate to a personal account of the procedure for payment.

You can pay IMEI Check using one of the payment systems that are offered by the site. The list is quite extensive, so the user can easily choose the best payment method. Enough to specify the number of loans required for translation.

Literally in a couple of minutes, money will come to the account and you can continue. On the page you will find the order form, in the appropriate fields of which you need to enter the IMEI number of the device and select the model from the proposed list. Before confirming, carefully deposit. After registration of the application within 24 hours an email will be received. It will mean that the definition of the phone on IMEI has passed successfully. After that, the user appears the ability to unlock its mobile device from a particular operator and become free in choosing the desired communication provider.

Now you know how to check the phone “samsung”! This is a simple and safe procedure that does not take away a lot of time. It does not require exit to the workshop and the work of a specialist, the user will be able to fulfill all the actions independently at home.

If for some reason you did not have to define the definition of the phone on IMEI, or there were questions, I boldly refer to the resource administration. You can write to the electronic box of the resource and get the answer to the maximum short time. Also, your Комментарии и мнения владельцев can be left on the page procedure and in the topic on the forum.

In 2009, some phone owners found out that each device is assigned (international mobile equipment identifier). In order to be in the country not imported illegal or stolen mobile devices, IMEIs contribute to a common base. Use such a device is quite difficult. It caused people a lot of questions, they are interested in what is a unique number, how to find out and why the phone has 2 IMEI.

Coda recognition methods

IMEI is installed at the manufacturer’s enterprise, it is used to fully identify the device in the network. There are several options that will help you learn the unique code of your own apparatus. They are sufficiently simple, so there should be no problems. Consider several ways to help find the code in your device and answer the question of why two IMEIs on the phone.

  • You should dial on your mobile device a simple combination of characters: # 06.There will be a unique number on the screen.
  • If a removable battery in the device, you can also find out the code. It is written on the battery itself.
  • You need to use the Device menu and successively perform the following operations:
  • go to “Settings”;
  • Find the section “About Phone” or “About Device” “
  • Press the “General Information” string.

In the window that opens, in one of the rows is the unique phone number.

Some people ask a completely reasonable question about why two IMEIs from the phone appears on the screen, after they took advantage of one way. The answer is quite simple. it means this device uses two SIM cards that are served by different operators.

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It should be aware that all IMEI devices are different, which is why it is called unique. It is impossible to change it, because criminal liability is provided for such a service. Devices with changed numbers from branded service centers are not served. In addition, in the code you can learn the country in which they were going, the legality of the purchase, the version of the software used.

Scope IMEI

Although one or 2 IMEI on the phone, its check allows you to easily and promptly get information about the device, before buying. It is necessarily recommended to check the code in several ways, it must be the same. Such a precaution will help the consumer to protect themselves from the acquisition of a stolen apparatus. Knowing an identifier, the user will be able to:

IMEI program

Mobile application that is called is available for download both in Play Market and other credible resources. To find a phone identifier, enough:

Tip: Immediately after use, the message should be deleted. information, as already mentioned, confidential, and it is not worth exposing it to the risk of compromising.

Visual and tactile check on the originality of the Samsung phone

This verification option is tactile and visual. Before buying at a more favorable price. Go to the official store and hold in your hands, consider all the design details on the Samsung smartphone. Later, when buying, also hold in your hands, pay attention to how the device is collected (neat or not) and from which materials. Also pay attention to weight.

This method is certainly not suitable for all and will not give 100% warranty on as one of the check options has the right to exist.

Look also a video about how to distinguish a fake from the original samsung.

So, now you know how you can quickly check the Samsung phone on originality. It is better to make a comprehensive check starting with a tactile visual way and ending with IMEI check and Samsung branded menu.

Quick authentication answers

You need to check by IMEI, check availability of the Samsung branded menu, find out the characteristics of the device, look at the design details and assembly accuracy.

Type # or # and click the call button. If the menu appears, it means that the samsung phone is real, and not fake.

IMEI number. what is it? Universal viewing method

IMEI (Abbreviation from International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a universal phone code, which is its international identifier and consists of 15 digits. Simple words, IMEI is the serial number of your device. It is assigned to all tablets, smartphones and push-button numbers that work with cellular communications.

The assignment of the identifier occurs at the phone assembly phase, and its activation. after the first use of the cellular network. All 15 code characters have their own value:

  • The first 6 characters determine the accruitment of the gadget to the international database of mobile classifiers of mobile devices;
  • Next, two more numbers are followed, which indicate the country code in which the phone was assembled;
  • The following 6 digits are a unique device identification code;
  • Last number in IMEI means backup number.

Universal way, how to find out IMEI phone code. this is its viewing on the factory gadget box. On the side of the boxing, the manufacturer has special barcodes with an indication of the identifier we need. Figure below shows IMEI smartphone Fly.

This method of checking IMEI is relevant for all devices, regardless of their manufacturer, installed operating system or assembly type. If you have not saved the Gadget box, it is better to use one of the following methods. Select the operating system of your device and follow the instructions.

Note! If there are 2 slots for SIM in the phone, it is assigned two IMEI numbers. one for each card slot.

Latest news site

Update verification system

After checking the IMEI or serial number, the user could get a direct reference to the scan result in the “Share. Users often published these links in ads when selling a smartphone to provide the Buyer information (serial number, IMEI and other data) and confirm the lack of a device in the list of stolen.

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IPhone lock operator

IMEI check service and serial numbers SNDEEPINFO provides an option for an additional iPhone check by IMEI.

To order verification you need to provide IMEI number and email to which the answer will be sent. In most cases, the answer comes within a minute. Learn IMEI Number You can typing # on the phone keyboard. The order process is as simple as possible, does not require registration, it takes only about a minute of your time.

New certificates SNDEEPINFO

UPD: In 2021, we updated the algorithm for issuing IMEI checks and serial numbers. Now in the check results contains information in which part of the serial number is hidden. What is this done, read here

IMEI check service and serial numbers SNDEEPINFO reports updating the verification certificate system.

In this update, certificates have become available for all IMEIs and serial numbers supported by the Service. At the moment it is IMEI all mobile phones, as well as serial numbers of all Apple devices, Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC.

Where samsung phone is made?

Small, but very useful update of SAMSUNG serial numbers.

For most models of mobile phones, at the serial number you can learn not only the date of production, and in which country, in which factory the phone was produced.

IMEI and LG Serial Number

Imei support and LG serial numbers are implemented.

Checking the LG serial number will allow you to learn the country and the date of the device.

According to IMEI number, except the country and the production date, also determine the exact name of the phone model, color, as well as a country or organization that sells it.

We remind you that with each IMEI check or serial number, the device is also checked in the international database of stolen or lost devices. Lostolen. If it turns out to be stolen, then a warning will appear in the check results.

Which serial number and model from the phone Samsung?

These specifications, such as serial number, model, as well as IMEI identifier, are useful to distinguish different offered by each brand.

Thus, the serial number can be defined as alphanumeric code is assigned to a device for identification. It can only consist of numbers or may include letters.

Similarly, the device model describes data and reflects their control characteristics, allowing them to be distinguished by physical form and data from other devices of the same brand.

De Son Cote, IMEI Cell Phone. This is a fifteen-digit code that serves as the identifier of the identity of each device.

What can you do with samsung galaxy a21s imei?

IMEI number. This is a unique way to identify your Samsung Galaxy A21S. Thus, it can be used to get the full specification of your phone or reading hidden information about Samsung Galaxy A21S. IMEI checking. This is the usual way to find out if Samsung Galaxy A21S is original and legal. What is really important, you can use IMEI to report your Samsung Galaxy A21S lost or stolen.

You can also use the IMEI form below:

Function search IMEI.Info is easy to use and available for free. All you need to do is enter the IMEI number in a special bracket and click the Check button.

Using IMEI services, you can access:

  • Guarantee status
  • Carrier Information
  • IMEI.Info Blacklist
  • Serial number
  • Device specification
  • Date of purchase
  • Country of origin

How to Check IMEI Number In

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