How to install ringtone on samsung galaxy. Installing the ringtone for Android contact

How to put a ringtone on the samsung a51

Smartphones from the store shelves have a standard ringtone. If you do not learn how to change its settings, it will sound for a long time in your device. From this manual you can read about how to put a ringtone on the Samsung A51 phone.

The default call melody can be any of the list available. As a rule, monotonous sounds for ringtone in the memory of the smartphone a large number. They can be put on SMS, sound notifications, calls. But sometimes I want to play a favorite melody with incoming challenges.

To change the standard sound, it is necessary that the song is already loaded in the phone. If you can open it through a general list of tracks, you can start it as a call as a call.

    On the master screen of the smartphone, find the “Settings” icon;

When a user chooses a track, it will appear in the ringtone list. It needs to be installed and exit settings. Check if you managed to put a ringtone. To do this, lend from a close smartphone and make a call to your phone number. You must call the SIM card that was chosen by you in the settings. It is also possible to install the ringtone for another card by the same way. And in the settings of the melody, select Ringtone for SMS messages and notifications on the phone.

How to download music on samsung through computer

Most users throw music from a computer. Many people have a huge phonet on the PC, which includes hundreds of tracks. By the way, now the tradition of downloading all melodies to the computer goes into the past, as users have switched to streaming music from online services. How to transfer existing files to a mobile device?

  • Connect the smartphone to the PC through the cable. For MAC owners, you will need to pre-install Android File Transfer. It allows you to move files to the phones with Android OS.
  • Select “Removable Disk” mode on the machine.
  • External drive will appear on the computer. Open it in the system.
  • Highlight the files in the folder where they are stored on the PC, move to the mobile device.
  • Wait until the end of downloading music to the phone, after disconnect it from the computer.

Move files can be via the wireless network. For this you need:

  • From the official application store download Wi-Fi File Transfer.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and attach the device to the home network.
  • Run the downloaded application and click on the Start button.
  • The program will appear the IP address, it must be entered into the browser string on PC.
  • In a new window, open the “File Selection” item.
  • Select the necessary compositions among the folders, start downloading them.
  • After the download is completed, you can close the application and check the availability of files on the phone.
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How to download music on smartphone samsung? You can use the SAMSUNG SMART SWITCH program. It is an official product, applies not only to move music from a computer, but also another information on a mobile device.

You can listen to the composition using a good standard player. It provides users with basic functions, very convenient to use. In the official store of applications you can find many other players, both paid and free.

How to put Ringtone on the room in the early Samsung phones

In the early models of Samsung phones, add a music track to a separate contact with the following operations:

  • Run the phone application and go to the Contacts subsection;
  • Add a new contact to the “device” (phone) or select the editing of the already existing;
  • Select “Ring Melody”;

Open the application “My Files” or any other file manager.

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Select the device’s memory where you saved your own ringtone. an internal or external (memory card), if any. We have melodies saved in internal memory.

Long press choose the ringtone, then click “Copy”.

Return to the main memory section and open the Notifications folder.

Now we do the same, as stated in the first part of the article: we go to the settings, select the “Sounds and Vibration” section, then the “Notification Sounds” item, the desired SIM and and we are looking for a ringtone that appears on this list, As we placed it in the Notifications folder. And here it is. tadam on it and press “back”.

If you transfer the melody from a computer or laptop, immediately transfer it to the Notifications folder, then the ringtone will instantly appear in the section with the tunes for notifications. The number of ringtones for this folder as far as we know is not limited.

How to install a melody for contact on samsung?

Select the “Contacts” item (also in the form of a separate application).

How to download a melody on samsung?

To download a ringtone from the Internet, first of all it is necessary to go to one of the specialized sites, such as Ringon.Pro, choose the track you like and upload it to the smartphone memory.

After that, you can use the instructions above and add a melody as the main one, but if you want to load the melodies to be in one list together with the standard, you must perform a number of actions.

Open the application “My Files” or any other file manager, in the folder “My files \ memory device \ download” We are looking for a loaded file and allocate it long.

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on a three-way and select “Copy” (or “transfer” if you want the file to be deleted from the “Downloads” folder, but stayed where you take it).

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Go to the “Device Memory” and select “Ringtones” (to install as a call melody) or the “Notifications” folder (for installation as a ringtone notification).

Click on the “Done” button and wait for the completion of copying (or transfer) a file to a specified folder.

How to put a ringtone on the samsung a50

To put mp3 melody on your Samsung A50 smartphone, you just need to throw it into any folder, I throw it into “Ringtones” for example.

When you look at the name to be in Latin (in English) language and best to consist of one word, more precisely, so that there is no type of type this_.

With dirts and in Russian your Samsung A 50, may not disassemble it. I showed how an unknown file and refused to put.

You can throw off by connecting the phone to the computer (easier way) or through the file manager on the phone (longer way).

Then move to the settings and go to the “sounds and vibration”. We choose the ringtone of the call (if you have two sims, then we specify which we will put the melody).

After pressing the plus at the top / right (if you are going to put your). Then at the bottom / right choose “folders”, after which we fall down yes “Ringtones”.

She will open and you just stay to choose a ringtone that you snapped up and up / right to press “Ready”. It’s all.

Method for the third set your call melody in Android Samsung only for one contact

Sometimes we want to hear the call to immediately find out who it is. without raising the tubes and not looking at the screen to see the caller number.

Such a trick is also not difficult to turn, just before that I want to share a more interesting trick.

In Samsung, you can make the phone at the beginning of the call pronounced the name of who calls and even reads SMS. How for me this is a very good sought-after decision.

For example, when frost on the street, you have no need to rummage in a handbag or s, so, everyone will know. this is the instruction.

Now let’s go back to the point. To make a trick with the appointment of a personal call to a specific contact, click on it and choose “Details”.

Next “Change”, twist down and click “. I’ll turn again until I see the ringtone ringtone.

Next describe the procedure no sense. When you click on this line, the selection of melodies will open. Select and confirm the “Save” button.

How to make a melody on a call or contact and alarm on samsung a32

So, you decided to make your Samsung A32 unique. Yes, it can be installed a lot in it to make it unique.

One of these transformations that may afford samsung a32 is a melody. Melody can be installed on the call, contact and alarm clock.

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Only if you want yours, then before you do this you need to download it. Fortunately, this is not a problem and you will quickly pick it yourself ringtone on your taste.

Of course, Samsung A32 has many built-in melodies. They are pretty good, but most prefer to put on their own.

Another point, you can also make so that the smartphone tells who calls who calls, taking a name from the phone book.

Only now will not be distracted by wonderful, but not related to our topic of the opportunity and proceed to the case.

[info] Samsung A32, in addition to the melody for contact, you can enable the function not only the phone tells who calls, but also to read the messages. Very convenient. that’s how to do it.[/ info]

Let’s start putting the ringtone on the call. The first step that we will go to the phone book.

There we find contact to which we put music or song. Found, chose, then press him.

After that you will see three badges. We are interested in the last, fourth, if you consider from left to right. Touch it.

Now we are looking at the bottom of the “pencil”. This is such an icon, always displays the change or edit option. Click.

Next step Parameter “Expand”. You will notice him necessarily, as it is big and in the middle of the screen.

Next, do not need to turn the screen down to not miss the ringtone “ringtone”. Did not miss? Then click.

Now I recommend to open this parameter to the first on the left icon and you can always specify them to open, I at least always do that in the future in the future the system did not ask any extra questions.

Note: You may have installed any extraneous application, then you can have these icons.

After that, you will open a large selection of built-in melodies, but if you want to install your own, then at the top click on the plus sign “” (right).

Here you will be all the music you downloaded. Choose it by putting “bird”. After selecting the top will appear the “Finish” button.

That’s all. Congratulations. You put a ringtone for contact, and if you want to call, then this instruction is here.

Also in the title, I seem to write how to put on the alarm clock, who is interested, then see this instruction. Success.

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