How to make a reset settings on samsung. Through the menu of the settings of the phone itself

Dashing on Samsung Galaxy to factory settings

Phone data reset is forced removal of all information, including contact list, messages, photos and video, music files, mail settings and messengers, all installed applications. Reset Option is also called in some models. reset settings, Hard Reset, Factory Reset. Software smartphone returns to the state of the new.

Such an operation is an extreme measure to which you can resort in several cases.

  • If the problem occurs in the device, when other correction methods do not help, including a simple reboot.
  • Full removal of data need before selling the phone to another user.
  • When updating the device firmware also reset to factory settings.

Backup Before resetting settings required

Before making a reset to the factory settings of your Samsung Galaxy, make a backup copy of all the data important for you, because they will be erased. Applications, Photos and Videos, Music will be removed, all settings are system and installed programs.

How to make a backup of all important data? Samsung Cloud service is designed on the Samsung phone.

Your backup will be loaded into the cloud and is available when you enter the login and password required for authorization in the SAMSUNG Cloud cloud. It can be done actually after resetting the settings on the phone.

How to make a hard reset on samsung. All methods

Hard Reset is a reset of device parameters. For samsung tablets, there are 3 options for reset.

All of them will suit any devices, including such popular models like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab A, Tab S6, S5. Detailed explanation of three ways, how to reset the Samsung tablet.

Method first. through the settings of the device.

  • Go to device settings. You can do this through the top cortex of notifications or through the gadget menu.
  • Open the “General Settings” section. It is only on tablets with an operating system Android 8.0 and older. If your device is firmware below the eight android, then skip this item.
  • Click on “Restore and Reset”. Depending on the operating system, instead of this tab can be the others: “Privacy”, “Archiving and Reset”, “Reset” or “Archiving and Reset“.
  • In the tab that opens, click on the “Reset Device” button. On some tablets it is a “data reset”.
  • Made me rollback to factory settings. Click on the “Delete All” button, “Reset”).
  • The machine will turn off and then turns on a few seconds already being completely “purified”.

Method number two. through the physical buttons of the tablet.

  • Turn off your gadget.
  • If there is a “home” button on the device, simultaneously press and hold the “Turning on” buttons, “Home” and “Enlarge Volume” (or Reduction). If the “Home” keys are not, then press and hold the “Enable” and “Volume Reduction” buttons (or an increase). Regardless of the combination of buttons, this method is applied to go to the recovery menu.
  • When the SAMSUNG GALAXY emblem appears on the display, stop hold down the “Turning on” key.
  • Hold your fingers on the other buttons until the Recovery menu appears (approximately 15 seconds). This is a limited output mode of a gadget that looks like a text menu. It is intended to perform some useful actions (for example, reset parameters). To understand what you got on the right menu, just look at the top inscription. There must be one of the following inscriptions: “Recovery”, “Android Recovery” or “Data Recovery”.Sometimes the recovery menu may not appear. Nothing terrible, just turn off the device again, and repeat the second and third stage. Do it until the limited mode of operation appears. If the gadget has no hardware defects, the long-awaited menu will appear for 2-4 attempts.
  • The recovery menu has several tabs. Switching on them occurs through the zoom and volume buttons. Press the Volume Reduction key by visiting “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”. This is the reset to the factory settings.
  • The choice is carried out by pressing the power button. Click on it.
  • The device will ask for confirmation, a selection will appear on the screen: “NO” and “YES”. Click on “Yes”. Some devices are written “Yes.” Delete All User Data “.
  • Within a few seconds, the user data will be deleted and the recovery menu will open again. The slider will already be housing at the first item. “Reboot System Now” (reboot). Select it key.
  • The tablet will reboot and will be ready to use. I want to note that the above version will help excellent and when solving other problems. For example, you have forgotten the password or screen keyboard, so it will be impossible to reset the settings in the first way. But the second method just will help.
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Third way. through the input of the service code.

  • This method only works on tablets with a telephone module. Roughly speaking, if your mobile SIM card is inserted into your tablet, then this method is suitable.
  • Open the number dialing panel.
  • Enter 27673855 # and click on the call. This service code for Samsung devices, after which the device returns to the factory state and will reboot.

All the above methods make the same thing. Choose what you are more convenient!

Using the recovery keys

If you use the first method, there is no possibility. there is a restore method via Recovery mode. To enter this mode, you must clamp a specific combination of buttons on the disabled smartphone. The combination of buttons depends on the manufacturer of your device. The following are key combinations that are used to enter the recovery mode in most models of smartphones.

  • Power button “Home” button Button Volume or
  • Power Button Button Volume or
  • Power Button “Home” Button Button Volume and
  • Power button Button Volume and

In most cases, the Recovery menu is as follows.

make, reset, settings, samsung, menu, phone

Navigation is performed using the volume buttons. Select. power key. To reset the settings you need to select the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” item. The phone will go to the reboot and return to the factory settings.

How to reset the Samsung phone to factory settings via a phone code

This option for zeroing the Samsung settings to the factory can help the user if there is a problem in the work of the smartphone or there is no possibility to unlock the screen, but at the same time preserved the ability to make calls.

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To reset the settings through the phone code, you need to type one of these codes in the number dialing line:

After clicking the “Call” button, there will be a restart of Samsung, and all data on it will be deleted.

What is reset to factory settings

Under the discharge to the factory state, the process is implied in which the smartphone returns to its original state, as after the departure from the conveyor or immediately after the purchase. Installed applications and other user information on the domestic drive erased. In this article

Reset allows you to quickly clear the available data, which is done manually difficult or impossible. It is convenient when you should prepare a device for sale or transfer to the use of another owner. reset allows you to cancel irreversible interference in the system, as well as remove unwanted consequences. In addition, complete cleaning will speed up the mobile device, thanks to the removal of many temporary files formed. cache.

Full cleaning. an effective way to remove viruses and unfinished programs that are not removed by antiviruses. Exception. the virus is in the system application.

Bacup is obligatory

After the Hard Reset is completed on Samsung, user files, applications and account information will be deleted. If you drop the parameters through the recovery. save nothing, if using the Settings tab. before starting the procedure, perform synchronization and backup.

Important! On different versions of Android, the option may have different names. For example, “Synchronization and Backup”.

  • Go to the device options, then open the Cloud and Accounts tab.
  • Click on “Samsung Cloud”. Cloud Storage Management Menu opens. Here you can see the date and time of the last synchronization and the available volume in the cloud.
  • Tap “Backup Options”.
  • If, in front of the “Automatic archiving” item, the switch is activated, it means that your information is regularly loaded on Samsung Cloud.
  • Click “Arrog Now” if copying on schedule is disabled.
  • Usually downloading to a virtual disk takes a few minutes.
  • After resetting the settings, open the “Cloud and Accounts” again. Go to the samsung cloud and tap “Restore”. After entering the personal account information, contacts and media files will be again downloaded to the phone.

Backup through Titanium Backup

Important! The method works only if root rights.

The Titanium Backup application allows you to create backup copies of applications that cannot be downloaded to cloud storages.

  • After downloading the utility, give it the right to record and read using root rights. The procedure is performed when you first start.
  • Open the Package Actions tab. Tap the “Run Copy Total Custom” option. On the right of the option displays the current number of installed games and programs.
  • Tick ​​only those programs that you want to save. Note that the backup file can occupy a very large space. up to several GB.
  • Tap on a green tick in the upper right corner of the screen for starting. Backup copies will be prepared for 10-15 minutes. Time can vary in a large or smaller side, depending on the productivity of the device and the number of applications.
  • All files with copies of programs are saved to the Titanium Backup folder on the memory card. Before running Hard Reset on Samsung, move backup on a PC or removable memory card.

Backup with Easeus

Important! To use the application, you will need a computer with internet access.

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Popular backup application works with the latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo and allows you to save backups on a computer or an external memory card.

  • Download the utility from the official site and install on PC, as well as the phone itself.
  • Connect the gadget to the computer using USB cable. Open the program and click “Device Fast Scan (USB HUB)”.
  • Once the device will be determined by the system, a list of programs and files will open. Tick ​​the checkboxes that the information you want to save after Hard Reset.
  • Click “Backup Start” and select the final folder. It is advisable to first save everything to the computer, since sometimes the utility incorrectly copies the applications data on the SD card.
  • The process usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes. Copy time depends on the number and scope of your programs and games.
  • After returning to the factory parameters, load backup back to the device by clicking on the “Backup Load to Device” button.

SAMSUNG phone reset using buttons

Also reset can be done using the recovery menu. The method is relevant, if, for example, the touch screen does not work.

Smartphone must be in the off state. If the device is enabled and it is possible to turn it off, press the on / off key and hold it until the menu appears on the screen.

Smartphone is turned off. Now you need to start the recovery menu. Depending on the smartphone model and Samsung firmware, it can be done in different ways. In our case, the S8 model is used, which means that you need to hold the power and increasing keys and BIXBY, while keeping them until the smartphone is turned on.

Then let go of the switching key, holding the button to enlarge the sound and BIXBY until you see about the following:

And on the Samsung Galaxy A50, on which the BIXBY keys are not, it is still easier. the inclusion keys and increasing the sound. On the old SAMSUNG devices. the keys to increase the sound, inclusion and “home”.

Press anything does not need. the recovery menu should be downloaded. Using the sound keys, move the menu and select the WIPE DATA / Factory Reset.

Then move to Yes and confirm the action. Rack will begin. Of course, all unsaved data will be deleted.

We make a reset settings using the dialing application

Step 1. Open the number dialing panel on your phone, that on all phones is designated by a green icon, which should be on the main screen.

Step 2. Enter 27673855 #. Your device must make a complete reset of settings and delete all your personal data.

Now you know all ways to make a complete reset of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone settings. It is worth noting that it is necessary to do this only in extreme cases, and do not forget that all the gadget data will be deleted after that!

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