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How to open a PDF file in Windows 7 or Windows 10

If you have to download books, reports or other text documents from the Internet, then you probably encountered files that have an extension PDF. Once in this situation, users often do not know how to open PDF file. As a rule, on a computer with Windows 7 or Windows 10, it is simply not installed programs for working with PDF, which puts many in a dead end. In this article, we briefly consider a number of popular programs for Windows 7 and Windows 10 that allow you to open PDF files.

One of the most popular programs is definitely Adobe (Acrobat) Reader. This program is developing Adobe. Adobe Reader Provides the user with a complete set of basic functions for reading and viewing PDF documents. If you first come across such a type of documents, and do not know how to open a PDF file, then Adobe Reader is the perfect choice for you.

In addition to Adobe Reader, Adobe manufactures software for creating PDF documents. This is Adobe Acrobat Program. This program is paid and is available in two options for Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro.

Adobe Screenshot (Acrobat) Reader:

open, file, computer, fill

You can learn more about the Adobe Reader program from the official site http: // Get.Adobe.COM / READER /.

How to open PDF format

For work with documents of this format, not one program has been developed. However, if you do not want or you have the ability to install them, there are several ways to view and without special applications.

In modern browsers (see. Which browser is the best) Support PDF documentation, so the simplest tool for working with them.

To open these files in the browser, right-click on it, in the window that opens, select “Open” or “Open Using” menu and specify the browser if there are no browser icons in the list of available programs, click the “Overview” button and find in folder C: \ Program Files \.

Suitable and label on the desktop. This operation is required once, after completing the documents of this format by default will open the browser.

If you have access to the Internet, then the Obvious option will be sites for online viewing PDF files: View Docs Online, Docspal and Samuraj Data. The first two pages are English, but it is not worth worrying. Click on the “Browse” button, select the desired file, and then click on the “View Document” button.

How to open a PDF file in word

PDF or Portable Document Format is a format created by Adobe and is one of the most popular text document formats. Most often, PDF format is used to publish electronic versions of newspapers, magazines, books, scientific articles and other documents, the further editing of which is not provided.

However, sometimes there is a need to open the PDF file in Word and make some edits into it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do it directly. First, the PDF file needs to be saved in the word format clear for the Word editor, and only after that you can work with it.

Now we will look at a few options, how can this be done. The article will be relevant to all versions of Word, including Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Option Just copy text from PDF to Word.

If the volume of the PDF file is small or you need only an excerpt, you can simply copy text from PDF, insert it in Word and then fix text formatting. Very often it takes less time than setting special programs and convert PDF file to Word format.

In order to copy the text, open the PDF file in any program that supports it (for example, you can use Adobe Reader), select the text and copy it using the CTRLC key combination or using the context menu. Next, just go to Word and paste the copied text.

It should be noted that copying text does not always work. For some PDF documents, this feature can be blocked. In this case, you need to use other ways to open PDF files in Word.

Option Recognize PDF Document using ABBYY FineReader.

If you often work with the texts, then you probably know such a program as ABBYY FineReader. Its main purpose is to recognize text on scanned documents, but you can use it and to recognize PDF files.

It’s very simple. Run the ABBYY FineReader program, click on the “Open” button and select the PDF file to be opened in Word.

Further we wait until ABBYY FineReader recognizes the document. After the recognition is completed, click on the “Submit” button and select “Transmit to Word”.

As a result, the Word editor should open with the contents of your PDF document.

Use PDF-WORD Converters

If you simply copy the text does not work, but ABBYY FineReader programs are not, you can resort to the help of converter software. These are programs with which the PDF file can be converted to a Doc or DOCX file and then open in Word. Below we consider several such programs.

UniPdf (download). a free and very simple program for converting PDF files in Word. All you have to do is run UniPdf, add a PDF file to it to open in Word, select the output format (Word), click on the “ConTerT” button and specify the folder to save the results. After that, the Word document will appear in the specified folder, which you can open and edit.

Solid Converter. a paid program for converting PDF files in Word with a trial period for 15 days. Over the trial period, a watermark with a program logo is applied to the received Word file, but you can delete it. To convert a PDF file in Word Run the Solid Converter, click on the button in the upper left corner, select “Open PDF” and specify the file to the PDF that you want to open in Word.

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After the file opens, click on the “PDF to Word” button and save the resulting Word File.

As a result, you will receive a file in Word format that can be opened and edited.

Use Option Online Converters.

If you need to open the PDF file in Word, but the ability to install the program is not, then you can use online converters. Usually they give quality a little worse than specialized programs, but not critical.

You can find an online converter in any search engine upon request “PDF to Word ConTerer”. For example, you can use the site http: // PDF2DOC.COM / RU /. To convert a PDF file in WORD. Open this site, click on the “Download” button and select the desired PDF document.

After that, wait until the site processes your file and click on the button “Download”.

After downloading, you will receive a Doc file that can be opened in Word and edit. There are also other online PDF converters. For example, Pdfonline.COM, RU.PDFtoword.ORG and others.

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Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF. fully free open source program to open PDF files in Windows 10, 8, Windows 7 and XP (also it allows you to open DJVU, EPUB, MOBI and some other popular formats).

Among the advantages of Sumatra PDF. high speed, convenient inteeis (with tab support) in Russian, a variety of view options, as well as the ability to use the Portable version of the program that does not require installation on a computer.

From program restrictions. the inability to edit (fill) PDF form, add Комментарии и мнения владельцев (notes) to the document.

If you are a student, a teacher or a user who often browsing literature available on the Internet in various formats common in the Russian-language Internet, and not just in PDF, you do not want to “download” your computer heavy software, perhaps Sumatra PDF. the best program For these purposes, I recommend trying.

How to open PDF file on computer

In this article, consider how and how to open the PDF file, consider various ways. For PDF (PDF) files there are various viewers (readers), editors and t.P. We will consider in this article the most standard and simple.

The fastest way, each Windows and MacOS there is a default browser and it is already preset.

You can simply drag the mouse cursor PDF file to the browser for opening it. This method allows you to just view the file and print it (send it to the printer), if necessary.

Second way. Right-click on your.PDF file = open with = select your browser you use. It can be any Burer (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and T.P). To open the default PDF file, in the “Open Using” menu, select “Select another application” = Next, select your browser in a new window and click Talk “Always use this application to open.PDF files “.

Open PDF via Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe has a formal free application for opening PDF files in reading mode, T.e You can only read PDF and print it (send to the printer).

Also, the application download can from our server for a direct link.

Install the application and open your PDF file using it. To open the PDF file through the Adobe Acrobat Reader application by default, in the “Open Using Using” menu, select “Select another application” = Next, select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC in a new window and click Talk “Always use this application to open.PDF files “.

Open PDF via Word (Microsoft Office)

Word also knows how to open PDF applications, but in MS Office there is not only the functionality of reading PDF files, but there is an opportunity to edit them and then save them again in PDF format.

If you do not have Microsoft Office, you can download it in our catalog. Buy licensed MS Office from 549 ₽ can also on our website. Delivery of keys instant to your email immediately after payment.

After installation go in Word = “File” menu = Open = Overview = Select the PDF file you need.

That’s all, we considered the basic ways to open a PDF file with minimal effort.

How to open a PDF file on a computer using a browser

As you know, most modern browsers allow you to work with a variety of file formats. So, now we will look at how you can open a PDF file through the Google Chrome, Opera, Mozila Firefox browser.


Where Adobe Reader free download?

Best Adobe Reader X free download on the official manufacturer’s website (it is better, because the manufacturer with a world name is responsible for its products, unlike the rest):

What to always pay attention to when downloading?

When downloading, always pay attention to various offers, opposite which there are small windows with checklocks. If the tick is worth it, then this offer will be installed together with the desired program. Usually such ticks are better to clean or at least pay attention to them:

Subscriber by setting this program, wrote:

“I now downloaded the program to view PDF files and everything went. Thank you very much! And then I had Microsoft Office and there was some abrakadabra.”

Useful features Adobe Reader

Each program has further developed, the emergence of new applications. Similar innovations are also characteristic of Adobe Reader, where the latest releases of the program are most simplified in the use that not peculiar to other programs. Adobe Reader helps in mapping the most difficult documents that use modern visualization techniques.

Opening Adobe Reader, we can see that the number of buttons on the toolbar are not so much, it visually simplifies the work. In the working window, consider the main service modes of this application:

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Printing a file on the printer (if the document is not installed by the document, which does not allow you to print, edit, copy)

Open Document Page Number. By the way, clicking on this window with the mouse, you can enter the number of any page in the document to display it on the screen

Total number of pages in the document.

open, file, computer, fill

Reduce scale. The same will happen when you press the hot keys Ctrl and minus (-).

Increase the scale or you can use the hot keys Ctrl and plus

Choosing a Scale Display Document. Click on the small triangle (highlighted with a red rectangle), the drop-down menu will open with a mass of scaling options:

Thanks to the scaling function, we can view the entire document page. I like to choose the scale “width” or “on the content”.

If you click on the window in the window (where there is 131% on the digit screenshot), then you can enter the necessary scale, this is the case in the drop-down menu there is no appropriate scaling option.

Among other things, it is possible to bind a scale horizontally or vertically, which also makes it possible to scale the dedicated fragment of the document. To do this, in the top menu of the program, we turn the view. the scale where they choose “width” or “height”.

Cut the width of the window and allow scrolling

Adobe Reader allows you to facilitate document viewing and navigating users with disabilities, namely using automatic scrolling of text. There is a PDF document using the keyboard. There is an opportunity to read the document out loud, however, in English.

To start an automatic scrolling, for this in the top menu of the program you need to do the way:

View. Page View. Automatic Scroll.

You can and do not do this path, just press the hot keys Ctrlshifth to start an automatic scrolling. To stop just press Ctrlshifth.

Add note. Clicking on the Notes icon (1 in the screenshot above), let’s say on page 5, you can make a note “on the fields of the book”, that is, write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the read material.

There is such an expression “The thought is gone, not to make anyone at home”. So that this does not happen, your thoughts arising in the course of reading a book better to record using notes.

Then you can find your notes, if you first save them, as usual file. save. Then these notes are saved on the pages themselves in the form of a yellow note icon:

You can immediately view all your notes if the Adobe Reader will pass the path in the upper menu:

View. Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Annotations. Notes.

View the file in read mode, which allows you to view the document to the entire screen, eliminating the presence of a set of control elements, panels, thereby creating greater savings of free space. You can exit this mode using the ESC button, which is in the upper left corner of the keyboard.

Miniatures pages. By clicking on this button, you can with the help of a slider (sometimes called it elevator) quickly view the miniatures of pages.

Attachments: Viewed files. To view them, you need to have such nested files in the PDF document.

Is the search by PDF document possible?

Adobe Reader is characterized by the availability of a quality search system. The necessary text can be found both in the document that is open and in PDF documents inside the folder. The search can be carried out both in the text and bookmarks, in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. To do this, in the top menu of the Adobe Reader program, click: Edit. Find.

A window appears in the upper right side of the screen, in which it is enough to enter one word or phrase for search. After the search, a page containing the desired word will open (provided that it is in the document), for example:

It is possible for a more serious search: editing. advanced search.

Programs for working with PDF

Consider several popular paid programs to work with PDF in Russian. Some of them have a set of free features, so even those who do not want to pay for the license will be useful.

Adobe Acrobat

The PDF format was originally developed by Adobe, so the editor allows you to do with your “brain” almost everything: edit, systematize, convert, recognize, optimize, protect, sign and more.

The program is convenient, the set of functions is impressive, plus a version for smartphones and tablets is available. But some possibilities are not needed by the usual user (sharing, adding scripts and multimedia, file comparison and T. D.), so the editor is more suitable for use in business purposes.

If you need to trim something in a week, adjust or put a password, it is better to choose an alternative option. Still, Adobe products are primarily intended for professionals, and the benefit from their use is felt in conjunction with other developer applications. Install Creative Cloud only because of Acrobat. so-so idea. In addition, the process is this long and vigorous, and the program itself is heavy and often slows down.

Foxit Phantom

The editor with a huge set of functions, practically not inferior to Adobe Acrobat (also has everything you need for collaboration). The speed of Foxit Phantom clearly exceeds its main competitor. Subscription Although it is a little more expensive, but the developers provide a lifelong use for a reasonable price.

The editor developers also offer a free Foxit Reader reader, in which, in addition to reading, you can create new files, sign documents and add Комментарии и мнения владельцев.


Trial version: Limited functionality

Another worthy competitor Adobe (even intees programs are very similar) with more democratic prices. Free full-fledged version, in essence, is missing. until you buy a license, files will be saved with watermarks. Plus OCR package will have to download additionally.

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In addition to the desktop version, developers offer mobile applications: for iOS is a full-fledged editor, and for Android. a convenient reader with the possibility of commenting.

PDF-XChange Editor

Trial version: Limited functionality

Powerful editor with wide functionality. Developers declare that more than 60% of the program functions are available without a license. In fact, many important options for an ordinary user option are not available. For example, if you want to remove or change pictures, without paying a license file will be saved with watermarks.

Nevertheless, the program is very useful. There is also an extended version of PDF-XChange Editor Plus (with the ability to create forms and dynamic stamps), which is just more expensive.54.fifty

  • divide the document;
  • combine pages;
  • Edit text;
  • export a document into an image of any format;
  • Save in the form of an Excel table.

In general, the whole is a useful thing and clearly it is worth installing yourself on a computer.


Trial version: Premium. 7 days, Ultimate. 5 days.

To take advantage of the desktop version, you need to register and activate one of the necessary tariffs (Premium or Ultimate).

Inteeis is a bit complicated for a beginner and not quite intuitively clear. There are many options, including it is possible to create your own stamps. Signature of the document, encryption and password protection are available only in Ultimate version.

The online version is completely free, but with limitations: the maximum file size is 10 MB, the volume is up to 100 pages. You can increase the limit if you purchase a premium account. Another minus. inteeis in English.

  • Delete, move, rotate, trim page;
  • combine files (append);
  • Add a notification, emphasize, cross, highlight the text;
  • Insert text, image, reference, interactive element (shape, switch, and t. D.).

Edit existing text can not be edited, but you can use the Whiteout tool, which will hide it, and add top. But it will work, if the page is white background. In addition, it will have to spend time on the selection of font and text alignment.


Trial version: 14 days (PDFSAM Visual)

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS (PDFSAM ENHANCED. only for Windows)

Paid extended version of pdfsam enhanced visually and the set of functions is very similar to the previously considered PDFESCAPE. But here there are completely different restrictions when free use.

PDF reading programs

Programs for reading PDF files (documents) are very often used not only by office employees, but also by ordinary users. Not every one of us will now remember that day when he was last in the library or sought concrete literature in his bookcase. Due to this fact that almost all modern books and literary publications are available free use on the Internet in PDF format.

Possessing any modern computer or tablet based on Windows, you can read your favorite books, playback and work literature without leaving home. To do this, it is enough to download a free program for opening and reading PDF files. It is important to note that often all text documents have a standard extension that define the file format (TXT, DOC, FB2), but such files are not very convenient for viewing and reading. Another thing if we work with Portable Document Format, which is most often used to form booklets (booklets and any other digital documents with graphics elements). Such a document allows you to store in one file a large number of text with graphics and at the same time not to take a lot of space on your hard disk.Using the proposed programs for reading PDF documents on a computer, you can flippers, leave bookmarks, print, and in some cases even edit text.

In addition, the developers of this software took care that each reader can configure the display of a book / document or just a graphic file for itself. You can personally determine the font size, scale, as well as specify other settings to perceive information with great comfort.

Unconditional leader among similar programs that allows you to view and edit pdf. Has a functionality that allows you to protect the document from editing and save web pages of sites into the same format. Comfortable inteeus allows you to quickly get used to the main functions, including directly creating or converting files, changing the contained data and the password setting. The program provides several dozen ready-made patterns, which facilitates the editing task.

Foxit Reader allows not just convenient to view PDF documents, but also to print them, make notes, post Комментарии и мнения владельцев on text fragments, as well as share content with other users.

Another wonderful program to work with PDF documents in read mode. Differs on the support of a large number of languages ​​and convenient navigation tools.

One of the best PDF views from ADOBE developer. It has all the necessary functionality for comfortable work with the popular file format.

Popular program for viewing PDF from the famous graphic developer.

If you are looking for tools that you can open PDF for reading, then try this simple and functional tool.

STDU VIEWER. Simple and functional program for opening a large number of electronic documents, such as: TIFF, PDF, DJVU, XPS, JBIG2.

PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER. Little but functional program that is sharpened to work with PDF files. Allows you to convert electronic documents to graphic images.

Advanced version of the same program to read and edit files in PDF format. Knows how to interact with other office applications and is distinguished by a convenient user inteeis.

Simple PDF reader, characterized by a small size and ability to convert documents to popular graphic formats.

Note: All programs available on the site have been loaded, exclusively, from official sources, checked for safety and performance under various versions of the Windows operating system. Copyright © 2014-2019 SoftPrime.Net

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