How to reset the BIOS on the computer. Reinstall batteries

Bios Reset to Factory Settings from Computer

How to reset BIOS settings to factory using the BIOS itself on a computer and laptop. BIOS reset is carried out on the board using the CMOS battery.

So, in this instruction, I will consider several BIOS reset options. Reset is needed in order to return to factory settings, that is, the real configuration that you set up completely will drop. In this case, it can be resolved those problems that you often have tormented, for example, the operating system has not been loaded. Still reset will help if the password is and you forgot it.

Still forgot to say that the BIOS can be reset and physically. What are these two methods, you will learn below.

Special applications

32-bit Windows database computers have a built-in tool with which you can roll back to factory. This method is suitable only if there is an opportunity to go to OS.

  • Use the WinR key combination to get to the “Run” window.
  • Enter the “Debug” command in an empty line.
  • Now you need to find out the BIOS manufacturer. To do this, in the “Run” window, specify the command “MSINFO32”.
  • In the displayed tab, find the item “System Information”. It is located in the left side menu.
  • In the main field the list of elements will appear. You are interested in the inscription “BIOS version”, in front of it will be indicated by the developer of intees.
  • Reset BIOS parameters is carried out using the “0 70 17” command. After that you need to press “Enter”, to register “0 73 17”, press again on the same key and enter the last command “Q”. This instruction is suitable for BIOS from AMI and Award.
  • If you use Phoenix inteeis, the technique will be slightly different. Digital commands must have the form “0 70 FF” and “0 71 FF”. The remaining actions are identical to the previous item.
  • Restarting the PC, you will see that the settings have dropped to factory.

Please note the method is suitable exclusively for 32-bit Windows. This method can not always help in restoring parameters, so it should only use it as a last resort.

How to restart or reset BIOS

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From this article you will learn how to reset the BIOS on a computer running Windows to the factory settings. On most computers, this can be done in the BIOS settings window, but if the BIOS input is blocked, you must open the computer case and remove the CMOS battery (from the motherboard) or rearrange the special jumper (on the desktop motherboard).

In some cases, if you open the computer case, the warranty will be canceled; In addition, there is a chance that you damage computer components. If you do not have access to the BIOS, it is better to attribute a computer to the workshop, and not open it yourself.

  • If the computer is locked, click on the lock screen, click on the power icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and then select Restart.
  • If the computer is turned off, press the power button on its enclosure.
  • Start clicking on this key as soon as the computer goes on a reboot or you press the power button.
  • If something like “Press [Key] to ENTER SETUP” appears at the bottom of the screen (click [Press] to enter the BIOS), and then disappear, restart the computer again and try to repeat.
  • If Del or F2 do not work, try pressing F8. F10. ESC or TAB ↹.
  • As a rule, F-keys are used to enter the BIOS. They are located at the top of the keyboard; In some cases, you need to hold the Fn key and click on the corresponding F-key.
  • To find out what key to click, read the instructions (on paper or online) to the computer or to the motherboard.
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Save the changes made and confirm your choice (if necessary). After that you will most likely come out of the BIOS. The computer will automatically reboot. If you need to change the BIOS settings, restart your computer once again and log in to BIOS.

Disable the computer from any power sources. That is, disconnect the power cable (desktop) or charging cable (laptop) from the outlet.

Remove the battery (if necessary). In the case of a laptop (or desktop computer with a backup battery), remove the battery from it.

Get rid of static electricity. Touch an unpainted metal surface. If you do not do this, you can damage the motherboard or other internal components of the computer.

  • On many laptops, access to the CMOS battery can be obtained if you remove the corresponding panel on the bottom panel of the laptop. If there is no such panel, you will most likely have to disassemble the laptop.

Reset BIOS settings through the BIOS SETUP INTEYS

The easiest way to reset the BIOS settings is to enter the BIOS SETUP inteeis, find the reset function and activate it. In order to enter the BIOS, you need to restart the laptop and start the download button. Press the button to enter the BIOS SETUP inteeis (at the time of downloading, information will appear on the screen, which button you want to click).

If there is no information on the button on the screen, you can try to put on the keys that are most often used to open the BIOS Setup. For example: Delete, F10, F11, F12, F1, F2, F3, ESC.

After entering the BIOS Setup you need to find a function for resetting settings. Usually this function is in the last section of the BIOS settings and is called “Load Setup Default”. Other names are also possible for this feature. For example, “Load Safe-Fail Defaults”. To say exactly how this function will be called in your version of the BIOS. Here you must navigate yourself.

After using this function, the computer will go on a reboot, after which it starts with the standard BIOS settings.

BIOS reset in the settings menu

The first and easiest way to go to the BIOS and reset settings from the menu: In any version of the inteeis, this item is available. Show several options for the location of this item to be clear where to look.

In order to go to the BIOS usually you need to press the DEL key (on the computer) or F2 (on a laptop) immediately after switching on. However, there are other options. For example, in Windows 8.1 With UEFI, you can get into the settings using additional download options. (How to go to the BIOS Windows 8 and

In the old BIOS versions, the items may be attended on the main settings page:

  • Load Optimized Defaults. Reset Settings to Optimized
  • Load Fail-Safe Defaults. Reset to default settings, optimized to reduce the likelihood of failures.

On most laptops, you can reset the BIOS settings on the “EXIT” tab by selecting “Load Setup Defaults”.

On the UEFI, everything is about also: in my case, the Load Defaults (default settings) is in Save and Exit (Save and Exit).

Thus, regardless of what version of the BIOS or UEFI intees on your computer, you should find an item that serves to install the default parameters is called it everywhere equally.

Reset using CMOS battery

If there is no possibility to reset the software, as in the first two versions, then you have to resort to a more hard method, but nevertheless quite effective. If you are not afraid to lose your laptop warranty, then this is the best way for you to return the factory settings of the bios.

  • First you need to turn off the power. Remove the outlet from the network, remove the battery from the laptop.
  • Next, you need to open a system unit or a laptop housing. In details, we will not deepen. Unscrew where you need and make access to the motherboard.
  • Next step need to find CMOS battery. She looks like this:
  • Next you need to pull out. Pick up screwdriver or something neatly, without damaging nearby.
  • After the battery is pulled out, you need to wait 10 minutes. Then back to the place to put the battery (correctly: inscriptions up, if the position is horizontal). All back to collect and turn on the computer.
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All! BIOS settings are dropped, as you can see anything difficult in it, it is enough to pull the CMOS battery, wait a little and back insert.

Reset BIOS settings with jumpers

If the computer does not load or you do not have access to the BIOS, you can reset the settings using a special jumper on the motherboard. Such a jumper is on any board, but it can be located in different places and can be signed differently. For example, it can be called CLRTC, CLR_CMOS, JCMOS, RESET CMOS, CCMOS, CONFIG, BIOS CONFIG and T.D. Therefore, if you do not have enough experience, it is better to first get acquainted with the instructions from the motherboard. Such an instruction should go complete with a board, and you can also download it for free on the fee of the manufacturer’s official website.

In order to reset the BIOS settings using the jumper, you must turn off the computer and de-energize it. After that, remove the side cover of the system unit and find the jumper on the motherboard. To reset the jumper must be rearranged to another position for a few seconds and then return back. If the contacts for reset only 2 and the jumper is missing, then these contacts you just need to close for a few seconds.

In addition, on some expensive motherboards, a special button for resetting BIOS can be installed. This button can be placed directly on the board or can be rendered on the back of the computer, on the panel with ports.

If there is such a button to reset the settings, it will be enough just to turn off the computer and click on it for a few seconds.

How to remove the password with bios software method

There is a special utility. CMOSPWD, which will help reset the password from under Windows. It will work, of course, if you have access to the system, you remember the BIOS password, but do not want to go there to erase it. Either don’t know how.

Download the utility from here. Open and then do this: Hold down the SHIFT key, right-click, then select the “Open command window” option.

A command line will start where you can see which commands are available in this utility. To do this, introduce the following. CMOSPWD_WIN.EXE /?

To reset The BIOS password, you must enter such a command:

To confirm CMOS cleaning, enter the number 1 and press ENTER.

The program can safely be used not only in Windows, but also from the loading flash drive DOS. Initially, it must be placed in the image.

Using the Debug Tool.EXE in Windows

When using Windows XP, you can use a special utility. This debugger can be detected on the next path. Windows \ System32 \ Debug.EXE. You can copy this address and run the debugger using the “Run” window, which opens with the WinR combination.

Also, the window is done along the way: Start. Follow.

To reset the BIOS password, you must enter commands for different versions of I / O systems:

After each entered line you need to press Enter. Also, the designation of these codes is as follows:

Using the utility PC CMOS Cleaner

To remove the BIOS password, there is not one utility. Now I will explain how to use the PC CMOS Cleaner tool, which can easily reset the CMOS BIOS password, bring the settings to the factory state.

The brand of the motherboard or laptop is completely unimportant, as the program supports almost all versions of BIOS. There is also support for processors with a bit of 32x and 64x.

BIOS Reset Features for Laptop

How to reset BIOS. this question for users working on a laptop occurs no less often than those users who use desktop PC. However, on a laptop, this operation is usually somewhat more complicated. In many cases, on a laptop, you can use the same methods as on the desktop PC. However, often on a laptop, the user may encounter enhanced BIOS data protection, especially on the top-class laptop. In this case, for the work of the BIOS discharge operation on a laptop, it is best to contact the specialists.

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Any user can use information about how to reset the BIOS settings. If your computer does not give signs of life, it works with failures or you can not download it because you do not know the password, then in this case you should not despair. Reset BIOS content to factory settings in most cases will allow to restore computer performance.

You can reset the BIOS settings in many ways, and the most reliable and universal of them are hardware methods, such as the installation of jumpers on the motherboard or removing the CMOS battery.

In this note, I will write how to reset (Clear) BIOS. The article is intended for beginners.

So for some reason we need to reset (clean) BIOS. Or, how sometimes they say. to make “Clear Kosmos” (Clear_CMOS).

To facilitate the execution of this action in some Mattles of the highest and medium price range, the manufacturer provides the buttons, the bodies allow you to almost instantly cleaned CMOS data.

Usually they are marked with the inscription “CLR_CMOS” (Clear_CMOS).

They can be located as on the board itself:

So the back of the motherboard can be located:

[Instructions on how with this “fast zero button” Clear BIOS will be at the end of the note].

99% of the total number) of such “amenities” no. But there is no reason to be upset. there is a three-pin connector on absolutely every matplat. This connector is just forced to clean BIOS (KOSM).

As you might notice in all three photos, a two-contact jumper is installed on a three-pin connector (or. jumper). Jumper can only close the two contacts of their three. For all the motherboard (and hard, by the way) these jumpers are absolutely standard. identical, I mean.

They can be found as on the motherboard itself. in the box or on the motherboard itself, where it is already installed on the three-contact connector in position 1-2 (as you could notice on three photos from above). Here’s on the photo below:

Or find a jumper on hard drives, where it is already set by some position.

But. on modern motherboards, manufacturers usually do not put any jumpers. Then they must be sought in the store where they bought Matplatu. ask one thing. and you will give it for free.

In this particular case, we will look at MSI P67A-C43 MATPLAT.

At modern boards, a three-pin Cleaning connector COS is marked with the inscription “JBAT1” (you must assume. Jumper Battery 1). We are looking for it:

Button on the power supply (BP) translate to the “0” position.

reset, bios, computer

Pull out from “ass” BP 3-pin power cord power plug.

Walk then seconds 15 seconds and then take jumper and move pins 2-3. Photos below:

If the jumper is already in position 1-2, then the jumper should be translated from position 1-2 to position 2-3. Photos below:

Watch seconds 5. Then jumper return back to starting position 1-2. Even if the jumper was not. anyway, let it remain in position 1-2.

It is normal because the position 1-2 for the jumper is the standard / nominal worker.

In no case do not fall the jumper in position 2-3! This is fraught with unpleasant consequences for the performance of Matpal!

After installed the jumper in position 1-2, you can turn on the computer. BIOS as they say “nine clean”.

P.With. Now about how to reset the BIOS using the “fast button”.

We proceed the same actions that are indicated above, but instead of “dances with jumpers” simply press the button.

ATTENTION. When PC is enabled, press the “clr_cmos” button is strictly not recommended, for fraught

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