How to restore the voice recorder on the iPhone. How to restore remote photos if they are not in the basket?

How to restore the remote voice recorder on the iPhone?

Open the “Recorder” program and click “Recently Remote“. Click the record you want to restore. Click “Restore“, then select Recovery.

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Editing or removing an entry in the Application “Dictaphone” on the iPhone

  • In the list of records, tap the record you want to edit, touch the button.
  • Touch the button.
  • To save the selected recording fragment (and delete the rest of the record), tap “Trim”
  • Touch “Save”, then tap “Ready”.

How to find audio recordings in phone?

As a rule, the voice recorder is located in the standard “Tools” folder. It is impossible to delete it, so users can only move to some personal folder. If you use a voice recorder for the first time, the system will ask for various permissions (access to files, call recording, etc.)

Where to see recently remote photos?

If you accidentally delete a photo or video, it will fall into the “Recently Remote” folder. Go to the “Photo” section “Albums” and click “Recently deleted” in the “Utilities” section. If the lost photo or video is in this folder, you can move it back to the album “Recent”.

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Connect the SD card of the voice recorder or the device where you lost voice records to the computer. Run Easeus Data Recovery Wizard. Specify the location on the device where you lost voice recordings. Click the Scan button to start scanning and search for lost files.

What format writes a voice recorder?

Application Settings Scoreboard When I enter the menu item “Record Format”, you can change the type of files of the recorded files. Types are available: AMR, 3GPP and WAV.

  • Open the “Dictaphone” program or ask for Siri.
  • To start recording, click the Record button. To stop recording, click
  • When you click on the button, your voice record will be automatically saved with the title corresponding to current geoposition.

How to delete all songs from the media library?

On the iPhone, iPad or Android phone: Press and hold the object you want to delete. Click “Delete”. In the menu that appears, select “Delete” or “Delete Download”. Or select “Delete from the media library” to remove an object from all devices that are used with Apple Music Application.

All listened entries can be found in the Sound_Recorder folder. You can find it by going to the conductor and finding the MIUI folder in which the folder will be sought.

Where the records from the voice recorder on Xiaomi are saved?

A list of folders will appear, but you need to go to the internal storage of the phone and go to the Miui folder. We go to the “Sound_Recorder” folder and easily find our recorded voice files.

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How to transfer an entry from the voice recorder to the computer instruction 1 If the voice recorder is digital, connect it to the USB port of the computer. It is possible that it is recognized as a regular USB flash drive, then find the folder with voice recorders in its file system and transfer to the desired place on the hard disk of the computer.

How to restore remote audio recordings on the iPhone?

Open the “Recorder” program and click “Recently Remote“. Click the record you want to restore. Click “Restore“, then select Recovery.

  • Sign in with your authorization pair to service iTunes.
  • Press Ctrl and the smartphone icon in the left block of the service window or right-click on the name of your device.
  • In the context menu, select “Restore from the backup”.
  • Select the desired file.

How to check the deletion?

To check whether music from the memory of the device was removed from the phone, it’s enough to go to your iTunes media library and check whether unchecked tracks remained in the memory of the smartphone. If they are not, then you did everything right. If they stay, repeat the removal algorithm again. Perhaps on some of the stages you made a mistake.

There is nothing difficult in this. Enough at hand to have a free PC and a USB cable for connecting to it. A small theoretical basis in the form of this article will help you delete all unnecessary tracks from your phone’s memory.

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