How to unlock samsung not knowing password. Unlocking the “Find device” from Google if you forgot the password

How to remove the password from the phone samsung

Today in the virtual network you can find any information, including dozens of ways to disconnect the lock on the Samsung phone. In the usual mode, this process is performed in counting seconds. The situation is complicated if the owner for any reason cannot access the device functionality. Do not panic. the methods described below allow you to eliminate various errors. Each of them is effective in its own way, and has its own actions algorithm.

Almost all users block their devices, trying in such a way to protect personal data from strange eyes, the benefit that Samsung has developed several reliable options. If the graphic or digital key is no longer needed, you can delete it into several clicks through the standard menu. The need to remove the defense in the phone arises for many reasons, for example:

  • Standard actions turned into a tedious process and take time;
  • The owner suddenly forgot the password and cannot access the phone;
  • Some functions are inaccessible due to problems in the system or incorrect operation of certain applications.

Sometimes urgently need to unlock someone else’s smartphone to return the find to the owner.

How to unlock the samsung phone using Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile. This is a special service for Samsung users, which allows you to use various functions. It will help you unlock samsung in a matter of minutes. In addition to unlocking, you can use this service as a backup and recovery platform, or you can erase data and much more.To understand how to unlock the Samsung phone if you forgot your password, follow these steps:. Please note that to use this you need to enable the remote control function by selecting “Settings” “Lock Screen and Safety” “Find My Mobile” Enable “Remote Control”. Also, do not forget to enter your Samsung account.

Open a web browser and visit the official website of Find My Mobile.

Log in using your Samsung ID and password.

Select the “Unlock” option from the submitted tabs.

Now click “Unlock”. It will detect all the information about the screen lock.

Unlock your Samsung, overloading the screen lock intees (Android

For the second time I had forgot my Sansung password as well as the lock screen. So, I had to try something else. And it was associated with the overload of the user interlock screen interlock, introducing too much information. After its overload, the user inteeis leaves, and you get access to your Samsung device.

It works only on Samsung devices running on Android 5.0 for like samsung galaxy note 3.

  • Turn on your samsung. Once you get to the Android lock screen, click on “Emergency Call Button”.
  • Take 10 “asterisks” there. Copy and paste them a couple more times.
  • Return and click “Camera Button”.
  • From there, go to “Settings” through the toolbar to which you can access, spending down.
  • You will need to enter your password. So insert ten “asterisks” until the user inteeis of the lock screen fails.

Data reset

If the previous ways did not help, make data reset. you will delete all files and settings from the device, and with them a graphical key, pin-code, password, or fingerprint.

“Samsung” is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers. Therefore, the question of how to unlock the phone “Samsung”, worries many happy owners of the devices of this brand. Tell about how it can be done.

complex methods

Those who do not want to be a simple user of a mobile gadget, but seeking to explore the operation of the Android operating system, more complex blocking methods on their or someone else can be useful. They will allow to avoid problems when receiving access to functionality, and not quite in the usual way.

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Unreliable Wi-Fi

Few people know, but you can intercept the password or PIN code through Wi-Fi network. This was told about the former technical director of the company “Spring Source” Adrian Necklace. The technology was named “WindTalker” and is based on network analysis.

In the course of the research it was found that at the time of entering the password there is an active movement of the fingers across the screen. It creates unique interference and affects the Wi-Fi signal. If a fraudster can create a point of access in time, then he will be able to track the wave fluctuations and get information about the state of the channel.

For these purposes, a special application was developed with a similar name. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  • A public access point Wi-Fi is installed in the place that the object of interest is constantly visiting and remains for a long time.
  • The program starts when connecting to the network, and tracks its traffic begins. Hacker becomes an intermediate link between the client and the server
  • The application determines the time when the object is going to enter a password, and begins to send requests to his smartphone (at least 800 packets at a second).
  • The device instantly sends echo answers that are fixed in “WindTalker”.
  • At the end of the session, which lasts milliseconds, the application analyzes the data obtained and gives the PIN code. Depending on the complexity of the combination, it can have from one to several dozen options.

Another option to receive a password, which is considered more common today. is tracking a data packet with a hacker. If when connected to an unprotected Wi-Fi network, the user enters logins and passwords, they are easily “drowning” to hacker.

Fitness trackers

An equally original way to find out the access password to the smartphone and even a bank account is the analysis of data obtained from Smart hours or fitness bracelets. Employees of the Technological Institute of Stevens and Binghemton University of USA developed a unique scanner, which is able to register electromagnetic radiation emanating from sensors of smart watches and fitness trackers.

The device can be installed next to an ATM, terminal or just a person’s workplace, and track the movement of his hands. The information from the scanner is transmitted via Bluetooth to the application created for these purposes capable of determining up to 5 thousand key movements. If the password is entered once. the scanner recognizes and gives the correct combination with an accuracy of 80%. In the case when the PIN code is entered twice, this indicator increases to 90%.

During the experiment, it was proved that the more sensors (magnetometers, gyroscopes, accelerometers) are present in the wearable device, the higher the accuracy indicators. In this case, the position of the hand to these parameters does not have any influence.

Heat radiation

Read the password entered from the smartphone screen is quite easy, armed with a compact thermal imager. During the experiment, which was conducted by the joint efforts of scientists of Munich and Stuttgart universities, to recognize the four-digit cipher after 15 seconds after entering, a more complex combination. after 30 seconds. And the correct PIN code was recognized in 90% of cases. To scan the code, it is enough to hide the device in the sleeve or disguise it under the toy.

When suspected the impact of third-party device, the owner of the smartphone has the ability to protect against its influence. For this, experts advise:


Usually, flashing is used to solve critical problems in the mobile device operating system, but in some cases it is used to bypass device lock. Running flashing is not difficult. for this you need to download a specific file that the operating system is updated, and run on the phone.

Before running the process, the user must remember that it will lose the support of the manufacturer, and in case of failure during the update, it can cause irreparable harm to the phone, as a result of which will be irrevocably lost. Simple words, it will turn into “brick”.

To avoid possible problems, it is recommended to use only proven products. This means you download the installation file only from the official site of the manufacturer.

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Service manufacturer

For the convenience of customers, the largest manufacturers of digital technology were created and improved branded services for unlocking smartphones in remote mode. Thanks to this, access to the functionality of gadgets can be obtained in just a couple of clicks.


To circumvent protection in the Samsung brand, you will need to visit the official manufacturer’s website, create an account and link it to your device. If necessary, its unlock will be needed:

unlock, samsung, password, unlocking
  • Enter your account;
  • In the “Content” section, find the name of your device;
  • Activate the screen unlock function by pressing the button of the same name.

Get access to the Sony Xperia Device functionality can be somewhat different. This will require:

How to unlock samsung through a safe mode

In some cases, the cause of the SAMSUNG screen lock can be a variety of third-party applications. To get rid of their functional, we will need to upload our device in safe mode.

Do the following if you forgot your password:

  • Being on the lock screen, clamp the power button. The shutdown menu appears;
  • Press and hold the “Shutdown” button;
  • Telephone will ask if you want to boot in safe mode. Tap on “OK” or on the inscription “Safe Mode”;

How to unlock the samsung phone

Samsung’s smartphones are based on the Android operating system, like the vast majority of other mobile devices. Therefore, the unlocking process will practically not differ from that operation that is performed on Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor and other gadgets.

We offer to familiarize yourself with different SAMSUNG unlock methods. There are several of them, thanks to which the user can choose the most suitable. In some cases, it will have to fully lose personal data, but at the same time there are many ways to restore access without serious losses.

Through Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a special menu that is used by technical craftsmen to eliminate errors that occur during the operation of the device. To his help adds both owners of smartphones and personal computers. And there are practically no difficulties in handling a safe mode. With the task of unlocking the Samsung, even a beginner will be able to cope if all the terms of the instruction.

To go to safe mode and unlock smartphone you need:

  • Keep off the shutdown button for a few seconds.
  • After the pop-up window appears, you must undercase the “Disable” or “OK” button depending on the device model.
  • When the transition warning appears in a safe mode, you must confirm the action.
  • Via bR go to the settings, namely to the section with passwords.
  • Disable password entry, graphic key or fingerprint.
  • Reboot smartphone.

If all actions from the presented algorithm are fulfilled correctly, Samsung will return to the standard condition. There will be automatic output from the secure mode, and the access password will be reset. In addition, personal data will not disappear anywhere, including multimedia files.

Hard Reset using keys

This operation provides for a reset to factory settings. So, by completing Hard Reset, the user will lose all the data stored on Samsung: photo, video, audio, applications, contacts. The method is controversial, and therefore it is important to get acquainted with his advantages and minuses.

Advantages disadvantages
No need to connect your smartphone to a computer or download additional software All files are lost
Operation is performed in 2-3 minutes

In order not to lose useful information when performing a reset, you must create a backup through the phone settings.

If a person has lost access to the smartphone, and the backup could not be created in advance, you can get out of the situation by connecting the machine to the computer. After pairing two devices, you should cross all the important files on the PC, and after unlocking the Samsung. to return back.

To reset the settings using the keys, you will need:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Touch the top slip of the volume adjustment, the “Home” button and the power key.
  • After the company’s logo appears on the logo screen, let go of the buttons.
  • Getting into the engineering menu, you must select the “Factory Reset” item.
  • Confirm the action by pressing the power button.
  • Reboot smartphone.
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Ultimately, Samsung will become “new” in all senses of this word. When the user turns on the phone, it will detect all the files from its memory. But most importantly, you do not have to enter a password or a graphical key. Access to the gadget will be opened.

Remote control over Google Account

Since all Samsung smartphones are based on the Android operating system, all Google services are integrated into the devices. This is not an excessive chip that becomes especially relevant when the user forgets his own password.

Among the functions of the Google of a separate mention deserves the possibility of remote (at a distance) of the Office. That is, a person, authorized in his account through a computer, will be able to perform actions on the phone. We will be interested in a password reset and access recovery. For this you need:

  • Open Google Website on PC or any other device.
  • Authorized in the system.
  • Go to “My Devices” section.
  • Choose your smartphone.
  • Press “Passwords” and confirm the reset.

Now after rebooting the Samsung will no longer require enter password. Thus, access will be fully restored, and the owner will be able to set another way of protection.

This option only works if earlier on samsung was confirmed in Google-account.

Flashing from a computer

The extreme measure that is worth considering if a person cannot be reset to the factory settings using the smartphone buttons. Alternative Operation Operation. SAMSUNG connection to PC.

To reflash the smartphone through the computer, you will need to download additional by. It is recommended to use the SMART SWITCH branded application available for download on the official website of the company.

After loading the program will remain a few steps:

  • Connect the phone to a USB computer.
  • Open by.
  • Connect to your mobile device.
  • Select the “Rebuild” menu item or “Reset settings” depending on what you want to do with your Samsung.
  • Confirm the execution of the operation.

The final result will be the same as in the case of Hard Reset. All settings will reset and all files will be deleted. To this not happen, you need to create a backup. If you do not work backup before, you can copy information from the phone to PC, and then transfer it back.

How to unlock the Samsung phone with an additional pin code

Although Samsung smartphones are very similar to other devices that work on the Android operating system, they have several distinctive features. One of these is the presence of an additional PIN code, which is relevant only for Samsung phones.

How to do if I forgot the password from Sony

In addition to the general way listed by us, allowing us to unlock the phone using the emergency call button, Sony has provided users with a special way to unlock their gadgets.

  • Turn on your Sony phone and go to the emergency call screen;
  • On the emergency call screen in the dial dialing field, type the following combination:

A technical menu from Sony will appear with the SERVICE TEST section;

After it, additional items will be displayed, among which you select “NFC → Dag Test”. Tap at this point;

Press the “Home” key and you can get into your phone without a set of emergency call.

Use the function on the samsung “Find My Mobile” if you forgot the password

Eliminate the new password on Samsung, if suddenly forgot the old, will help the special reset function “Find My Mobile”. This feature is equipped with an absolute majority of phones of this brand. If you have created your Samsung account, and registered it earlier, then you can use this feature.

Reset gadget to factory settings. The last solution that can help you unlock forgotten password of your Samsung phone. Remember that all your data on the phone after reset will be deleted.

  • Click on “Settings” on your phone;
  • Find there “Backup and Reset” section (Recovery and Reset);

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