How to unlock Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray. We use the Sony Online Service

Unlock Sony Xperia screen when you forgot password or graphic key

Forget password or drawing is very simple. This is a common problem, because of which some even run to the service center. But it is not really worth spending time looking for such a center in your city. The following is an instruction for the owners of Sony Xperia, with which you can easily bypass the lock screen. By the way, it is in service centers that.

Note, this text is designed to unlock smartphones Xperia line. On the devices of other manufacturers will have to try to bypass the blocking in other ways.

What is Hard Reset on Android

This is a complete reset of settings and memory cleaning. Before making a full reset, we recommend that you save all the important files and contacts to the replaceable medium or download to the cloud.

Let’s start with a slight version. Go to Settings. Backup and Reset. Reset Settings.

For those who do not manage to perform the first option due to the graphics key / PIN code / password or for other reasons.

  • Turn off the phone or remove the battery and insert back if it fails to turn off;
  • To go to Recovery Menu, press and hold the volume button up and the power button at the same time;
  • Release the power key after the logo appears on the screen, but hold the volume button;
  • You hit the Android Recovery menu. Moving on this menu is performed using the volume buttons, the power button confirms the choice;
  • Select the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” item. Clear data;
  • Select Yes.DeletealluserData to confirm;
  • After a few seconds, the cleaning process will end and you will fall again in the Recovery menu;
  • Select Reboot System Now;
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You made Hard Reset on Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray. All passwords and graphic key are reset. If something has not happened, email us through the comment system.

How to unlock Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray bootloader

To do this, we need anlocher, use the universal zykuflasher utility 1.1 on PC. Surface protection is available. Brick is a state of a dead phone.

  • Need to download the program (it’s free).
  • Connect smartphone to computer.
  • Run the program to unlock the Zykuflasher loader.
  • Press Unlock Bootloader ONLY and wait for the result. Need version Zykuflasher 1.1 and higher, in the earlier required function!

How to check if the loader is unlocked

Run the ADB console utility (the device must be connected to the PC), enter the “FastBoot OEM Unlock” command. If ADB shows Device Unlocked: false, then the bootloader is not unlocked or failed, try to restart the smartphone and check again. If you see True So the operation was successful.

The first way to unlock the graphic key in the Sony phone if forgot it. without data loss

After you read this section, go, on this page, there is a link to go to a special service of Google (later postponing it here. I don’t want to distract it now).

However, there is a lot of useful information with pictures about to remove the graphic key on Android.

For the method described here you need: to have a connected Internet and remember the password input to email Gmail.

In the absence of the Internet. the problem is easily eliminated. here are the three options for connecting Sony to the Internet, even when it is blocked by a graphic key (in most cases, there is no need to do anything).

If you do not remember the entry data in Gmail, they are also restored. By the way, something I have not started, the method on the link is above applied to unlock through the computer, but if the credentials have not forgotten, then you can remove the graphic key directly in the Sony Xperia phone or another of this manufacturer.

To do this, score the wrong graphic key 5 times. Next will see about this button “LOST model?»SMATPhone Press the” Home “button or forgot, after clicking on the” Home “(it is possible that you will have a few more).

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Now you need to enter the email address and password. Then press “Login”, then you can change the graphic key, and then it is generally possible to disable it.

Step-by-step instruction

After these uncomplicated manipulations, you will find yourself on your device desktop. This algorithm should work on most Sony Xperia versions, but if suddenly it does not work, then repeat the same actions only with the code ###. On some “machines”, this code can simply lead to a restart of the device (listed codes. one of many service codes for Sony Xperia, with the rest of the codes you can find on the official website of the smartphone manufacturer).

If suddenly the methods described above do not work, do not despair, because you can simply use the PC Companion program.

With this program, only Sony Xperia can be updated, reserve data and restore them from the reserve. This program is quite simple and easy to use. You can find it on a disk that should be in the box of the purchased smartphone.

Also, you can unlock Xperia smartphone through the service “My Xperia”. To do this, it is necessary on the official website of Sony, go to My Xperia, and follow the instructions in Russian.

Reset screen lock using My Xperia service

  • Go to the MYXPERIA website.Sonymobile.COM from any device connected to the Internet, such as a computer.
  • Log in to Google or Sony Entertainment Network that you configured on your XPERIA device
  • Press the image of your XPERIA device in the Device section.
  • Select the blocking function or shift the PIN code to replace the current PIN lock screen to the new.
  • Follow the instructions on the My Xperia service screen.

To reset the screen lock on the Xperia device, use the software recovery feature in the Xperia Companion application.

Result. Software on the device will be reinstalled. All personal data stored in internal memory will be deleted. The contents on the external SD card will not be deleted.

Requirements. For this method, access to a computer with an active Internet connection is required. To connect the device to a computer, a USB cable is required. The charge level of the device should be at least 80%.

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How to turn off blocking forever

So that in the future did not arise unpleasant situations with the unlocking of the phone, the blocking can be simply removed forever. For this:

For several years he worked in a cellular salons of two major operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

Yes. In the service will help to bypass blocking, as they are their specialization. This, by the way, the most optimal option, if others did not help.

All data will be erased, and the settings will return to the factory, that is, the user will no longer be able to carry out all the actions with the telephone in full.

Reset SONY ERICSSON WT9I settings buttons

If you can’t turn on the phone, for example, it hung or you forget the PIN code, then try to reset the Sony Ericsson WT9i settings.

  • Turn off the smartphone. Remove the battery for a couple of seconds, and insert it back.
  • Press and hold the Volume button down.
  • Inclusion.
  • Wait for a while, after which the menu appears with the following options: FastBook, Recovery, Clear Storage and Simlock.
  • Use the Volume Adjustment Key to select Clear Storage.
  • Then press and release the power button.
  • Next Press the volume up to select “Yes”. So you will agree with the removal of all personal data and settings from the internal memory of the smartphone.

That’s all! Reset Sony Ericsson WT9i settings buttons is one of the most popular methods among users to remove the graphic key, password, delete all data from the smartphone or correct some problems in the mobile device.

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