Internet configuration on Samsung TV.

Connecting the Samsung Smart TV TV to the Internet Network Cable

Now we will connect the Samsung Smart TV TV to the Internet, using a network cable, through a router, or directly to the Internet provider. True, there are several nuances, now we’ll figure it out in everything.

I recently wrote the same article for LG TVs, Samsung has everything just like that the menu looks different. If you have no Wi-Fi on TV, you do not want to buy an additional Wi-Fi receiver, or you just need to connect to the Internet on the cable (as a rule, it works more stable on the Internet cable), then it is very simple. The main thing, you must have and configured Wi-Fi Router. The Internet should work through it, it can be checked on other devices.

If you do not have a router, and you want to connect the Internet to the Samsung TV with Smart TV directly, immediately network cable from the Internet provider, then you will succeed only if your provider uses the connection technology dynamic IP, or static IP (in detail, about how to find out, I wrote here). If you have the Internet on technology, say PPPoE, or L2TP, then without a router of the Internet, do not connect to the TV. TV just does not know how to “raise” such connections.

With this, I think figured out. Now I will demonstrate the process of connecting to the Internet through a router. Show I will be on a slightly outdated samsung ue32eh5307 TV (if I’m not mistaken, 2013 release). As soon as possible, I will write instructions for newer TV models.

Internet access from the SAMSUNG SMART TV TV

If the TV is not yet connected to the Internet, then connect it. You can watch my Samsung TV Instructions for Wi-Fi Network. If you connect through a network cable, see this article: SAMSUNG SMART TV TV Connect to the Internet Network Cable Internet.

  • Open the Smart TV menu button on the remote control panel. She looks usually like this:
  • Run browser. On Samsung TVs, it is called “Internet”. If it is not on the main screen, then find it among the applications on the “Apps” tab. After opening the full menu (three strips on the left).
  • Most likely on the main screen of the browser will be some bookmarks. To enter the site address, or search query, you need to click on the string “Enter the URL, or a keyword”. For example: I enter the address of this site and go through it. You can dial a search query. For example, “watch movies online” or specify the name of a particular movie. After that, search results will be found in the search engine, where you can go to a specific site.
  • In our case, we opened a specific site on the Samsung Smart TV TV. Using the cursor, you can move between the items on the site itself, or between the buttons and menu items in the browser.

Several tips and important points:

  • If the TV is not connected to the Internet, or connected but the Internet does not work (this may also be). While trying to open the browser and enter the Internet error will appear “Failed to connect to the network”. Or when trying to open the site a message will appear that there is no Internet connection, or error with DNS. In solving this error, you can help the following article: SAMSUNG TV does not see Wi-Fi, does not connect to the Internet. Connection error in the Smart TV menu and Internet does not work.
  • Samsung‘s browser is almost all the same as in any browser on a computer. You can create new tabs, there are buttons forward, back, homepage. It is possible to add sites to favorites and change the scale of the page. And even there is a separate menus where you can open the browser parameters.
  • You can configure the homepage in the parameters, change the search engine and set confidential settings. You can also clean the history of the browser. Simple, understandable browser, which is very easy to use.

Now you know how to publish the Internet on Samsung TVs. Move on.

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SAMSUNG SMART TV Firmware Update

We update by Samsung Smart TV F series (2013 release) via USB

In the TVs F series (2013) there are no menu items inherent in older models.

  • Go to the SAMSUNG website, open the Support section and download the firmware for your TV.
  • Format the USB flash drive in the FAT32 system.
  • Load the downloaded file on it and unpack it by pressing “Extract”. Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Connect the flash drive with the firmware into the TV connector with the inscription USB HDD. If not, use another USB connector.
  • Open “Support”, select “Update by”. “Update Now”. Wait for the installation of a new firmware.

SAMSUNG SMART TV Firmware via the Internet

To update the firmware via the Internet, open the “Support” menu. the “Update” tab. select “Network”. There will be a TV connection to the firmware server.

If you use the latest version, the message “Update is missing” will appear. If updating is detected, it will be prompted to upgrade, then click “OK”.

Important! During the firmware update, in no case cannot be turned off the TV from the mains.

Brief Instruction on Wi-Fi Connection

Quite often owners of modern TVs Samsung Smart TV face a problem How to connect your TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi connection. After all, this connection is convenient that it is wireless.

Before connecting to the network via Wi-Fi, find out the name and password of your home network. Look at this information on your router.If the standard password and network name have not changed, then all you need on the sticker on the modem.

Sometimes you connect by clicking the special button on the WPS router

Setting up Wi-Fi on Samsung Smart TV

  • To enable the Internet via Wi-Fi on TV, you must enter the TV menu.
  • Find the item common where the device settings are.
  • Select the network section.
  • Next, we need a network setup section click on open.
  • Type Select Wireless, Wired needed when a cable connection is used.
  • We are looking for the name of your home network from the list found.
  • Drive password using the console and keyboard on the screen.
  • We are waiting for confirmation that TV is connected to the Internet

SAMSUNG TV repair for 1 day

Order repairs in our service center, and get a good device on the same day, with a guarantee to 1 year

Leave your question through the feedback form and the master will call you back and answer without imposing. or services.

From this article you will learn:

The television connection scheme to the Internet is pretty simple and in most cases it looks like this:

Correctly configured TV network card, connect the cable with your home router, which, in turn, provides a permanent connection to the Internet.

If the TV has a Wi-Fi wireless card, the principle of connection is no different. Configured wireless map of the TV, connect to the point of access modem.

How to connect to the router (modem) using a network cable and Wi-Fi, as well as its step-by-step setting, we considered in detail in the article “How to set up a router to work in the media network”.

I strongly recommend this to an article to attentive reading, for understanding the essence of the question.

So let’s start connecting your TV to the Internet. Select the appropriate instructions, depending on the model year of the TV:

Consider the example of the model UE40ES6100.

First affect the network cable from the router in the LAN jack:

Then click “Menu” on the TV Remote Control:

Here click the “Start” button. TV itself will try to connect to the Internet:

Even if TV gave you a successful connection message, click on “IP Settings” and specify the following:

  • IP Setup: Select “Enter Manual”
  • IP address: Any value from to
  • Subnet mask: specify.
  • Gateway: Router IP Address. In our case.
  • DNS Setup: Select “Enter Manual”
  • DNS server: specify your provider or. eight.eight.eight.eight
  • Click “OK”

If everything is done correctly, get a message of this type:

Green ticks in the screenshot above, talk about a successful connection. Click the “OK” button to complete the setting.

If, instead, you will see red crossbars, then something did not correctly. Check out all new.

You connected your TV to the Internet Network LAN Cable!

  • Before you start setting the Wi-Fi TV connection, make sure that you do not connect the LAN network cable. Otherwise, the Wireless Setup menu will open.
  • When connecting the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi, there may later have different failures and hangs (especially when using IPTV services).
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Click on the TV panel “MENU”:

In the menu that opens, select “Network. Network Settings “:

In the list of wireless networks, select your (the one you set up on the router), then click the Next button:

Enter the connection key to your Wi-Fi network (Access point key). Then select “Next”:

TV must report successful connection (provided if you enabled the DHCP function on the router).

In any case, do not pay attention to this, press the “IP Settings” menu item:

  • IP Setup: Select “Enter Manual”.
  • IP address: Any value from to
  • Subnet mask: specify.
  • Gateway: Router IP Address. In our case.
  • DNS Setup: Select “Enter Manual”.
  • DNS server: specify your provider or. eight.eight.eight.eight
  • Click “OK”.

Now press the “Repeat” button again to update the connection with new parameters. On this setting is over!

First of all, connect to the LAN connector a network cable from your router:

Then press the “MENU” button on the TV remote control:

Specify “network type. Cable “and click” Connect “:

After that, the TV will automatically try to connect to the network. Wait until the connection check is completed and select “IP Settings”:

Connect Samsung Smart TV to Wi-Fi Router

Consider the connection process on the TV, which works on the new SMART TV TIZEN OS system. You need to open the Smart TV menu. To do this, on the remote control, click on the button with the house icon. You may have another remote. It does not matter.

We bring the cursor to the “Settings” item, go from above to “Network” and select “Network Settings”.

Or open “Parameters” and go to the “General” section. “Network”. “Open Network Settings”.

Next you need to select the type of network. Since we want to connect Samsung TV to the Wi-Fi router, we choose the “wireless”.

After searching the TV will give a list available to connect Wi-Fi networks. Choose your wireless network. In the screenshot below, my network is called “iPhone” (distributed the Internet from the phone).

If you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network with a hidden SSID, then at the bottom of the list of wireless networks you need to select “Add Network”.

Enter the password from the Wi-Fi network and click on the “Finish” button. If you want to see the password that you enter. check the box near the Password item.

If the connection has passed successfully, the message should appear that the TV is connected to the Internet.

If for some reason you need to turn off the TV from the Wi-Fi network, you can do this in the settings, in the “General” section. “Network”. “Network Status”. You need to click on the “Disable” button.

Now you can return to the Smart TV menu and use the Internet connection in different applications. For example, view sites through the browser. On the Samsung TV, it is called “Internet“. Or watch YouTube on TV through a separate application.

You can also configure reproduction of movies from a computer, laptop, or mobile devices by DLNA. The main thing is that the TV and other device can be connected to the same network. Leave a link to the DLNA server setup instructions in Windows 10. You can also display photos and video on TV with iPhone or iPad. With Android devices, you can also configure the broadcast of the media system by DLAN.

Connecting the Samsung TV with the old SMART TV system is approximately the same. In the settings you need to go to the “Network” section and run the network setting. Select wireless network type. Then select your network from the list of available networks and enter the password.

If there is no wireless network in the TV settings, then there is most likely there is no built-in Wi-Fi in your TV. Or need a branded USB adapter. But in this case, it is easier to connect the connection over the cable.

Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

For wireless connection to the network, you will need a wireless modem or router, as well as for SAMSUNG LED TVs. SAMSUNG Wi-Fi Adapter (WIS09ABGN, WIS09ABGN2, WIS10ABGN) to be connected to a USB connector on the rear panel of the TV. Adapter supports IEEE 802 communication protocols.11A / B / G / N. Samsung recommends using IEEE 802 Protocol.11N.

In the plasma PDP TVs, the Samsung Wi-Fi adapter is built-in and a separate external USB adapter is required.

  • If the High-Throughput (Greenfield) 802.11n mode is selected in its pure and as encryption type, WEP, TKIP or TKIP AES (WPS2MixED) is selected, Samsung TVs will not support connection in accordance with the new Wi-Fi certificate specifications.
  • If the wireless router supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), then you can connect to the network by pressing one button (PBC) or using PIN.Coda. WPS will automatically configure SSID and WPA key for each mode.
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When connecting the SAMSUNG wireless LAN adapter, turn off the TV, connect the adapter, then turn on the TV again. The image may be distorted on some channels if the TV is connected to the SAMSUNG wireless LAN adapter. In such cases, establish a connection using one of the following ways or connect the SAMSUNG wireless LAN adapter using the USB cable in the place where the radio interference is excluded. Connection using a rectangular USB adapter.

  • Connect the rectangular USB adapter to the SAMSUNG wireless LAN adapter.
  • Connect the other end of the rectangular adapter to the USB port.

Connection through the extension cable.

  • Connect the extension cable to the USB port.
  • Connect the extension cable to the SAMSUNG wireless LAN adapter.
  • Attach the Samsung wireless LAN adapter to the rear panel of the TV in the upper part of it using double-sided adhesive tape. An adapter of the Samsung wireless LAN must be installed on the TV connector to avoid the interference of the adapter and tuner.

Most wireless networks are protected by an additional security system that requires connected to provide encrypted security code, which is called access code or security key. This is. Password phrase, usually the word or sequence of letters and numbers of a certain length that the user must enter when configuring the security of a wireless network.

When this method is selected to configure the wireless network connection and with the security key of the wireless network during the setup procedure, the user must enter the password phrase. SAMSUNG TV wireless connection is possible in several ways:

  • Auto (using the automatic network search function)
  • Go to the network setup screen; → Wireless;
  • Network function; Search for available wireless networks. Upon completion of the search displays a list of available networks.
  • In the list of networks using the arrows, select the network, and then press the ENTER button.
  • The network check screen appears. On this network setting is over.

If the wireless router is selected hiding mode (invisible), you must select the Add Network parameter; and enter the appropriate values ​​for network name settings (SSID) and security key to establish a connection. If the Security popup appears; specify the security key (protection; or PIN;) and select Next;. When entering the security key, use the arrow buttons on the control panel to select digits or letters.

  • Manual
  • Go to the network setup screen; → Wireless;
  • Network function; Search for available wireless networks. Upon completion of the search displays a list of available networks.
  • In the list of networks using the arrows, select the network, and then press the ENTER button;. The network check screen appears.
  • Select IP Settings; On the network check screen.
  • Set the IP mode parameter; manual value;
  • Using the arrows and digital buttons on the control panel, enter the values ​​for the parameters of the IP address;, the subnet mask;, gateway; and the DNS server;. After completing the setting, press OK;
  • The network check screen appears. On this network setting is over.
  • WPS (PBC)
  • Go to the network setup screen; → WPS (PBC);
  • Press the WPS button (PBC); on the router and hold it for 2 minutes. TV will automatically receive all the necessary parameter values ​​that are required to connect to the network.
  • The network check screen appears. On this network setting is over.
  • AD HOC
  • One Foot Connection (Your Wi-Fi-Router must support this feature)
  • Go to the network setup screen; → One Foot Connection;
  • Install the Wi-Fi router parallel to the SAMSUNG Wi-Fi adapter at a distance of no more than 25 cm.
  • Wait for automatic connection.
  • The network check screen appears. On this network setting is over.

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