Make a mask in Instagram from a computer. What masks can be useful for business

How to create a mask in Instagram. Quickly and efficiently

Halo, Kotana! Masks in Instagram today have tremendous popularity. And if masslaking, massolloving and mass bulbing depart aside, the masks are successfully ripening in the top and become a great way to promote goods. Obviously, it’s time to figure out how to create a mask in instagram and how to use instagram masks in advertising and promotion.

Instagram masks. the real trend. A year ago, they wore exclusively entertainment, and today are an integral component of competent promotion.

How to work ads using a mask in Instagram?

In the century of social networks, we want to look better than we are in fact, and therefore cover with different effects and filters. Masks apply to very quickly: they are added in history, subscribers see the filter and if they like them, they retain it, and then try and remove themselves with him for their subscribers.

Attracting new users to the account occurs due to the fact that the mask indicates the link to its author. If people like it, they click on it and go to the page of the creator of the steep effect. There is no need to spend money on advertising, the masks themselves will fly over Instagram and can attract an incredible number of users without additional actions, except for the creation process.

In addition, today they even earn on creating masks. many brands and bloggers are looking for developers, therefore it is a very useful skill that brings profit not only when promoting, but also to additionally earn in design skills.

Masks make it possible to promote your account with free or organic traffic. For example, you can fill your profile by content, download the mask from this account, promoting it, and then when the desired number of subscribers (4-5k) gather, add a link to the offer. Because it is not an advertisement, instant it will not check and you will receive clicks from your audience. When promoting White Offers, such as online stores, online services or educational courses, this option is also good. Also, do not forget that you have the opportunity to open access to the filter only to those users who are signed by. it can attract new people in the profile.

How to make and publish an instagram mask?

To create an Instagram mask, use the Spark AR Studio application, it works only on PC. You can use on iOS, and on Windows, although a year ago the program was available only for Mac. To work, you will also need the Face Distortion Pack file, which can be downloaded for SPAK Ar: To download, click on the “The Sample Content File” clicable link.

make, mask, instagram, computer

To authorize in Spark AR Studio, enter your account data in

In the menu that appears in front of you, select “CREATE NEW” or use ready-made templates.

In the pop-up window, click on “Face Tracking”.

Then the designer from the left appears before you. Here and the mask is created.

Next, click on the “Add” button, then 3D Objects and Face Mesh. Be sure to drag Face Mesh in Face Tracker, to do this, clamp the first button and drag it into the second. This is necessary in order for your mask not walked and evenly distributed in the face when used.

After that, click on FaceTracker, select “Deformation” in the menu on the right and download the file you downloaded before starting work.

Further click on “Deformation” and adjust the face of a person when using a mask. Rename the mask layer. Face Mesh as it is convenient for you.

Greasing skin smoothing, eye increase, nasal reduction and heaming cheekbones. As a rule, people do not accept themselves and they want to look better before the public, so set the settings that you consider it necessary: ​​skin improvement is one of the main reasons for the popularity of masks.

To correct the skin, add the Face Mesh again and click on “MATERIALS”, then in the menu on the right “Retouching”. the program will propose in the percentage ratio to adjust the smoothness of the skin.

To add a drawing to the mask, to start downloading from Spark Ar file “Face Reference Assets”. In the Textures folder you will find these templates of male and female.

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Choose a suitable and download it to Photoshop.

An image that you will add to your mask must be on a transparent background, that is, in vector. To do this, find a suitable creative on the Internet or if you have a designer skills, try to draw yourself.

Place your cream on the part of the person on which you would like to see it and hide the background of the face by clicking on the eye about the file in the photo editor.

Return to Spark AR Studio and add a new Face Mesh. Click “Add Asset” and import your template with your image from the computer.

After that, click on the added Face Mesh and then on “Materials”, add a new material. Click on it in the right menu, select “Texture” and mark your file.

Click on Material and Shader Type Tick Face Paint.

Congratulations! In fact, your mask is ready!

make, mask, instagram, computer

To check it on your face and make adjustments if necessary, download the Spark Player application to your phone. Connect the device using a USB cable to PC.

Look what your work looks like and make adjustments if necessary.

To save the mask, click on the up arrow icon in the lower left corner, then select “Export File” and a place to save it on your device.

To add a mask in Instagram, go to Spark Ar Hub. Please note that the file size must be no more than 10 MB.

Before publishing, the application will require creating an icon for your mask. Requirements for it are also listed on Spark Ar. Specify the name to your effect, keywords, then save the file and expect moderation check. After your mask is approved, you will see it among the added effects in my profile.

Masks. one of the main trends of 2020: people use them for entertainment and to promote their own products. The newcomer is really creative for 10-15 minutes, and if you have well developed work skills in Photoshop, work takes even less time.

How to add new masks on the phone

Initially, the Creative Instagram command was engaged in the addition of masks in Stories, but now the tools are laid out in open access. The above describes the creation process, it’s time to figure out how to add new instagram masks created by other users.

So far there are three methods for receiving new content: in the effects list, in Stories ribbon or through the creator profile. In the first case, you must click on the site you like, it will automatically boot into the collection. With the further use of a new filter in its storage, other users will see the mackel. The second method involves loading materials from the designer page. At the bottom, you must click on the “Effects By” button.

Adding on Android

In the latest version of Instagram application, the addition function was as simplified as much as possible. The user needs to open the section “Stories”. At the bottom of the screen next to the photo button or write video button, there are effects that can be enabled and add.

Even if the collection is empty, the system will display the standard effects from Instagram. By clicking on any object, a menu will appear where the button “View objects”. New and popular designers creations will be shown here.

Work with masks on the iPhone

The process of loading new effects on the iPhone and other apple gadgets passes through the same scheme. In “Stories” other users you can find unique 3D effects and animation, which can be added to your collection by clicking on the object.

Studying other profiles, it is worth paying attention to the bottom of the screen, where it is indicated. does this user have unique content. If you need to diversify your collection, but there is no time to search for individual authors, it is worth using the standard search through “View objects”.

As brands and companies use AR masks in Instagram

There are two pronounced directions for brand masks. it is entertaining (and potentially viral) content or product advertising.

For example, the network of economic hypermarkets Leroy Merlin offers to place a three-dimensional copy of the summer chair (and other furniture) on the plot, and the CHIO snack manufacturer with a face tracker promotes its brand and American football. From funny: “Papa Jones” attaches pizza to the face of users, and Lamborgini suggests torture a corporate sports helmet.

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Promotion games also use. So Reebok did, making an adaptation of the Ranner, where you need to jump through street obstacles, and Pepsi together with Messi released the game where you need to fill the ball, taping on the screen. Easier and spectacular just looks Lay’s, who made an ordinary randomizer. it will help you choose chips for the evening.

Virtualization of brand things is a good opportunity to try on products without leaving home. Basically, companies make a bet on the demonstration of accessories, as there are no good tools for the trekking of the body in the editor (they promise to add hand reading soon).

Therefore, brands that make decorations, cosmetics, glasses and hats, most convenient to move through Ar. So, for example, the Bolon Eyewear and Dkny Accessories Brands. But the manufacturer of Smart clock Huawei and the Swiss clocks Rodolphe had to be heard: the first did the face filters in the subject of lenses, and the second screwed the randomizer, which is simply attached to the screen, and not to face.

Creatives of all masks use musicians, bloggers and television. For example, Netflix to the premiere of the film about Eurovision has released a thematic mask where you can become a hero of the clip. Also to the release of the cartoon “Camouflage and espionage”, they prepared a model of a three-dimensional dove, which walks over the surface and suspiciously examines the room. Musicians produce thematic masks for albums or mascots. did Loboda, Green Day, Pink Floyd and others.

make, mask, instagram, computer

What types of instagram masks exist

In Instagram, countless masks are downloaded daily. They can be divided into several categories:

An example of masks with clouds and emoticons on the face

An example of “RetroCam” and “sequins” filters

An example of a mask changing the surrounding background “T REX” and “IT’s My Life”

Latest strokes

You can make skin smoothing. To do this, on the left pane in the Face Tracker section, add the Face Mesh parameter.

Go to Materials on the right pane and create a new material, as shown in the screenshot.

Click twice on Material 2 and in Shader Type choose Retouching. We recommend to put skin smoothing in 25%.

At the animation on the left panel, check No Compression, so that nothing is distorted.

Can be exported. Click File. Export and send the mask at the desired address on your computer.

Everything is ready! You can go to Spark Ar Hub to download a mask in Instagram.

How to create a mask in spark ar

To set a photo that will be displayed in the preview of the mask on your forehead, replace the “Cover” file to any other graphic file for your choice.

To do this, right-click on the “Cover” header and select Replace.

Ready, now you have a cabbage head (for example).

At this stage you will need a little more action, but it is also easy!

First delete my slideshow. To do this, select My Animation, then click on the image icon next to the Texture inscription in the upper right corner and in the drop-down menu, click Remove.

Add your pictures in the slideshow. In the same TEXTURE menu, select the New Image Texture option. In the window that opens, select All Images you want to use in a mask and click Open.

I prescribed a ready script for you, so you can leave it as it is. But if you want to change some parameters, I will give you a pair of tips, what variables can be adjusted in Patch Editor.

If you need to increase or decrease the slideshow time, then change this variable (the number means the number of seconds):

If you downloaded more or less pictures than in my template (13), enter your number in the second line of the RANDOM menu so that everything worked correctly.

How to create your mask in instagram on the phone?

To develop and create such an effect, you need to use special additional resources and programs. If you follow the instructions presented, you don’t have to spend a lot of time.

An indicated step-by-step instruction will teach in 10-15 minutes to do digital products. There are no differences between OS. The main program can be equally easy to use on Android and on the iPhone.

On Android

If on your hands this device, you will need to use the Spark AR Studio utility. Need to download a product from an official portal and register. After that, click on the CREATE PROJECT option. Next, when solving the issue, how to make your mask in instagram, such a sequence of actions is carried out:

  • Tracking faces is added. This is a prototype and reflection where the desired effects are superimposed. Working with him, you can make the necessary movements and light turns of the head that will be fixed by the application.
  • Activated grid. She is responsible for displaying an attractive effect on her face. To activate you should click on Add Object. A chess grid appears. With it, you can adjust the size of the mask, make eyes closed, smile and other things.
  • Material added. This is the base of the future product, where the necessary elements of the future result will be attached. To add material to press the plus.
  • You should choose the type of material. It helps to work in detail with the face.
  • Texture is applied. This is what will be displayed on the user in the end. Here you can attribute stickers, images, stickers, filters. There are no problems with this. The desired content needs to be downloaded from PC and stretch from the desired parameters.
  • Testing results. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a visual simulator. Also the test is allowed to spend on its own image.
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It remains to offer the result on the publication. This product must undergo mandatory moderation on the portal SPARK AR HUB. Sending through the download option. Next, the platform is selected on which it is planned to place the product.

If moderation is not passed, the program will return the sent. Errors will be indicated. After their elimination, you can repeat sending. As soon as moderation is passed, the effect can be downloaded to the profile. They will be able to users account subscribers. It will be displayed in the Personal Account on the main page. If you wish, you can get statistics on it.

On iPhone

Scheme of action on gadget data looks likewise. It is necessary to consider complex moments in detail, for example, the type of material. You can find the corresponding section in the left menu.

The user must go to the right side of the panel. The Shader Type option should be displayed here. The list of available features is displayed in the list. Among the most important of them can be noted:

  • Flat. two-dimensional flat mask;
  • Standard. an attractive digital coating in the form of a gloss. It can be used by default;
  • Physically-Based. roughness used effect. It is suitable for products in which the lighting effect is present;
  • Face Paint. is responsible for the process of paint overlapping, which is used for attractive makeup, attaching a tattoo;
  • BLENDED. Special combination of attractive textures and effects. The option is suitable for the stencils “Received semi-bomb”;
  • Retouching. option intended for smoothing or facial change. You can increase, reduce parts.

Applying tool data is considered to be a guarantee for effects. The essence of the scheme is distinguished by a clear and easy sequence of actions. Step by step instructions to create an attractive effect for subscribers and solving the issue, how to make a mask in Instagram, looks like this:

Attention deserves the transfer of result from a computer to the phone. This is required for connecting PC and smartphone. This is done through the standard USB connector.

After performing such manipulations, the effect will be available for testing on a smartphone. This is an important option, without which you can not run a mask for use. Only live author can see shoals requiring compulsory correction.

Where to get masks for history

Let us sum up by selecting the ways to search for content for Stories:

  • Adding filters through a directory that can be opened when you click on the “View Effects” button;
  • subscription to the profiles of the creators of AR filters;
  • Viewing the story of friends to add their collection.

The following customer updates for Android and iOS can add search by name by which to find new animations will be easier. Instagram masks in Stori are gaining popularity, so it is worth trying yourself as designer AR-objects. This will bring you subscribers and help make your product more popular if you are the business account owner.

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