Samsung does not charge from charging. The main reasons leading to the emergence of charging problems Samsung Galaxy are considered:

What to do if the samsung phone is not charging

Samsung is one of the most popular electronics brands. Gadgets of this company won the confidence of millions of users worldwide. The company produces televisions, smartphones, tablets, SSD discs, monitors and a dozen other categories of goods that, by the way, are not devastable.

Very common problem with charging devices. You may encounter the fact that your Samsung phone is not charging. I am familiar with this situation, so I decided to describe all possible causes of breakage, as well as ways to eliminate it.

Breakdown connector

Gradually, the port of MicroUSB is wears, with time the contact between metal contacts deteriorates, so the phone refuses to charge to the end. To solve the problem, it is recommended to carefully clean the contact pad toothpick. If the procedure did not help, the contacts are probably damaged. Alone to repair the broken connector is unlikely to succeed, so it remains to visit the service center and entrust the solution to the problem by specialists.

Step-by-step diagnosis with examples

Do not despair ahead of time if you think your device is no longer saved. We will analyze a step-by-step diagnostic strategy. To start, believe the wire, power supply and charging connector. They should not be chips, large scratches, dirt or deformations.

If you doubt the wire, try to start another wire or charge this wire another phone. The characteristic fault of the wire is when the phone begins to charge at the slightest movement of the wire from the connector. Do not overcome when diagnosing, do not damage the charging connector.

The power supply is also easy enough to check. If your device is properly charged from a computer or other power supply, then 100% is defective. It is impossible to use it more, and repair unprofitable.

And remember that some models of smartphones, such as Samsung, may not be charged from abnormal chargers.

Next to the queue charging connector. Try to clean it with a brush. The dental is perfect, which will easily remove the dirt and garbage from the contacts.

Clean carefully not to damage the insides and contact the connector.

Do not use water when cleaning. Because of it can oxidize the contacts. And the water will not completely dry from the connector, and this will already be another malfunction. It is best suited for alcohol, isopropanol or gasoline Kalosh. Use these funds in a small amount, do not need to pour them into the connector or on the brush, a couple of droplets.

If after cleaning the connector when connecting the wire charging goes, but it is interrupted from the slightest movements and the connector does not hold the wire, then this is already mechanical contact damage. Such a malfunction can be eliminated only with soldering. And optionally connector can be cut from the board. Its contacts are also named on the board, and they are easy to snatch if you accidentally pull the wire on charging.

Is it possible to solder the charging connector with your own hands

Yes, it can be done if you are confident in your abilities and you have a soldering iron and a minimum soldering set. You can find out the fineness of your own soldering in this article.

How to change the battery

If the phone is still charging, sees the charging connector and works, but the battery does not charge, it is most likely defective it is he.

For example, you pulled the wire from the connector and the phone immediately turns off. This means that the capacity of the battery dried or is in a short circuit. In this case, you need to change the battery.

Characteristic accumulator faults are blown and electrolyte leakage. This is due to overheating, supercooling, which is closed or interference in nutrition. Do not even try to charge it with a frog with such damage. It is dangerous and useless.

You can still check the phone and battery using a multimeter. This method is accurate and more suitable for those who know how to disassemble the phones and who has measuring instruments.

Set the multimeter to the DC measurement mode and connect the battery to the smartphone. Next attach the multimeter probe to the battery or board contacts. If, when you turn on the smartphone or disconnect the wire, the voltage on the battery drops sharply to several volts, the battery capacity gives a short circuit and you need to change it.

Modern smartphones are made in monolithic housings, and if you have the ability to independently rejuvenate the back cover, you can try to replace the faulty battery to the new. Do not damage the old battery when putting off the lid, do everything neat. details about the spreading of modules, touchscreens, screens and rear covers can be read in this article.

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If you change the battery, confident in the serviceability of the connector, wires and power supply, then most likely the problem is already on the board itself. It can be faulty chips such as: power controller, charging controller, processor and small SMD components.

The characteristic signs of malfunction on the board are:

Even a small moisture from entering the phone can bring it out of order. By the way, many car owners charge their phones and navigators directly from the car converter. Not all smartphones and chargers are designed for this. While turning on the car, there are large downloads of voltages and interference with the network that can output the phone power controller.

You can warm up the fee, previously disassembled the smartphone and even clean it with alcohol, but the chances of successful repair is extremely small. Need diagnostics with power supply, freezer, schemes and soldering equipment. And each model of a smartphone or tablet fees are different, which makes it difficult to diagnose.

Or can be a program failure

Pure program malfunction is rarely manifested without reason. If water got into your phone and he starts to vibrate, blink or showing and sowing android, then in no case cannot be charged. You risk achieving your device.

After entering moisture you can’t charge the phone. It needs to urgently clean from water and oxides. If you are not sure that you can clean it, best contact the service center.

What to do if the smartphone does not charge up to 100 percent?

Now consider how to act in a situation if Samsung’s phone does not take charge. For convenience, we highlight different reasons and give the best solution.

Failures in the charger

If the device does not charge up to 100 percent, start with the simplest causes of the fault. the problem with the charger. The following situations are possible here:

  • Breakdown zu. One of the reasons why the smartphone does not take full charge or dials it very slowly. failure of the charger. Inspect the product on the fact possible damage or fracture wire, as well as mechanical impact on the device. Just one bad contact to break the whole cycle. If there is clear damage, you can try to fix the product, but it is better not to risk and buy a new charger (wire). To check your version it is necessary to connect the smartphone to another memory. If samsung does not charge to the end, go to the next step.
  • Santed charging. Smartphone users often use the first memory that has a similar connector. Such action erroneous. Current and other parameters may differ in different devices. If you take a “weak” charging, Samsung phone for a long time or does not charge up to 100 percent. Using too high power can lead to rapid damage to the power supply.
  • Poor quality zeal. When choosing an accessory, pay attention to the quality, and not the price of the product. Purchase of cheap Chinese analogues can lead at best to the slow charging of the Samsung phone, and in the worst. to the rapid wear of the battery. In addition, poor-quality accessories can quickly fail or even become a cause of fire. To avoid such consequences, it is better to choose original products. They have the best quality and provide a quick charge of the battery. In parallel, you need to look at the condition of the wires from the position of the integrity and absence of inflection.
  • Breakdown connector. If the Samsung phone suddenly does not charge to 100 percent, check the connection location. Sometimes failures arise due to lack of contact, pollution or breakage. If the problem is in the cord connector, it is enough to buy a new product. When it comes to “mom” phone Samsung, it is better to go to the service center.

If the diagnosis of charger and wires did not show real problems, and the smartphone still does not charge up to 100 percent, go to the next step.

Check Temperature Mode

Some phone owners are trying to charge their apparatus in the cold. At the same time they are surprised why Samsung does not charge to the end. Cause. In the violation of the temperature regime. In order for the phone’s battery in charge, the temperature on the street or indoors should be from 2 to 45 degrees Celsius. This requirement is relevant for Li-Ion batteries. If the requirement is impaired, the device will not charge up to 100 percent. A similar problem is characteristic not only for frost, but also for severe heat. For example, if you leave the phone under the scorching sun, it may not turn on at all.

Problems with battery

Considering the question of what to do if the Samsung smartphone is not fully charged, it is impossible to mention the replacement of the battery. When using the power source, the following problems are possible:

  • Natural aging. Rechargeable battery has a property to wear out. Its cycle on average 400-600 full charges. As a rule, this limit is achieved after two years, and with active applied faster. Over time, the battery capacity decreases, and the resistance increases. Against this background, Samsung‘s phone is not charged to 100 percent or less keeps the charge.
  • Breakage of the power controller. Charging the smartphone is controlled by a small microcircuit. In case of its failure, many consequences arise, including an incomplete charge of the device. The best solution is to immediately carry the device to the service center, so as not to aggravate the situation. Specialists conduct diagnostics and determine why Samsung does not charge to the end, and what actions need to be held.
  • Moisture getting inside the case. Another unpleasant situation when water penetrates inside the smartphone. In this case, the phone does not charge up to 100 percent at all, or the charge goes, but incorrectly.
  • Punish separator. With such a malfunction, there are problems with a set of tank. The situation is the harder than more serious damage.
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Problems with the battery occur infrequently. If the phone suddenly stopped charging 100 percent, remember when you bought your Samsung. If more than two years have passed, the cause can be banal wear.

Slow or incomplete charge

Check the power supply

If the battery indicator of your gadget quickly reaches 100% of the house, but much slower at work, then the problem is most likely in the charger. Read the Charge Case Features. For a typical modern smartphone suitable with output 2 A (two amps). Old charging with a denomination of 1 A charge, but much slower, and 500 mA will fit except for fitness bracelets.

If the two-door charging is for too long fills the battery, look at the random of the standard: which it gives the current strength (A) and voltage (V). Buy charging with similar characteristics.

Tablet or “transformer” when using a low-power supply unit can simply refuse to charge. Some tablets in this case show the crossed battery icon in the notification panel. Solution Simple. Use a more powerful power supply, and even better. manufacturer’s branded charger.

You are a happy gadget owner with quick charging support, but by purchasing a power supply with such a function, did not notice the cost of charging speed? Check whether the standards of the quick charging of the smartphone and the memory. These very standards exists almost a dozen, and most of them are incompatible with each other. In detail in “fast” technologies, we figured out in one of the previous articles. BP of the unsuitable standard can be used without fears, but the cost of charging speed does not get.

If you have a home zoo of various smartphones, it is convenient to use universal chargers. On the photo Power supply with simultaneous support for Quick Charge from Qualcomm and Pump Express from MediaTek

Do not use the smartphone while charging

Charging efficiency decreases noticeably if the gadget is used in its process. First of all, it concerns games and other applications that actively use smartphone resources. If the device is connected to a low-power supply unit, it can even start discharge. In addition, simultaneous charging and the use of the gadget leads to excessive heating, which also does not benefit the battery. Finally, manipulation with a smartphone with a cable connected to it lead to premature connectivity.

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Software problems

If an unofficial firmware is installed on your device, then slow or incomplete charge may be related to it. Castom builds often contain bugs, including hidden, so it is worth returning to the stock to the stock at least temporarily.

Very often, if the battery is charged not completely or discharged nonlinearly, they are advised to calibrate the battery. It really makes sense, but only for tablets and other “big” gadgets with multilateral batteries. If you have such a device, we advise occasionally to conduct a full cycle of discharge-charge to align charge levels in all battery cells.

Question. Answer

Stopped charging, charged for a couple of percent then discharged on charging, eventually turned off and does not turn on

Good day, Andrey. Bring to diagnostics, let’s see what the problem.

The battery is not charging, the cost of replacement and the warranty period for the battery. The phone was bought a year ago

Good afternoon, Dmitry. Usually the batteries are enough for 2-3 years and for the year he was the unhappy failure. Bring your device to diagnose.

The phone stopped charging, I tried to charge and from the outlet, from the portatives and from Nokia, the charging does not go, tell me the cost and how much repair will be done!?

Hello, Aleksey. Approximate cost of repair 1300-1500, during the day.

The phone stopped charging from the original block

Hello, Daria. You can bring it to us for inspection, along with your memory.

Does not go charging how much it will cost to change?

Hello, Ilya. Approximate repair cost 1300-1500.

Good day, Sain. Approximate repair cost 1500-2000.

Stopped charging, changed a month ago screen

Hello, Nikolai. Bring it to us for inspection.

After replacing the display slowly charging. Before replacing the display, the phone was bent curved (fell on the phone when the phone was in his ) When the phone opened the phone to replace the display, the battery was also a little bent enthusiastically and put back and collected.

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Good day, Aydin. We must look for a problem in the subplate with the charging connector.

Hello bodies completely discharged now how he does not accept two weeks ago

Hello Dmitry. Bring it to us to the service for diagnostics, let’s understand what the problem.

Samsung A5 2017 does not charge the phone, the problem with the connector is necessary to replace

Good day, Oleg. Replacing charging connector costs 2000.

Everything was fine. The phone did not fell, worked as it should, but in one day he just stopped charging

Hello, Vyacheslav. Bring it to us for diagnostics.

Good day, Sergey. Repair of charging connector costs 1500-2000.

Good day, Annie. Repair of the speaker costs 1500, repairing the charging connector 1500-2000.

Hello. Stopped charging from any charging, shows that it is charging, but nothing.Charge only via USB (Machine / Laptop / PC)

Good afternoon, novel. Perhaps the problem in the subplate. Cost of replacement 2000.

Hello! Washing (cleansing wet tampon) stopped charging what to do about it? Tell me please!

Good day, Alina. Bring it to us in the service for diagnostics, it is free.

The phone is not infected, when it is turned on it is not infected, and when it turns off the charging, it turns off and immediately begins to display. help me please.

Good day, Cyril. Bring it to us for repair, help solve the problem.

Hello, such a problem. Bought this phone. Month everything was fine, always charged without any difficulty. A month later he stopped charging. precisely, from time to time, it is charging, then no. What could it be? I charge from the computer again, then slowly, then quickly. I do not understand what the problem. With the phone treated carefully, did not drop. Please tell me how it can be fixed? I do not understand how to be.

Good day, Ilona. If the phone is on warranty, contact the store.

samsung, does, charge, charging, main

Problem with the phone itself

This is characterized by the fact that even if the phone is inflamed, actually charging does not occur. The sign of the fracture of the connector is that the phone does not immediately begin to take the current, and you have to move the zoom where the connector is located. The main reason for such a malfunction is a careless handling of the phone. But maybe so that the gadget is too old, or the connector itself has any defect. By the way, when using cheap charges, contacts in connectors can easily break out.

First you can make an attempt to correct this problem with your own hands. Need to turn off the phone, get the battery (if you are removable), take a needle or toothpick. Then carefully paste it into the connector. Inside there is a small fastener, which just needs to pull up up. After that insert the battery back and try to deliver the phone to charge.

If the attempt failed, you will have to contact the service center. You should not get upset about this: it is possible to fix the connector and inexpensive, and quite quickly. After repairing, it is necessary to observe simple rules: the main thing. less often put the gadget “recharge”. It is better to fully charge it once a day, so as not to “break” the connector re.

Program faults android

Incorrect phone charging can cause crashes in its software. Due to such problems, the microcontroller will start incorrectly interpret the battery state information. As a result, it will not be charged to the end or not to respond to the connected power adapter.

One of the similar failures is a battery calibration disruption. It is possible to eliminate it as follows:

  • Unlock the SuperUser profile on the smartphone. The fact is that all the status information is stored on Samsung in the system field (BatteryStats file.bin). And to access it you will need superuser rights. You can get them using Kingroot, Framaroot, Unlockroot or another program with similar functional.
  • Download with Play Market Battery Calibration app.
  • Run this utility and allow it to work with extended rights.
  • Connect the gadget to the power adapter and charge it 100%. If it is impossible to do this on the charge indicator, click on the “BEEP IF CHARGED TO 100%” button. In this case, the program will independently determine the full charge and signs you about the end of the cycle.
  • Click “Battery Calibration”, thereby running the calibration process.

After performing the specified actions, the old BatteryStats file.bin will be removed, and a new one will be recorded in his place. You will only stay completely discharge samsung, and then re-charge it up to 100%.

There were situations when the smartphone began to be incorrectly charged after his independent firmware. If the same trouble happened to you, try roll back Android to the previous state, returning the old firmware or running Hard Reset.

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