SAMSUNG GALAXY Tab tablet does not turn on.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB is not loaded. Tablet does not work. what to do

In this case, put for charging for a couple of hours. Then, hold the off button 15 seconds (or click Reset). Wait Ming 15 until the tablet case cools down (the back cover can be basked when charging). Now try to enable (3-5 seconds button ON) and wait 2 minutes.

Please accept my condolences, because if you read this article. then your Android tablet has ceased to turn on. Causes may be “iron” and “software”. The first reason is physical inability to turn on due to damage to the battery, boards, cables. The second is someone’s locking Ourser on the tablet, and because of the fact that she crouched after. Or some freshly installed prog turned out to be extremely incompetent, the device cannot “start”.

Why samsung does not turn on and hangs on the SAMSUNG word?

If samsung hangs on the logo, it can occur for several reasons:

  • Crowded storage (the main solution when such a problem is the removal of unnecessary files, photos, video and t.D., Since the completed memory brakes the phone and leads to a hang on the logo);
  • Android viruses (they cause malfunction of the operating system and is the reason that the phone hangs on the Samsung logo);
  • A damaged power button (a defective button may cause a cyclic restart of the device and hang on the logo);
  • Mechanical damage to the device (they may be due to drops or blows, moisture and dust entering).

Reset to factory settings

After the actions described above, there are several options for developing events. In addition to the usual reboot and turn on the phone can turn back or hang on the screensaver. It should not be too upset because of this, because the manipulations have done helped to make sure the performance of a number of important functions and systems.

Reloading through the recovery. an option suitable for situations in which the firmware has received minor failures eliminated themselves. If the violation in the OPERATION is much more serious (for example, after firmware with errors), you will have to reset to the factory parameters. It is important to consider: With such actions from the memory of the device, all files are deleted, including photos, video and music.

The device must go on a reboot. It can continue much longer than usual (up to 10-15 minutes), after which you have to complete the initial setting.

Boot-Loader and Odin 3

If the device is not recognized in any case, it is worthwhile to give work by a professional or take a scolding and try to close a couple of contacts on the board for full erasing of the data.

As soon as the P5100 appears, download the last firmware from the official site and, with the same, load it to the motherboard. He immediately after a successful installation should show signs of life and turn on, loading a new firmware. The first inclusion can last until half an hour.

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iPad 6. Apple on apple

Component repair actually has a number of minuses.One of the most important. Client attitude to the master. And one main question. “Why so long?”As you know, I do not only with light, but also complex cases and come to each device individually at the time interval.

This client terrorized me half a year before paying the tablet to me. Each service residden. Memory, but no one want to take to do. At that time, the typical problem has not yet been discussed anywhere and time required. Naturally, I have replaced the memory chip with Loya, because I was initially said that it would take it a couple of hours.This is the easiest and fast, which can be done in diagnostics if you have equipment, in this case, the programmer. But as soon as I announced that the memory is not when it is necessary to understand the time, then immediately negative with the forever: I needed all the services, you just need to replace. OK. Gathered back put on the shelf, gave, because at that time I had a queue for repairs. By the way, the tablet rode in Russia half a year from the service to the service, and wait a week probably no longer partition, since this client was a discouragement, judging by the profile.But what is he right. In terms.Now I have a difficult repair from the week and more. Under difficult, it is not implied not to replace the display or increase memory, but recovery of data both with hard recessed phones and after free diagnostic amateurs.So, that tablet in the revocation was the iPad 6, which I did not, and recently brought exactly the same, with the same symptoms as in the recall.Apple and fall in recovery.

I will say on the back, I already knew the reason, since I redid such devices a lot. Well, how many, pieces 15 approximately. I agreed at once: 6k for fibol and if it does not help, then 7k for replacing the processor in the saddest case of a crystal substrate.Gray heated and deal.

I give a tablet slightly cool and run from the button

Obviously. Even heating 70 degrees helped, however, the tablet will work out at best of the day with such a halter, so the reason must be eliminated. Blooming fee

And this is due to banal overheating. And nothing to do with it, without refinement of the cooling system. On this iPad it is simply no.Repair required a week of waiting for a queue and a couple of hours on the work.

samsung, galaxy, tablet, does, turn

Ask a question for any reason you can my wife in Insta, but I personally have a call here @R.FON.

Fluid hitting

If your gadget has suffered from moisture from entering and you have taken the necessary actions to eliminate negative consequences, the Samsung tablet does not all turn on. then in such a situation it is necessary to disassemble it and inspect the degree of damage. Oxidation, corrosion of contacts and components leads to the need to clean and replace items that are not subject to recovery.

Not included Tablet Samsung Galaxy, Tab 2, Tab 3, Note, Note 10.1, Note N8000 and does not respond to the charger because of the deep battery discharge. This is a very frequent phenomenon and solve the problem, leaving a gadget on recharge for a long time. from 30 minutes to several hours.

This happens when the battery voltage falls below the nominal, which is indicated in the technical characteristics on the labeling sticker.

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Methods to eliminate the problem of the Samsung tablet

If you are afraid to spoil something and do not understand anything in such a technique, it is best to attribute a gadget to a service center, where it is quickly eliminated by breakdown, but naturally not free.

However, you can try and restore your favorite tablet to life.

  • If the gadget dropped or poured water, then, most likely, without qualified help can not do. The device will have to open, but do not do it yourself, if the device is still under warranty. When moisture gets, you need to very quickly place the tablet in a large amount of rice. it absorbs water well. And it’s best to progress and buy a waterproof case.
  • Electronics, again, will be able to repair only those who at least a little disassembled in it. If you do not have the skills, do not risk and take the tablet to the service center.
  • In the case of charging, and if the damage is not serious, you can do without. First, check whether the device itself works. For this purpose, try to charge them another tablet, and if it happens, it means, do the examination of the “patient”. Clean the contacts and input where the charger cable is inserted. the dust has accumulated there. If charging does not work, try to replace it. buy a new one or only the wire, if it is removable. Nothing helps? So it’s in electronics and still have to disassemble samsung.
  • When problem with the operating system, return the tablet to the operating state, you can update the firmware. Experienced users can do it themselves at home, and others are best hired for these purposes a professional.
  • The video adapter can stop feeding a picture due to overheating or other damage. In any case, it is unlikely to cope with their own forces, especially if you have to change the “stuffing”. You can try to recharge it and press the power button. this method is valid if the backlight fails suddenly.
samsung, galaxy, tablet, does, turn

If your device does not want to exit sleeping mode, connect it to charging and restart. And do not forget to disable this option in the settings.

SAMSUNG S9 Display Glass Replacement

Good afternoon! Today I have a bent Samsung in work, the display new cost is always very, very much, the plywood is relevant more than ever)

We disassemble and separate the display from the frame. Some cut the glass in the frame, but I can not understand the advantages from this. As a result, a vseravno display from the frame will need to be. What benefits? Maybe someone knows?

Gray, cut the glass, not in a hurry. Better from two or four sides of the angles start, and then the middle of cutting

This is how the soft matrix that Chinese do not want to fake. Or can not. Copies of the display on such models. Check

Gluing / centering occurs in manual mode in the anti-wave chamber. put on a standard rug from striker. Press pressure 2. Temperature 65. Then 10min to remove bubbles

Works, collect. Pay attention to the installation of the display in the frame. Need original tape or cut the same form in manual, at a minimum, otherwise the display will live not long.

Ready. Glass coverage is good, but it does not reach the original, it’s a copy of 1: 1.Punch Bonus Hydrogel Film.

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How to fix the black samsung tablet screen

This is an application that can fix various problems with the Android system, including black-screen problems, hanging the tablet, hanging the Android device and return the device to a normal state, and then remove the data from the Android broken phone.

Lock your frozen, broken, blocked on the black screen or the Blocked Android system system as a normal or restore the data from the broken phone Android or SD card.

  • Correct your problems with Android and restore data from the phone.
  • Removing contacts, messages, Whatsapp, photos and t. D. With a broken Android device or memory card.
  • Android and SD card phone data available.

With it, users can also restore data from a dead phone, cracked device screen, restore Snapchat photos from a broken android, unlock Android with a broken screen OR Restore data from the Android virus, the program also allows you to remove photos, contacts, call logs, video, audio. SMS, WhatsApp, documents stored on the phone or Android tablet.

Now the free trial version of this software is available. You can download it on our official website or click on the link below.

Step 1 Download and install the program to your computer by the above link. The program will then automatically open when it is successfully installed. Select broken data extraction from the phone Android section on intees.

Step 2 Connect the Samsung device to a computer using a USB cable. If your Android device does not work, the black screen or screen does not respond, or you cannot enter the password or touch the screen, press the left button Start button. Otherwise, if the system of your Android device is damaged, and you cannot use it, right-click Start button.

Step 3 Select the device name and model from the list. Make sure you have chosen the correct information about your phone or Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Then click confirm to move on.

Step 4 Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the download mode.

Step 5 The program will start downloading the appropriate recovery package to restore your broken Android system. As soon as it is done, you can access and restore your data.

Software can also help you unlock an Android phone with a broken screen, fix the cracked Android screen, crashing the Galaxy S4 lock screen and remove any files you want to computer.

Lock your frozen, broken, blocked on the black screen or the Blocked Android system system as a normal or restore the data from the broken phone Android or SD card.

samsung, galaxy, tablet, does, turn
  • Correct your problems with Android and restore data from the phone.
  • Removing contacts, messages, Whatsapp, photos and t. D. With a broken Android device or memory card.
  • Android and SD card phone data available.

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