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Do you know how to scan QR code on the iPhone? Since you are here, it means that the question is relevant. I will not write long for which modern bar markers are needed in monochrome square, but I will tell you how to promptly recognize information on various versions of iOS.

Depending on the QR operating system, it is possible to read the iPhone in two ways, every Read more.

If the iOS version 11 and above

The scanning system is built into the device with OS above 11, which makes it possible to read the QR code without using additional software tools. To begin with, we will see in the relevance of the OS.

Now we find out where in the iPhone QR code, check the availability of the ability to scan and turn it on.

Now you need to check how QR scanner code is online with iPhone Camera. To do this, prepare any check, packaging and t.D., which contain the desired square. After that, do the following:

Depending on encrypted information, data can be displayed immediately, or you will need to go to the Internet and you will be prompted to open Safari.

We hope that this small instruction answered your question about how to scan QR code iPhone online, and now this task will not cause you difficulty.

If the IOS version is below 11

The question arose about how to count the QR code on the iPhone through the camera, if your version of iOS is below 11? In fact, everything is much easier than it seems. The AppStore provides applications that will help quickly and without difficulty scanning the image.

To begin with, you should make sure that you really don’t have a built-in function, for this:

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If you want to download for QR code on the iPhone with iOS, the desired application, but do not know which you choose, we have prepared a small list with the most popular and proven programs for you. We advise you to choose something from this:

To scan QR code from an iPhone online, you must perform the following steps:

  • Information will be displayed on the screen as text information / Links to the site / Business Card and T.D. Depending on the type of encrypted information.

Now you can use any of the above applications for reading QR code for Apple iPhone and easy to solve your problem!

What to do if scanning does not work?

Fulfilled all actions from the instructions described above, but the QR code scan on the iPhone still does not work? It should be gradually to deal with possible reasons, sometimes the problem lies in minor things and easily corrected.

  • Check out the performance using another marker, possibly scanned damaged and not read.
  • Return to the first steps of the instructions → Look, whether the update system does not require, to enhance the version up to 11 and higher to use the built-in tools, first turning them on.
  • If you use a third-party application, check the availability of updates, in the absence of the latter. refer to the developer or follow the instructions.
  • If previous items are made and changes did not happen, then try installing another application.
  • Check the chamber to the question of dust, scratches and t.D. Also may interfere with mechanical damage.

Here and our article came to the end, we hope that it turned out to be useful for you! If you have any questions left, you can ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

New from Apple

Starting with the 11th version of the IOS operating system, the mechanism of processing the QR code “sewn” into the smartphones chamber, Apple tablets, and therefore it works automatically if the correct parameters are set:

  • The first step. look into the section with “settings”.
  • Scroll menu, find the item “Camera”. Alternative option. use the search site located at the top of the menu, enter the “Camera” request text box.
  • Translate the QR-code scan slider to active position, save the changes, exit the menu with settings.
  • Enable “Camera” from a shortcut on the desktop or through the shortcut menu on the lock screen. Find any like barcode and “aim” without pressing any buttons. The result will appear directly on the screen as a small text notification with the direct contents of the QR code: telephone numbers, links, text messages.
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If you quickly click on the notification that appears, the contents will be displayed by the Safari browser as a search query.

If you “smeach” with your finger down, a preview of the site encrypted in QR code will open.

How to scan the QR code on the iPhone phone through 3D touch

In some models, the function is not provided. On modern devices, the decision has the HAPTIC Touch. If the iPhone is an old version, then open the control center.

scan, barcode, phone, code, iphone

After the menu appears, select “Scan QR-Code” in it. Pressing will open the camera ready to recognize encoded information.

How to scan QR code on the phone iPhone via 3D-TOUCH

Alternatively, it is possible to scan the QR code from the main screen of the iOS device using the 3D Touch function. It is available in iPhone 6S and later versions, with the exception of iPhone SE.

All you need to do is apply 3D touch to a regular camera application located on the iPhone main screen. A brief pop-up menu will appear with many different options. Of these, you need to select “Scan QR code”. That’s all.

How to scan QR codes in iOS 12?

In order to scan the QR code in iOS 12, you first need to add a new widget in the “Control”. This can be done in the settings. Open the “Settings” → “Management item”, and then click “Configure Management Elements”.

Scroll down and tap the “” icon next to the “Scan QR code” item, then exit the “Settings” application.

In order to scan, find some interesting QR code. Then wrap up the lock screen to open the “control point” (or down in the upper right corner of the screen in iPhone X and iPad running iOS 12).

Touch the widget, after which the camera application opens and the device will be ready to scan. When you first start, you will see the following screen:

Then simply hover the camera to the QR code, and it automatically focuses. At the top of the screen, you will see a banner with scanned code. This is usually a URL, but in theory in QR code can be placed any text.

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What you can scan

iPhone can recognize absolutely any QR code. In such labels can be encrypted:

  • Link to a specific site that opens in Safari;
  • Link to the app in the App Store;
  • the phone number to which the call will be prompted;
  • template with SMS or E-mail text for a given subscriber;
  • User contact details that can be used to device memory;
  • Event of the calendar with marks, Комментарии и мнения владельцев or reminders;
  • Authorization data in Wi-Fi network.

All this can be per second recognized iPhone without having to manually make data. Very comfortably.

How to count the QR code using the iPhone application?

Most applications work equally: after opening, they are immediately ready for scanning. For example, I will describe the order of working with the application that I use.

  • Open the QR codes.
  • If this is the first launch of the program, then you need to allow access to the camera. Click OK.
  • The frame in the center of the screen indicates the area to which the QR code must be placed.
  • After reading the code, you will see information encrypted in the code. If this is a link to a web page, it can open automatically (depending on the application you use).

Here, actually, and all. Another feature of this particular application is the “History” section, in which the past scanned QR codes are preserved. This allows you to access encrypted information again without the need to re-read the code.

In addition, you can create our own QR codes of various types, including including links to web pages, as well as containing photos, social networking pages, texts This list can be continued almost infinitely.

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