SMART TV does not play video. Why the tv does not play the video, although its format is in the passport

SAMSUNG TV does not play video from the flash drive. what to do?

Any modern TV with the “Smart TV” console, be it a Samsung technique or any other manufacturer, is essentially a computer with a large built-in monitor (screen). These are we to the fact that many problems with “smart” television receptionists are similar to those of computers. And this is especially true of problems associated with playing multimedia files (video, audio, images) from external media, t.E. USB flash drives.

Consider the most common causes of the impossibility of playing video samsung TV with flash drives and their solution.

smart, does, play, video

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Eye iris scanner on Samsung Galaxy S8 bypassed photos and lenses

The German hacker association Chaos Computer Clubs has published instructions on how to bypass the eye scanner of the eye on Samsung Galaxy S8.

It is enough to take a picture of the eye on the camera with the “night mode” from a short distance, print a picture and impose a contact lens on it. Smartphone will perceive “Eye” as real and unlocked.

Thus, you can use the Samsung Pay payment service that supports the eye iris scanner. “If you value with your data or want to use it [Scanner] to pay, choose traditional protection with the PIN code,” said hackers.

In the announced March of Samsung Galaxy S8, except for the scanner of the eye of the eye, the recognition of persons. The video block manager managed to unlock the smartphone using the photo of his face on another device.

Solving the problem why Yutub does not work on the TV

There are some more ways how to solve problems with YouTube on a TV specific model:

  • For Samsung TVs: Turn on the device and open the manufacturer’s official application store. In the search string, enter “YouTube”. Then download the program and install it or update the existing version. But for some Samsung models this option is not available. In this case, you can use other similar software, which also allows you to watch streaming videos and videos from YouTube and other similar services.
  • If YouTube disappears on the LG TV: as a rule, this is due to the firmware update. Open the LG Store Applete. Find the program you are interested in and downloading it. When the installation is completed, the notification will pop up and the application will automatically boot.
  • Sony Bravia TV owners will be the most difficult. The fact is that the manufacturer’s company has introduced many updates to the software, including the application store. As a result, Yutube disappeared from it. Solving the problem here is one: watch videos from another application, or go to YouTube through a pre-installed browser.
  • If you have a Philips TV, use YouTube’s application either will not work. It’s all about updating software issued by company developers. You can use the universal option above, or install any program for watching streaming video.

Made everything according to the instructions, but YouTube did not appear: here are some more ways that can help:

  • Reset settings to factory. It is possible that the bug in the television software has led to the disappearance of the application. Eliminate failure will help zeroing settings. Find the Menu button on the TV panel. Go to it, select Line Support. In the window that opens, locate the row reset settings. In response, you will be promoted to enter a protective code. If you did not change it, then by default the code consists of four zeros. Confirm the reset settings by clicking OK.
  • Cleaning cache. Frequently scored cache causes problems with many applications. To clean, you need to go to the application settings section and select the desired from the list. Click on the data cleaning line and confirm the selection. Depending on the device model, the function may be called “Clearing Cookie Files” or “Deleting Personal Data”.
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If you have tried all the listed methods, but did not understand why youTube does not work on the TV, please contact your device manufacturer Support. Explain the essence of the problem, and the specialist will instruct you what to do next.

YouTube does not work on the LG TV: Causes, Solution Options

If you decide to watch a video on a TV with Smart TV, then most likely use Youtube app. YouTube application is one of the most popular in the world, with tons of interesting content. The application of this service is multiplatform and available not only for televisions, but also for tablets and smartphones. It happens that the job of the application is broken, and sometimes it is possible to complete Youtube from the list of applications. There may be a given problem from any manufacturer SMART TV. Consider why YouTube does not work on LG TV.

We give a list of possible options for unstable YouTube and give step-by-step instructions, what to do that the application of the application has improved:

  • When you open the YouTube application, an inscription appears that the application is no longer supported.
  • YouTube on the LG TV disappeared from the list of applications.
  • There is an application icon, but YouTube is not updated or not loaded.
  • Throws youTube and distort the image (for example, squares appear).
  • The application opens, but not played video.
  • Gives a network error, and the appropriate inscription appears on the TV screen.
  • Throws out from the application while watching video content.

This is not the entire list of possible problems why YouTube does not work on the LG TV, but there are universal methods to restore the correct operation of the application. Consider at the examples of televisions released until 2012 inclusive and starting from 2013.

As many know, YouTube belongs to Google. And in 2017, Google announced that it enters the new version of the Utuba application. In this connection, on all TVs released before 2012, the old application stopped working. And when you open YouTube, an inscription appeared that the application is no longer supported. Download a new official version of YouTube and install on an outdated TV will not work. But the problem can be solved:

  • Buying a new TV. This will increase image quality pictures. Since modern devices support video display in 4K format.
  • Buy Smart console. This is a more fiscal option. You can connect the console to both the outdated SMART TV and the usual TV.
  • Duplication of the screen from a smartphone to the TV. Duplication is possible in two ways. Either using Wi-Fi and Miracast technology, but requires both devices to support wireless data transmission. Either using an HDMI cable.
  • View YouTube through a browser. But not all televisions in the current situation will continue to keep watching YouTube through the browser, most likely, it will also be unavailable.

If the LG 2013 TV and the later release is released, then YouTube has to work. But in these versions of TVs, you can encounter a situation where the YouTube icon disappears after software update has passed. If you encountered a similar situation, then you need to take the following steps:

  • On the LG remote control, click the “Home” button (image of a house).
  • On the pop-up panel that appears, find in the list of applications and open “LG Content Store”.
  • Usually YouTube is immediately on the start page in the Popular Application section. If it is not there, then in the search engine (located in the upper right corner) enter “YouTube”.
  • Click on the “YouTube” icon appeared and then on the Install button.
  • Wait for the full download of the application and its installation, after that the “Set” button will be changed to the “Run” button.
  • After clicking on the “Start” button, YouTube will start, and the icon itself will appear at the end of the list of the main menu.

If you encountered a situation where YouTube does not boot, hangs or does not play video, then try turning off the LG TV and turn it off from the power source for 10-20 minutes. It is very important to withstand the specified time interval to clean the system cache. This method helps to remove and random operating system failures. After that, YouTube must earn correctly.

It happens that the LG television disabling does not help, then you should make sure that the TV is connected to the network and the Internet is consistently. To check, we recommend opening a browser and download any site. If a message appears that there is no connection, try turning off the LAN cable and connect it again. Either restart the Wi-Fi router and connect again by selecting the required network and entering the right password. If the site boot, then the problem is not in connection.

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Try to check if the parameters of the date, time and time zone are set. If not, it is necessary to correct, as this may also be one of the reasons for the incorrect operation of Youtube applications. Set automatic date and time setting.

Another way to restore work is an update of the LG TV. If there is no auto update, the update setting will be held according to the following algorithm:

  • Open the “Settings” section.
  • Next, subsection “General”.
  • Next “TV information”.
  • Run automatic update search.
  • Download and install the latest firmware version.

On the TV model, you can find the latest version of the update on the official website of the LG, download it on the flash card and install on the TV using the USB port.

Sometimes on LG TVs when youtube start, you can encounter an inscription that “Failed to find a DNS server”. In this case, it is recommended to enter DNS manually:

  • Go to the “Settings” section of the LG TV.
  • Next, select the “Network” section.
  • Go to the “Connect to Wi-Fi” menu.
  • Select the “Advanced Settings” string.
  • Click on the “Edit” button.
  • Remove the checkbox from the point “Automatically”.
  • In the “DNS” string, “8.eight.eight.eight”.
  • Click on the Connection button.

After these actions, the JTUB application will be restored. If nothing of the above helps, you can try to reinstall the application itself:

  • On the LG remote control, click the “Home” button (image of a house).
  • In the pop-up panel appeared, find in the list of Youtube applications.
  • Mouse over to the icon and press and hold the OK button. The icon should appear cross. In earlier webos versions, you need to press the up arrow on the remote.
  • Click the cross and in the Confirm the Delete Application window.
  • Open the “LG Content Store” and download Youtube again according to the scheme that previously described.

How to fix a malfunction and configure the program?

Consider often emerging situations and their solution:

  • If you can not connect to software, check the Internet connection. It was possible to move the wire or on your site a failure. Often the reason for the degradation of communication with the network is bad weather. In this case, it remains to wait for the improvement of the situation.
  • If your TV was made until 2012, you can’t connect YouTube. The reason for this is the last updates of the platform API. Now all video hosting has a new modern encoding. To troubleshoot the problem will have to purchase an Android TV console, a new TV or open a program through a browser.
  • Household appliances, whatever high-tech they were, can not work forever. Clear boards, wires, broken pixels appear on the screen, the response rate will deteriorate. All this leads to bad work of the TV and the inability to use individual or all programs on it. In this case, try to attribute technique for repair. Remember, in some cases, repairs are more expensive than buying a new device.
  • An unnecessary version of the application is also the reason for the impossibility of opening video hosting. On most modern devices, all SMART software is updated automatically. But if there is no such option in your TV, then you need to do it manually through the application store. For details, see the article on the instruction link, how to update YouTube on TV.
  • Any program periodically requires not only updates, but also gives failures. If you have serious malfunctions on the service, access to hosting capabilities will be limited to all users.

And on how to disable YouTube on the TV, read in the appropriate article.

TV does not see a USB flash drive, movies and videos on it. causes and solving problems

We will tell us in turn on possible causes and methods of solutions.

Hardware faults: broke USB output, flash drive itself or TV

The first reason that can come to mind when problems with reading flash drives are faulty. But the truth. the TV may not recognize the USB flash drive, if it can not be used in general in principle. But then it will not work on PC. insert it into the computer.

If he does not see her, you have to change the flash drive. It is a pity there will be only files that were there. If you do not have their backup, you can try to attribute a flash drive to a service center so that the specialists look at it and tried to restore from there at least some data.

If the PC sees a flash drive, and TV is not, it is possible, the case is either at the TV itself, or in the USB connector. Look, is there an inscription usb in service only above the slot. If it is, it means that you will not be able to connect the usual USB flash drive to TV. This output is locked. intended only for service services that carry out repair work with TV.

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If you see that the USB In Service only is written above, it means that you can not use them, as it is blocked

If there are no inscriptions, connect any other flash drive to TV. If he and she won’t see it, it means that either a slot broke or TV. You need to call the wizards to be able to eliminate hardware malfunction.

TV does not support volumetric flash drives

Some TVs have limitations on the amount of memory that can withstand the device. For example, many models TV refuse to perceive carriers 32 GB and higher. Take a look into the instructions for your TV and see if there is such a limitation. If it is, it means you will have to buy another flash drive. If there are no restrictions, we go further.

TV does not support File System Flashki

If the PC sees a flash drive, but there is no TV, while the TV can recognize, for example, another flash drive, possibly the problem in incompatibility of TV file systems and drive. TVs usually read only flash drives with FAT32 file system. If NTFS stands on the media, it will not be possible to use it on TV. Look in the instructions for TV, which file systems are supported by your device.

If the file systems do not match, you just need to format the USB flash drive in the new format. You can do it on PC:

  • Connect USB flash drive to PC. If it opens on the computer, copy all the files to the PC hard disk from there, since further formatting will mean the removal of all information from the flash media.
  • Now on the main page of the “Explorer”, click on the flash drive of the right key and select “Format”.
  • In the new window in the File System menu, specify FAT32.

As a file system, we put FAT32

TV does not define the format of files recorded on removable media

If the flash drive opens, but some files are not played on it or if they are missing or defined as unknown, most likely your TV does not support their playback. Often this happens exactly from video. Refer to the instructions of the TV: In the specifications, find the formats that are suitable for your TV.

If file formats do not match, download the same file from the Internet (if, for example, this movie), but already in the new necessary format. You can also translate the existing file to the required format using an online converter, for example, Convertio.

Another reason is the wrong file name. Try to rename it on the computer if Russian letters or some special characters are present in the title.

smart, does, play, video

File system failure

If you have previously connected a problem flash drive and TV saw everything and played, you may have broken sectors on the flash drive. Check if they are, and immediately restore them will help the staffing tool “Windows”:

  • Connect media to PC. In the “Explorer” section with all drives, click on the flash drive of the right mouse button and go to its properties.
  • Open the “Service” section. Click on “Check”.

USB port in tv blocked

Suppose that the removable information drive is working properly, then it arises quite a regular question why the TV does not see the flash drive? The problem may wage in the fracture of the connector. The catalyst of the port breakdown becomes mechanical damage, short circuits. If the flash drive is moving away from the connector, it is probably broken.

Another reason for the appearance of problems with the port. Lock. Near the blocked connectors there is a corresponding inscription “USB Service Only”. This means that the inteeis is intended exclusively for repair work. Unlock such ports can be unlocked, but this is forces exclusively to specialists. Contact the service center so that the wizards reflash the inteeis. Mostly TV are equipped with multiple USB connectors. Therefore, if there is an inscription “USB Service only”, simply insert the USB flash drive to another port.

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