The phone does not find my location. Method 3: Calibration Module

What to do if the Android GPS does not find satellites

Still, it is good that modern smartphones are equipped with a GPS module: thanks to him you can save on the navigator and know where the children walk and for what mats. However, all your plans can break one trifle. connecting the phone with the “Space”. Take and disappear.

We’ll figure it out what is a GPS navigation system, which is the cause of failures in its work and what to do if the phone based on Android and iOS does not find satellites or does not establish communication with them.

How to make geolocation on the phone

Navigation in your device installed by the manufacturer. In order to use it, it is enough to activate the option in the settings.

The function works with a compound with a satellite or nearby base stations. Smartphone finds lighthouses to receive a signal by passing information about where it is.

Modern mobile devices are compatible with all existing navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS) regardless of the region. The main task of geolocation in Android phones. drawing up your own route. To implement it, you can use Google Account or third-party programs from the Official Market.

How to turn on android geolocation

Some applications and programs automatically after installation are offered to include coordinate definition system, for example, photos, instagram, tinder, cards. You just need to click on “Allow”. and the function is activated. If you want to include the function yourself (manually), follow the following instructions:

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Go to “Security and Location“.
  • Open the location section.
  • Switch Move to ON position (just swap it right). The switch must be highlighted, which indicates an active condition.
  • On the new models of phones there is a quick settings panel (usually swap top panel down).
  • Find the icon with the signature of GPS and activate it.

If you own an Apple phone, then you can activate geolocation as follows:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Open the “Privacy” section or “Privacy”.
  • Then click on the “Geolocation Services”.
  • Here you need to switch to the ON Svitcher in front of programs that support the location data definition.
  • When you first enable applications that use GPS, a request to activate geopositioning will appear.

Modes of work

To track the position of the device in space, there are several sources of information. When you activate the function, you will be offered to choose one of the three modes:

  • For all sources. The preferred option, in the early versions of the Android operating system, was called “High Accuracy”. It offers the maximum accuracy of determining the location of the device, the entire available geopositioning toolkit is used. The data from the mobile operator will be collected, from GPS satellites, information via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi channels (if included).
  • By coordinates of the network. In the early versions of Android, the battery saving regime was called. This feature has involved for tracking only this cellular operator or wireless networks. Economical mode is called because GPS is deactivated and does not consume battery charge. It helps the user to extend the battery life and save the battery charge.
  • According to GPS satellites. In early versions of Android is called “on device sensors”. GPS-beacon only is used for geolocation. Information from wireless networks, mobile operator will not be taken into account.
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History of locations and geodatab

In the “Location History” menu, you can activate the recording of your routes, visits to various establishments and attractions. The data is stored on Google servers, you can view them through the account in this system on “Google Cards”. To do this, you will need to open a section called “Chronology”. Before that, you need to do at least once input from your device to Google Account.

If you want your relatives or friends to have access to your location, you must add users in the “Geodata” section. They will be available information about your movements and actual finding real-time. Trusted users will be able to track moving too through the “Google Cards” from the section “Show where I”.

Why not work?

You will not believe, but there are many reasons that can lead us to such a situation, and among them we find permissions and access to the application. But not only they are to blame for this error. However, especially when it’s new mobile. The first thing we need to do is click on it to go to the desired application that takes care of the weather on the smartphone, and we can provide him with access to the location. This step, which should be automatic and easy, allows us to always have our location in the weather widget.

phone, does, find, location, method, module

But it may complicate and lead to an error of weather widget on your mobile phone, if we do not do it from the very beginning. He will not again request access to location again, and we will have to do it manually, if we do not want to live forever with this mistake.

  • To solve this problem, we will need to enter the settings.
  • Later we must go to applications.
  • Find the “weather” or “climate” and select it.
  • Then we will need to enter the permissions section.
  • And to fix it, we always provide permission to the location.

However, not all phones have a special application for viewing weather conditions from a smartphone. Otherwise, they use only widgets based on a specific website.

For example, on some Android devices, turn on this tool to the desktop to access its settings. To do this, we have to click on an empty place on the main screen of the phone widgets and search the one that is responsible for the weather (it can be a brand of our phone or Google itself). Then we must click and hold it and drag to the desired area of ​​the mobile panel. In our case (as we see in the next image), we will need to click on the “cities” to open the section “Weather”. Here we will have to resolve localization or add it manually.

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You can track the iPhone through the iCloud service provided by manufacturers. To search, you need to download the application “Find iPhone” and activate geolocation on the gadget.

If your i-phone is disabled, then go to icloud.COM or “Find iPhone” on another device. You will need to enter ID and more password. After passing the identification, you will be available to view the last fixed location of the iPhone. Through iCloud, you can still:

  • Send a beep on the device.
  • Send a message with a request to return thefind” to the owner, which will appear on the screen immediately after turning on the iPhone, even when changing the SIM card.

Friends, I described enough methods to try to find your smartphone. I hope they will be useful to you. Please unsubscribe in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the result of searching. help us determine the most effective way.

Setting the location on Android.

ATTENTION: If the Widgets tab is displayed on the application screen, click the Applications tab.

ATTENTION: If no settings are displayed on the application screen, scroll to the left or right.

ATTENTION: To display a location location button on the phone, you may have to scroll down the screen.

Attention: if you move the switch to the “On.”Will open the offering dialog box to agree with the location definition. To close the Touch dialog box “Agree”.

Attention: on the location settings screen for Google applications, you can touch the location and go to the location screen for other applications.

Turn on the “Share My Geoction” function

Another advice that is worth trying when the location of the person needs is not available to you, is to make sure that you have activated the “Share your geoposition” function.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the “Settings” application. “Your name”. “Icloud”;
  • You will find the “Share Geoposition” function. Activate this option and, if necessary, specify the person with whom you want to share your location.

Nakov you all this garbage? download better than Navitel and do not suffer.

Well, this is not a panacea My gadget determines that I am in Kamensk-Uralsk, and I live in Murmansk very close, there is no? And it is in Navitel, and on Yandex-Goobundex in how!

Strange, it will be plowing everything to me)) But I have Liquid E C 2.2 and a map of the area and not detailed in Russia (stupid roads)

Nakov you all this garbage? download better than Navitel and do not suffer.

Well, first Navitel is a navigator, I use Yandex-navigator and satisfied. I’m talking about simple cards. I got used to them and consider them very successful prog)

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I tried to turn on the program again, the icon “I” on the map appeared on the map, but it does not understand what its appearance and disappearance depends.

The same garbage, S2, firmware 4.0.4, Yandex maps of the latest version from the market. Prior to that, there was an old version of the cards, everything worked, I was easily found on GPS, and on a cellular network signal. I think to return to the old version of Yandex Maps.

Here is the way yes! Before the update, everything works!and how to come back back?

Install an old apk from a computer or download from some site.

What firmware? Should stand tick setup. my location. by network coordinates

The last Android is worth.No such in the settings

The latter is There must be something similar)

on S2 In my opinion, so far only nexuss can boast seems to go on S2.

I’m talking about off Caste is clear any can be styled)

The latter is There must be something similar)

Then the application is buggy) download the previous version.

where and how?) I’m still weak in android caliper)

Then I advise you to read this foome. A lot of useful information) / FORUM / INDEX.php?ACT = IDX

Link to the topic of Yandex-navigator (to download. you need to register) 4pda.RU / FORUM / INDEX.php?showtopic = 319332

The last Android is worth.No such in the settings

It is not in the Yakart settings and in the phone settings.

Check the settings in the application, it is possible worth a tick “Access to the network only through Wi-Fi” Although without an Internet, it should also determine the location, just a satellite will look for a long time and if the cards are completely loaded offline, then a stupid arrow appears on a gray background.

Go to the settings. my location. there is an item “by network coordinates”, take a check mark. After that, turn on GPS, go to the navigator and wait, it does not instantly catch the satellites. still try other navigators, such as Navitel

Go to the settings. my location. there is an item “by network coordinates”, take a check mark. After that, turn on GPS, go to the navigator and wait, it does not instantly catch the satellites. still try other navigators, such as Navitel

I tried all the settings. Does not see. Not on the index not in Google. Bed straight

Try to download a GPS Test program or something like that. see what she shows. or through the Navitel look, sees the device satellites or not

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