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Apple will install the USB Type-C connector in the iPhone 12 instead of Lightning, and that’s why

From 2012, the American Apple Corporation uses in his smartphones a corporate connector called Lightning, which is symmetrical, that is, it can be easily and just inserted by any side, which makes it extremely convenient. However, according to modern standards, this inteeis is already very outdated, and many more users face it premature failure, in connection with which some contacts for some reason simply burn out, with the result that the cable ceases to work. From each Sold Accessory with such a “Apple” connector, the corporation receives cash deductions, but with the release of iPhone 12 it will lose these, as it will receive USB Type-C.

At the end of 2018, this electronics producer presented and released new iPad Pro with a modern connector, completely abandoning them from Lightning. In this regard, everyone thought that already in 2019 in the smartphones of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will arrive exactly as well, but everything is very mistaken. However, in the current 2020, the situation is now guaranteed to change, because Apple decided to make it once and forever refuse the Lightning connector in favor of USB Type-C. The fact is that the European Commission decided to spend special vote to take place in the near meeting. Within its framework will be addressed to oblige all manufacturers to use uniform standards for charging phones.

In the event that most of the authorities support the new law, and it will come into force, Apple will have once and forever refuse their own intees charging in favor of the universal USB Type-C. To do so, and not the opposite, it was decided for one simple reason. The fact is that using Lightning in any other electronic devices issued not by the “apple” brand is prohibited. In the case of USB-C, everything else, because any company can apply it for free in its products. The initiator of such innovation at the legislative level was the Commissioner Marosh Shephekhovich, who is convinced that due to the delay of the authorities, simple people suffer from various chargers for various phones.

Obviously, the new law with a very large probability will be taken, and in this case, all new iPhone models that will be released from 2020 will be equipped with USB Type-C. Of course, Apple could start producing their smartphones with such an inteeis for Europe, and to Russia, the United States and other countries to supply versions with Lightning, but it is unprofitable to anyone. Because of this, the sales of the manufacturers of any accessories will greatly fall, the users will begin the users, the software will get a lot of differences, and production will become very complicated. That is why it is possible to say with full confidence that the corporation’s branded standard will soon become part of the story, and the first smartphone of the brand in which this will not be, will be iPhone 12, the presentation of which will be held in September.

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If you have an Android smartphone, the choice of cable does not represent difficulties, the rule is simple. not to buy unknown basements, otherwise you are free to buy anything. And the price pleases you, it is not necessary to overpay for this accessory, you have a wide choice. For Lightning there is no such choice, you rest in the Apple greed, which sells old Schriendoga technology. And the situation did not become better, as the years go, and in Apple they try to drive what has long been touched. But this, apparently, little worries people, as I know the videographers who sincerely declare that the iPhone their main working tool, besides, “very comfortable”. As soon as it comes to the transfer of files for processing on a computer, I hear a variety in response:

  • This is not at all important, I leave for the night and work with files in the morning;
  • I bought an external flash drive, copying to it on the go, so as not to wait when everything is copied;
  • I try to copy to the cloud, so a little faster.

Copy into the cloud faster than directly download video via cable on MacBook, Oh, these technologies from Apple. Even the airdrop faster than the transmission of data on the cable, although it can pick up on large files (here it is already as lucky, to predict how everything will work, no one will take). But do not tell the owners of the iPhone about it, they are sincerely upset, as they believe that it is normal when they don’t work something, and write off it on their hands curves. In the iPhone everything is perfect and fast, nothing slow in this device in principle can not be.

Of course, there is a certain irony in the fact that the most expensive smartphones on the planet use the old and slow lightning connector. It gives a note of the surrealism of the whole situation.

In 2010, in Europe, officials made an initiative to oblige all manufacturers to use the same connector in electronics to reduce the amount of waste. That same approach for the ecology and protection of the world. You know who opposed this initiative? Only one company. Apple. Such an approach is allegedly limited competition, make it impossible to develop new technologies.

In 2011, the European Commission said that 50 thousand tons of adapters and charge cables were sent for landfill each year, the question required immediate solution. Apple rang the right to make one connector for the iPhone, not follow the general rules. Several attempts to make Apple Go to USB Type C led to the fact that the company slowly added this connector in not the most massive products, but not in the iPhone.

Now the European Commission is more determined, the question is again about all manufacturers without exception switched to a standard connector, and this is USB Type C. Also in the initiative it is said that the charger should be sold separately from the smartphone and be universal. This decision can only be welcomed, since the amount of electronic garbage will decrease. I have several dozen chargers, and they continue to be copied (my example is notpiece, but my children have a little better, charging devices and cables just less than a dozen each, they will dig away from each device). Apple traditionally suggests that such a law will lead to an increase in waste (why, well, why and where logic?), as well as cancel innovation. There is nothing new in this song. But if the law is accepted, then from 2022 the company will be forced to follow him. Potentially for iPhone 14 can save old charging, but then there will be a transition to USB Type C. And this is a pleasant news in every sense. Lightning licensing program will disappear, Apple will lose a noticeable part of the profit, which arose from the air and from the sale of the decision outdated in every sense.

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We can say that Apple was ready for such a decision and compensated for it by the fact that the charger was removed from the kit. This decision brings companies billions of additional profits, we reasoned this long ago. So no economic damage for the company will not happen.

Release for Europe version of the iPhone with USB Type C, of ​​course, it is possible, but this is a strange approach, so most likely will not. The company will go to the same jack for the iPhone worldwide. And it will happen, apparently, in 2023, with the most unfavorable defold for Apple. in 2022. Political will in Europe is eating, the lobbyness from Apple today does not work as well as before. For us, this means a simple thing: the iPhone will get rid of one of the disadvantages, which looks like an anachronism in the modern world.

P.S. I am pleased to read Комментарии и мнения владельцев that Lightning is great and such a speed is ideal, and wireless standards are better and no longer uses the connector at all. Run!

Current strength measurement when charging iPad

We will use iPad mini (third generation) and measure the current strength at the output of the charger. iPad almost discharged. In the ideal situation, it should consume a current of 2 a.

charging, connector, iphone, solutions

Only 4 cables of 16 provide current strength 2.01 A. All others do not allow the IPAD current of the limiting force. What does it mean? If it is roughly talking, then, for example, with a Red Cable Your iPad will be charged 2.25 times longer than with cables: Apple, Lemfo, SnowKids.

And what will happen next year?

Next year we are really waiting for interesting solutions (not very convenient, but interesting): the flagship iPhone 12S (13) will be completely deprived of connectors, wireless charging or Smart Connector will be used for charging, as in topical iPad Pro.

Smart Connector in iPad Pro (2020).

It seems to me that Apple can set the same connector as used to charge Apple Pencil second generation. There will be small wiring with a magnetic fastening, which will be used for charging, and all data on the laptop and other devices will have to transfer Wi-Fi.

Ipad Pro 2018 and 2020 release provides a special connector for charging Apple Pencil.

Indirectly, nevertheless, the iPhone without connectors confirm the recent rumors that in the kit with the iPhone 12 there will be no wired earphone Earpods: users need to be prepared for the fact that in the novelty there will be no where to connect wired headphones and it is time to purchase airpods.

How much is charged for iphone 12

So, Apple simply forces its users to get acquainted with the purchase of a new power supply unit with USB-C. Only with it and it will be possible to charge all the iPhone released after October 13. The company tried to slightly reduce the flow of fair claims, reducing retail for their power supplies from USB-C. The most affordable adapter with a power of 20 W (article. mhje3zm / a) can be bought for 1 990.

It’s not so much, because previously the usual 5-watt power supply for old iPhone cost only 200 less.

A more favorable choice may seem to buy a more powerful third-party adapter, for example, from the well-known company Baseus (65 Watt):

The fact remains a fact. part of the accessories will now be useless. Over time, the situation will smooth, that’s just how much it takes months and years?

What do you say powerful charging kill phones!!eleven

Periodically, I see Комментарии и мнения владельцев, the essence of which boils down to the fact that fast charging is bad, and the battery comes soon.

From left to right: iPhone 11, adapter for 5 W, 12 W, 18 W, 30 W, 87 W

I will not argue, I’ll just show you on my example. For example, IPhone 7 Plus I have in use since 2016, I bought it shortly after the announcement and only last in the fall of last year on the iPhone XS. Almost two years I had an iPhone 7 plus, I never charged it from a complete charging for 5 W. I used both blocks for iPad, and multiphore charging Anker, SATECHI like such as in this article. I try to use only original Lightning cables or proven accessories. In general, now the system shows that 89% of the battery remains. In my opinion, very good for the old man, which I usually charged at least twice a day.

Another example. iPhone XS. He was almost a year, I was charged from fast charging, using blocks on 18 or 30 W, as well as charging stations and even power supply for MacBook Pro on 85 W. Again, two charges per day. the usual thing. Phone shows 93%.

I hope that the article will help with the choice of a suitable charger for the iPhone. If you know other proven power adapters or good cables, then share tips in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

I have x and he 2 years old, and now 89% but at the same time yuzal native block? so I don’t think it is so critical to use fast charging. Charged and 3 times a day.

For iPhone 11, the safest version of the adapter for 18 W is obtained, yes? Power Delivery for iPhone. the standard 18 W is the original one that Apple says. I take 18 W and I do not suffer, right?

So you just smoked less than 2 times the phone number per day

I take a magnetic cable to break the nest. Yes, and those in the kit as a rule, after three months, they do not go anywhere, the chances on the wire appear too quickly. On the last iPhone glued glass, this also looked at this (https: // Printofon.RU / SHOP / Baseus-Zashitnoe-Oleofobnoe-Steklo-Anti-Blue-Light-Protiv-Sinego-Tsveta-iPhone-11-Pro-Chernyj.html) but I don’t know whether to take. Who without glasses goes like a phone to scratch reacts?

Starting with 7-ki ceased to use standard charging. I charge UGREEN and Baseus adapters. Verified manufacturers with good quality goods. Cables take the same manufacturers.

I feel the whole life of Kapit this if nothing is eating.I am now 42 years old and my pension I have much time needs to buy this phone?

I charge my iPhone x only the original block out of the box. He, I use it very carefully and charge every two, and then three days. But for some reason, the maximum container asked to 91%.what it can be connected is only Cook knows (((

No time you do not need time. Just this phone is not for you. Accept and live quietly.

Hey! If I use the adapter to 18W, and the standard USB-Lighting cable, and not USB-C-Lighting, will it be as quickly charged?

In the power supply of Type-C. The standard cable does not suit there, and the block on 18w with USB-A did not even release.

I took as in the center, worked for about a year.

I have 8, I’m taking 2 years, not carefully, there is no scratch. Films, glass annoy, dug, scratch, word like a homeless. And the original coating is oleophobic, does not leave the prints, use one pleasure.

Will not. Fast Charging iPhone. USB Power Delivery. It is impossible to implement it by Type A, there are no appropriate contacts, so the phone, and the charger, should only be Type C or Lightning

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Tell me, please, I have 11 not a prosper, I have a block from 7. Can I use the wire from the box 11 A block from 7. Thank you in advance.

Tell me, to quickly charge the iPhone 11 you need the charger with support for Power Delivery or the usual 5V / 2A from the proven manufacturer will also work?

I have a careful use of the iPhone X for the year, the battery asked to 84%. Pretched and just sold it =) bought 11. when he wakes up for too.

Question per 100,500 million, can I generally charge the iPhone 7 plus 18 W charging? Nowhere is there about this information, only about 12W from IPAD. Actually I bought it, charged, and then oh and ah, per night from 100% to 64% fell a phone charge. It turns out that with the principle how much battery you need so much and takes no longer rolls.

If you keep charge from 20 to 80%, wear will be minimal, for the year 1-2%.

Yes, you need from Power Delivery, without it there will be no fast charging.

Yes, you need from Power Delivery, without it there will be no fast charging.

Yes, you need from Power Delivery, without it there will be no fast charging.

Can be charged, fast charging will not be, the phone does not support it. The rest will work as an ordinary charge.

Can be charged, fast charging will not be, the phone does not support it. The rest will work as an ordinary charge.

Is it possible to charge the iPhone 11 fast charging by 30 W from oneplus 7 pro?

Is it possible to charge the iPhone 11 fast charging by 30 W from oneplus 7 pro?

I do not advise you, charging the Warp from OnePlus is made in incision with the USB PD specification and give a large current strength, so on your own risk and risk use them with other devices.

Hello! Yesterday I took the original charging 12W for iPhone XR. And I think whether the battery will deteriorate or how many it happens that it will be more often heated even if you just sit in social networks (not speaking about games)

Hello, can I charge SE 2020 from 18 W ?

I have an iPhone 5S die from charging for iPad. The service was told that the power controller burned down.

And where to buy USB Type C on Lighting which will not harm the phone or it does not matter and you can take any?

Comes, tell me plz, is it possible to charge 11 iPhone wireless it seems like a fast (block to 18W) charging without loss of battery quality? Link to this HTTPS device: // www.LifeProof-Store.RU / Products / Baseus-Besprovodnoe-ZaryAdnoe-UStrojstvo-Simple-2in1-Wireless-Charger-For-Phonespods-Chernyij-WXJK-01

Change the connector on the Lightning cable for Apple equipment

Typically, damaged cables with cracked insulation, broken connectors or simply not working, I throw out, but here you caught an interesting. “Remkomplekt” for Lightning cables, which allows you to completely replace this connector. I decided to check whether this entry works.

As you know, Apple always goes to your own way and, in 2012, introduced special chips in cables in order to complicate life to users and at the same time cut down additional money from manufacturers to receive MFI licenses (Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad). Bladts, such as Ugreen, Orico, Anker, etc., it seems like these certificates received, but the overwhelming majority of “dewen”.cabels with Aliexpress do not have it, but also cost it cheaper. The lifetime of their life does not have a nodule (although there are exceptions), it happens that, or thin veins are rehearsed, or the connectors break, and it seems to be everything, but simply does not work.

So I decided, purely of sports interest, order a handkerchief with four connectors and hulls. The price is ridiculous, for the connector comes around 26 (0.4). Packaging simple bag. Inside 4 sets of connectors: Boards on one substrate, housing and rubber protective tubes.

On the board there is marking, contacts are served, there are grooves on plastic parts for fixing connectors’ enclosures:

Well, now to repair. Cable with faulty connector:

Classic failure. First, the cable began to charge the technique in times, the farther. it worked only if you press the Block connector. It did not help even the metal tube on the housing of the connector. As a result, I completely stopped working, and the connector, as a result, was broken:

Cutting a rubber braid becomes clear what is the problem, the chip, “saved” in it, just fell off:

The cable itself is quite good: braid, thick insulation, good veins and soldering:

I will note an important point, the thickness of the cable to which the new connector is installed, should be no more than 3mm (t.E. Looks like a classic native iPhonovsky), otherwise the rubber tube of the connector simply will not be able to get out from the back of the case and stuck, t.E. Make it like this, closing the tube and braid and isolation on this cable it does not work. I had to take a new rubber tube, The first was stretched and no longer searched from the connectors housing:

It is better to immediately do that the tube and the housing of the connector on the cable were in this form:

If there is no experience of soldering and soldering iron with a thin stress, it is better not to take for this topic, the connector is fairly small and contact sites close. As a result, it turned out like this:

The braid could be completely removed, no sense from her 🙂

The housing with some effort goes to the connector and snaps on it:

Checking the work. charging goes (as a data cable, also, works):

In general, this fun for me was just an interesting experience “earn or not”, the economic feasibility of foggy, given that the sale can often catch high-quality cables for the price less than the dollar. Use the scarf data is probably useful or if you need to fix the cable of non-standard length (long or, on the contrary, short) or, in some self-made charging stations. Sold here

Digital, adaptive, durable, reversible

Apple disseminates a little about the principles of work Lightning, limited by the indication of the main advantages of the inteeis: it is completely digital, adaptive, durable and reversible.

Strength is the easiest point that does not require long explanations. Even a simple reduction in the number of contacts from 30 to 8 increases the strength of both “Pope” and “Moms” of the connector. In addition, the connector device has become easier, the connection is more dense, the plug does not chat forward-back, as it was with a 30-pin connector.

Lightning connector in iPhone 5 is firmly fixed on the housing (photo ifixit)

Size Lightning connector is about the same as Micro USB 2.0, but again it works easier. Micro USB 3 Connector.0 already twice the larger, and the need for backward compatibility with version 2 cables.0 made it even more complicated, and therefore less reliable. In addition, in the iPhone 5 Nest Lightning is not planted on the motherboard, and is screwed directly to the metal case. Most of the manufacturers of smartphones with Micro USB do not do and solder the connector on the fee. For a careful user, all this is not relevant, but it is impossible not to recognize that the Lightning connector is much better prepared for not so careful compared to both the 30-pin connector and Micro USB.

The size of the Lightning and Micro USB connectors are about the same, but Lightning looks stronger (The Gadgeteer photo)

Inteeis reversibility is partly related to the strength. In practice, this term means that the plug can be inserted in any orientation. There is no mechanical key in the connector, which means it is impossible to break it, trying to insert with the force that the side. But with reversibility just starts the most interesting about Lightning. It would seem that the task is solved simply: electrically connect the contacts on two sides of the cross-crosswise plug, but.

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Specialist from Double Helix Cables (Actually, Cable Manufacturer) The Lightning Connector sounded and sketched from hand repeatedly rewarded. What interests us is painted in the upper left corner of the paper. Contacts on the upper and lower parts of the plug are numbered from 1 to 8. Contacts 1 and 5 on the top are really connected diagonally with lower contacts 8 and 4, respectively. From the same notes, it is known that the V- (“minus” power supply) USB bus is connected to 1/8. It is connected to the metal shell of the plug. But the rest of the upper contacts do not have pairs on the bottom, so that the plug can be flipped, without changing the connection scheme. This paradox is explained in only one way: the inteeis dynamically assigns contacts depending on which orientation the connector is closed.

Lightning Plug Contact Scheme (Appleinsider Photo)

By the way, note that the diagram does not specify a contact corresponding to V in the USB bus. It is not clear how the author of the notes nicknamed the Lightning cable. It is most likely that it was not connected to the phone. In this case, the absence of V is explained by the following hypothesis: the purpose of the contacts occurs inside the cable and while the phone is not connected, the cable simply does not include power. Here you have the main feature of the mysterious “authentication” chip.

The chip itself in the Lightning plug was indeed discovered and studied ChipWorks, a laboratory for reverse engineering. On a miniature board, several microcircuits are planted, but more or less complex logic contains only a chip with marking BQ2025, produced, apparently, Texas Instruments. There are no information on the TI information about it, but the crystal shots were able to find out that the chip is compatible with proprietary inteeis Ti. SDQ. In turn, support SDQ means the presence of a CRC generator. ChipWorks themselves conclude that the CRC in Lightning is just used to authenticate the device. But in principle, any consistent inteeis does not cost without CRC to control the integrity of the packages, so we can say that the opening of the cable has not allowed to refute the hypothesis of authentication, but it has not yet received convincing confirmation. By the way, SDQ uses only one living for the signal. It is possible that this is “non-transparent” contact 5 in the Lightning connector, through which the chip reports the iPhone, what exactly to him just connected. Blog on Asia.CNet write that the phone is turned on by finding the Lightning cable, even if the reverse end is not connected to USB. It fits into the hypothesis that the device somehow interacts with the chip inside.

Mysterious chip in the Lightning plug (photo chipworks)

It is the dynamic assignment of contacts and communication cable with the device give us what Apple calls adaptive inteeis. In principle, as soon as the gadget and switching chip agreed to appoint contacts, it can be transferred to anything. Existing Lightning to USB 2 cable.0 Just Posses to the USB Signal Line. With USB 3.0 This will not work, as it will use nine contacts, while in the Lightning connector already there are only eight, of which at least one is used for communication with the chip. But it does not mean that the concept of Lightning is exhaustively described by the words “Sly USB 2.0, (possibly) with authentication “. Nothing prevents in the future to embed a more complex logic into cables, such as USB 3 host controller.0 or other intees, which will connect to the SOC of the gadget for some internal serial bus. It is clear that such a cable will cost even more expensive, but apple has provided an inteeis longevity. The good old 30-pin connector extended nine years due to the fact that it was originally integrated by anything, including simultaneous support for USB and FireWire, and also analog outputs. Lightning, thanks to his adaptability, can live no less.

The first adaptability fruits may appear soon. On The Verge website published information that adapters for Lightning on VGA and DisplayPort will be released in the coming months. For VGA, 15 contacts are required, and for DisplayPort. 20, so at least for this reason in the cable must necessarily have a transmitter of the corresponding inteeis.

What to do if the iPhone does not charge or go cable? Simple and effective advice

This happened to many. you connect charging to your iPhone, but her smartphone or “does not see” at all, or stops seeing at the first awkward movement. It’s time to collect money for repairs? Not at all. just read a small Lifehack story from the Business Insider Journalist Stephen Tweidy.

For the first time with this problem, he collided a few years ago. Then the smartphone was the iPhone 6S, and the young man noticed that after connecting the charging device periodically simply refuses to charge. Trying to fix this very unpleasant flaw, he reached the point that wrapping the cable around the iPhone to avoid breaking the connection during charging!

At first, the twey “sinned” for a faulty cable. But he tested his iPhone 6s with several similar accessories of his buddies on the hostel and understood. it’s not a cable, but it seems already in the smartphone itself. The guy was upset and was already going to pass a smartphone on an Apple Store. But here his friend Joe, having learned about the problem, immediately said what was the matter. The culprit was an ordinary pile!

“You always wear your iPhone in jeans. right?”. he asked. Indeed, so Stephen and did. Tweedy immediately thought that the Vilki could get into the IPhone charging hole, but refused to believe that they had caused problems with charging.

Then John took the usual clip, dispersed it, inserted an iPhone in the Lightning port, and then gently twisted it there. “Ulov” was luxurious! From the smartphone pulled out a small slide of the pile. much more than it was assumed by Stephen.

He immediately connected to the iPhone charging to check the theory of a friend in the case. Oh miracle! Gadget immediately recognized the cable and actively began to replenish the exhausted battery of precious energy. over, the connection of the cable with the smartphone has become as reliable as before, now nothing else has “left”.

Two years later, a colleague on work complained to Stephen on the same problem, and received the same advice. Of course, a simple lifehak perfectly worked this time.

Your iPhone is not charging, and the cable leaves? Now you know what to do. The journalist, however, advises to make an “cleaning” inside the Lightning port not a clip, but with something non-metallic, for example, toothpick. And please do not forget that it is necessary to wonder carefully, without the use of force. That’s all!

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