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Rating of the best free antiviruses for Android. 2019 for smartphone and tablet

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Typical representatives of malicious software. viruses, trojans, keyloggers. Phones and tablets need constant protection against them. We picked up the best antiviruses. paid and free. for Android OS, which will help in this. Ranking relevant at the end of 2018. 2019.

Here is a list of applications that are involved in the review:

Antivirus Rating for Android

Name of antivirus Developer Number of downloads Middle ranking Free version
Dr.Web DOCTOR WEB, LTD 50-100 million. 4.5
Kaspersky Internet Security Our Choice! Kaspersky Lab 10-50 million. 4.7
ESET Mobile Security Our Choice! ESET 50-100 million. 4.7
Avg Antivirus Avg Mobile 100-500 million. 4.5
360 Security 360 Mobile Security Limited 100-500 million. 4.6
CM Security Cheetah Mobile 100-500 million. 4.7
Mobile Security Avast for Android Avast Software 100-500 million. 4.5
Antivirus MalwareBytes Our Choice! Malwarebytes 10,000,000. 50,000,000 4.5

List of Application Applications Android Devices

Avast is an excellent application to protect the phone based on Android from viruses and other threats.

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Avast is one of the most popular free antiviruses for Android. He notifies the installation of spyware and promotional programs that threaten the security of your personal data.

The likelihood of the detection of the latest malware of approximately 99.9%, and in the case of malicious programs that appeared during the month, the probability of practical 100%.

Conclusion: If you need protection against malicious programs and to safely view sites, then this application will suit you.

Kaspersky Mobile

Kaspersky Mobile. the most recognizable name in the world of antiviruses. There is a free and paid version. with optional functionality. The list of options includes free scanning for malicious software, while the paid version supports real-time operation, antifishing and protection against theft.

Complement the list of smaller functions. for example, a beep that helps to find a lost device or when malicious software was installed on the smartphone. Antivirus quite much weighs, so the owners of obsolete smartphones can notice the slowdown in the speed of the Android OS when using the full version.

How to choose the best antivirus for smartphone or tablet with Android OS

Modern applications for protecting mobile devices not only know how to neutralize malware, but also have many other useful features. However, the antivirus still remains an important part of absolutely any protective program for Android.

What good antivirus differs from bad? And how to choose the best antivirus? Parameters for which you can compare antiviruses for Android, quite a few. Fortunately, independent test laboratories are engaged in the fact that they check protective solutions and put them with estimates for each of these parameters. Let’s look at their Read more.

Percentage of detectable threats (detection coefficient)

Antivirus should catch all applications that behave badly or try to penetrate your smartphone. Have a good antivirus there will be a high detection factor in independent testing. This means that when checking, he notices and blocks the maximum amount of threats.

For example, according to the Independent Laboratory AV-Test, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android intercepts 99.9% of real-time malware and 100% of the latest threats found in the last four weeks. For comparison: the average industry index is 98%. This means that Kaspersky Internet Security for Android demonstrates a complete result.

Error response

Another parameter. erroneous (or false positive) triggering. He shows how often your antivirus raises an alarm from scratch. According to the same testing of AV-TEST, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android provides only one false response to 2385 conscientious applications from Google Play. and is not mistaken at all, if dealing with legitimate programs from third-party stores. This means that it will never never bother you in case.


The third parameter shows how fast the antivirus works and how much it affects the speed of the system and the battery consumption of your smartphone. In testing, this characteristic is indicated as performance. Naturally, the faster the solution works and the fewer resources it consumes, the better. Ideally, the antivirus for Android should work unnoticed when nothing dangerous happens.

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As we have spoken above, Android protective solutions include not only antiviruses, but also a lot of other useful features. It also needs to be considered. Let us give below the list of functions to pay attention to (AV-Test also takes into account their availability when evaluating mobile security tools):

  • Antigor. allows you to remotely block the lost or stolen device, as well as cleaned information from it.
  • Call lock. does not give spammers and other undesirable subscribers to call your phone.
  • Message filter is the same, but for SMS.
  • Safe browser. prohibits your browser to load malicious pages.
  • Parental control. allows parents to limit the time of working with the device for their children, as well as block access to specific applications and filter content available from the device on the Internet.
  • Backup. Used to create backup copies of photos and other necessary data.
  • Encryption. allows you to encrypt the contents of the device or create a VPN connection for a secure Internet connection.

The list of features of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes a number of these features (antiko, call blocking, message filter and safe browser), as well as some others. For example, a module for protection against phishing messages, which filters phishing attempts, and privacy protection, which avoids ubiquitous surveillance on the Internet.

Parental control, backup and encryption in Kaspersky Internet Security for Android are missing. mainly because we have for this separate decisions. In particular, Kaspersky Secure Connection provides a convenient VPN service, and Kaspersky Safe Kids is an advanced parental control system with a multitude of functions, including unique.

So, the best antivirus for a smartphone with Android must have the highest detection ratio, as low as possible, affect performance and battery life, and also rarely produce false positive triggers. Finally, the Russian-speaking user is more convenient when antivirus for Android speaks with him in Russian.

Where to find data that will help compare antivirus solutions for these parameters? The answer is simple: on the sites of independent test laboratories that often publish such information. Here, for example, independent AV-Test tests, AV comparatives and PCMAG. Compare their data and check the list of optional functions to understand how the protective solution for Android is suitable for you.

And one more important point: protective solutions, as a rule, cost money, however for Android there are free options for antiviruses. Let’s see what free solutions differ from paid.

MalwareBytes Security for Android

This option did not appear for download and tablets. The main task of the antivirus is to protect your mobile device from phishing and hacker applications. In addition, the program does not allow the installation of the Troyan type virus.

MalwareBytes Security can work in the background and do not load the phone. There are two versions, paid available in test mode for a month, after which it is necessary to make funds. If the money was not given, the system automatically proceeds to free modification.

This program perfectly performs its work. It is not equipped with auxiliary tools like blocking calls, but perfectly performs its work on the detection of viruses.

It is a comprehensive program to protect personal data, one program can be connected to all gadgets. Antivirus can operate in real time, it can also conduct a detailed analysis of the device folders at the required moment.

Malicious software will be moved to quarantine, from where you can delete it if desired. Kaspersky almost does not load the phone, he has a built-in firewall. When trying to go to an infected site, the program will block the transition with the appropriate notification. There is a password program blocking, without entering it to take data from the application will not work.

If the smartphone was stolen, the program will help to find it. It will turn on siren or take pictures of a man who holds a gadget in hand. Photo will come to email.

Create: Do I need Android antivirus?

The global “complexity” of the question is precisely in the openness of this operating system to external influences. Especially in comparison with the users of “apple” products confidently closed in their local Mirka.

In theory, if you are using the Google’s library, use the recommended security settings and do not enter at least a little bit of the “Debrist” system, you are safe. But this is not exactly, Google Playmarket continues to improve and clean the pseudo-applications that were noticed for unlawful actions.

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But when you went to the Internet download a free song, some material, just visited one or another resource Here the “free” part of the android lies here, where the built-in security systems are simply inactive. And it is here, in general, and a good Android antivirus is required.

Our collection presents the best free Android antiviruses that are able to ensure reliable protection of your smartphone or tablet from viruses and malicious programs. Each utility has all the necessary functions to improve the performance of the gadget and improving the security level of your confidential data.

ESET NOD32. one of the most popular antiviruses created for the integrated protection of mobile devices from viruses, trojans, malicious spyware and any other types of threats.

It is possible to carry out fast or deep file system scanning. There is an option “Antivetor”, which allows you to exclude theft or loss of your personal data. Remote telephone control is available using SMS commands, in the main functions include: blocking, detection, switching on siren and memory cleaning. To activate this service, you must create an account.

Soft can find and warn about potentially unwanted applications that do not bear a direct threat, but can reduce the performance of the gadget. You can set autocaning on a schedule or in the process of charging the battery. You can set filters for SMS and incoming calls (from the specified numbers or at a certain time), as well as block unknown or hidden numbers.

The developer offers to familiarize himself with the NOD32 license for one month, then you can enjoy both a free and expanded version, the cost of which starts from 1 per month.

  • Convenient step-by-step master;
  • Tips in the notification panel;
  • Displaying scanning time;
  • Integration with the ESET LiveGrid service;
  • Verification of browsers for web threats;
  • Creating your own security password;
  • Provision of performance reports;
  • Protection against viruses in real time;
  • Filtering of incoming / outgoing calls is available;
  • Tracking the missing device through the MYESET web portal;
  • Sending information on email holder of smartphone.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. multifunctional antivirus program from Kaspersky Lab. Provides round-the-clock protection against malicious objects. Includes the feature option, allows you to block fake links to SMS, create a secret phone book and much more.

There is a tool filtering incoming calls. When connected to the My Kaspersky service, you can remotely manage your phone or tablet on Android. If you wish to expand the number of antivirus functions, you can purchase a premium version for 14 per year.

  • SMS anti-phishing;
  • Elimination of Internet threats;
  • Works in the background;
  • Blocking unreliable games and applications;
  • Hiding contacts, phone calls and numbers;
  • Installing a secret code for photos and video;
  • Protection of personal data with financial transactions and online purchases.

360 Security Antivirus. Free software that improves the safety of your smartphone. Contains additional tools to improve operating system performance, cleaning RAM, removing garbage files and battery diagnostics.

For beginners there is a convenient system of pop-up messages with prompts. There is a “Find My Phone” option. Available secure banking payments. Soft displays any risks for confidentiality, dangerous applications, system vulnerabilities, fraudulent SMS and so on. You can hide the necessary multimedia files and documents from unauthorized persons.

Advantages of 360 Mobile Security Antivirus:

  • Means of accelerating games;
  • Built-in notification center;
  • Setting up widgets for the desktop;
  • Display weather on the lock screen;
  • Conservation of privacy during Internet seen;
  • High-quality visualization of the scanning process;
  • Safety level check when connected to Wi-Fi.

Dr.Web Light will allow you to specify thin parameters for checking your gadget to effectively combat viruses. You can spend fast, complete and even selective file checks. Soft provides detailed statistics with information about the detected threats and actions above them. Dangerous objects can be placed in quarantine.

There is a function of parental control, created for the fence of children from dubious content and online fraud. Using the Spider Guard tool, your data will be protected in real time. Also Dr. Web has a built-in download manager.

  • Battery savings;
  • Check files in archives;
  • Integration into the status bar;
  • System of sound notifications;
  • A selection of desktop widgets is available;
  • Search and remove advertising programs;
  • Control of the network activity of all applications;
  • Call filtering, SMS and URL links (in the full version).

AVG Antivirus. good mobile antivirus, which received several unique options and understandable Russian-speaking inteeis. You can clean the system from unnecessary files, optimize RAM, improve charging efficiency, control traffic consumption and so on.

The utility leads a detailed journal of operations in which all operations are recorded. A special tool is available for changing an IP address, which allows you to view any content on the Internet, regardless of regional restrictions. You can install PIN codes for the necessary programs. The trial period is valid for 14 days, its significant disadvantage is a large number of advertising.

  • Built-in alarm clock;
  • The presence of the antiko module;
  • Backup function;
  • Creating a black list of contacts;
  • Setting up a widget with notifications;
  • Installing the PIN code to the desired files;
  • The ability to find a stolen phone;
  • than 100 million downloads on Google Play;
  • Safety scanning network connection;
  • Sort photos from the gallery on events, date and place.
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Security Master is a reliable antivirus application that includes an abundance of tools to combat viruses. From useful features you should select the built-in processor cooler, energy saving mode, Wi-Fi diagnostic tool and so on.

Popular antiviruses for Android in Russian. Top Anti-virus applications on Android Phone, Tablet, TV Download APK Files for free that can be without registration. Our resources contains applications for protecting devices on Android from malicious sites and applications, stealing passwords and bank cards, such as: Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, Antivirus DR.Web, 360 Security and many others.

Mobile antivirus with cloud technology support, with built-in scanner background applications and garbage collector.

Mobile antivirus that can work both in cloud and in local mode, cleaning the system from viruses and trash.

Antivirus for your phone with a number of checks that checks the system for viruses, suspicious files sends to quarantine.

Antivirus to protect the phone from viruses, spam and hacker attacks by checking all applications, messages and calls.

Mobile anti-virus application to protect the phone from Internet threats, with minimal load on device resources.

Free antivirus to protect the phone from malicious, fraudulent and spyware, with the “camera trap” function.

Universal antivirus for Android devices, which provides safe work on the Internet and with online payments.

Anti-virus application to protect the phone from viral software and theft of personal data, with an account protection function from hacking.

Anti-virus application to protect the phone from all types of real-time threats and optimizing its work.

Antivirus to protect your phone from all types of viral software, spyware, advertising and fraudsters.

Some reasonable rules

Do not change the security settings installed by default. For example, usually forbidden the installation of APK from “Unknown Sources”. And you will be safe because you will install only applications from Google Play, where there are practically no harmns.

There are cases when you need to work with “unknown sources”. For example, Amazon’s AppStore client downloads games and applications, and many sites with good reputation place application updates. If you want to use this, you will see a notification with a question. whether to allow Google to scan the device to identify suspicious activity. This feature called Verify Apps is present almost on all official android phones.

Users received root access from the first days of the system’s existence, but today most of the functions that they have sought to get, accessible and so. Using a rut phone is to use in the administrator mode. Of course, it is possible to do it safely, but the risk is still present. Many maliciouss require a routing access to some features of the phone, otherwise they will be powerless. If you do not have really good reasons for ruting. it’s better not to do this

There are also no malicious applications, but not particularly pleasant. those that makes themselves in your personal data. Most people do not read a list of permissions that request applications. If you are worried about privacy, check if you do not require access to SMS, contacts or location. If the application has a reason (for example, it is to socialize), then everything should be ok. If the flashlight requests access to contacts. Think twice.

In general, only a toliary of common sense is required to avoid malicious applications. If you simply install applications only from Play Store and other 100% of reliable sources, you will be protected from almost all threats. Antiviruses at best will be superfluous, and at worst. just a burden for your system.

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