Which iPad is better for study. iPad Pro (2021) against iPad Pro (2020): looking for differences

Best iPad for the automation of office work, applications and accessories

iPad has advanced so much over the years, which can already be used in a professional plan. Even moving in a range different from iPad Pro, you can find very interesting opportunities for working with these devices in many territories. If you want to use the iPad in the office, continue to read, because we will tell you which iPad is the most recommended in this regard. We also discuss various accessories and applications that can be very useful.

Whether work, study or free time, we understand that the use of office tools will be the main on your iPad, and therefore you do not need the most powerful processor or the most avant-garde design. The easiest iPad, known as “Student Ipad”, perhaps the best value for money. The last market released is the 2019 model, presented at the same session as iPhone 11 Pro. This 10.The 2-inch device has the same design as the classic Apple tablets with the “Home” button and the latest iPados features. own operating system that is increasingly moving away from iOS iPhone and focuses on more professional areas.

  • iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi version: 379 Euro.
  • iPad 128 GB Wi-Fi Version: 479 Euro.
  • iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi cell version: 519 euros.
  • iPad 128 GB Wi-Fi cellular version: 619 euros.

Of course, there are portals, such as Amazon, where you can find it cheaper, because it usually has a discount on one or more of its versions and opportunities. To know whether to choose between Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Cellular versions, you need to consider the connection type you will use and especially where you do it. If you are going to work with iPad at home or elsewhere, where you have access to Wi-Fi, the normal version can be more than enough. In case you are going to work in places without this connection, you may be interested in Wi-Fi cellular communication, although you have to shorten the data transfer rate for the device with your telephone company.

In Specifications, we find the following:

As you see, it is not characterized by the best technical characteristics from the entire range of iPad, but we insist on emphasize that it is ideal for use in the office, given its price, and that with these technical characteristics you can perfectly perform any process, It also has autonomy up to 10 hours of continuous use when playing multimedia content.

iPad is the best friend of the modern student

As we all know, Apple’s tablets are used for various purposes. Some seize in it only an excellent game tool, others. the usual reader for e-books, are even such extremals that separate the fresh meat on it. But you should not forget that the iPad is an excellent assistant in studies for schoolchildren and for students.

The last statement was recently confirmed by a special study that was held in one of California universities. According to AppleInsider, students were lucky to join the IMEDED program developed by Apple to help educate medical faculties. All necessary programs were previously installed on their tablets, as well as educational courses on subjects.

And the University administration has become wondering how effective iPad is effective in the learning process. Throughout the entire educational process, half of the students actively used Apple tablet, and the remaining part was forced to do with infringement means, like notebooks and pencils. What do you think who successfully passed the exam?

Of course, high technology again took up the usual solutions from past centuries. After testing testing, it turned out that students with iPad passed it about 23% better than their colleagues without electronic devices. Of course, some of them could easily be bold on the exams and get the tablet not during the preparation for it, but directly on testing as a convenient crib. I hope that this is not the case, and the whole process passed under the close attention of observers.

I suppose, the results of this study can be completely trusted. As practice shows, write lectures on the iPad many times more pleasant than in the usual notebook. In addition, any information is always perceived better if it can break the unusual facts and illustrations. And with a magnificent Retina display in the last generations of iPad, training turns into real pleasure.

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Recently, Apple pays special attention to the presentations of the educational functions of its tablet. In particular, not so long ago, the corporation began to post in the App Store incredibly interesting textbooks on various disciplines. from biology to quantum physics. These materials not only have built-in audio and video files, but also equipped with three-dimensional models of various objects: for example, human cells or an internal combustion engine.

It may sound strange, but at the moment the main interference for effective education is conservative teachers who do not recognize modern learning tools. Why should students be limited in modern technologies when IT corporations are happy to provide all of us with new gadgets? Soon this trend, of course, will pass, but so far it leaves an unpleasant precipitate.

iPad MINI 5. the smallest iPad

iPad mini has not been updated since the release of the 5th generation back in 2019. With the A12 Bionic chip, which he shares with his big brother, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5 provides good performance in a compact package.

iPad Mini 5 has the best screen in comparison with iPad 7

Having a 7,9-inch display and the same resolution as the 10.2-inch iPad, at the iPad mini is the best PPI (326) performance in the entire iPad line (the more pixels per inch, the juiches picture). Anti-reflective coating and other technological features make the iPad Mini screen very high quality, better than in iPad 7. Apparently, so he is a little more. Icons of applications and graphic elements seem to “swim” in the upper layers of the display, so bright and clear.

Although the tablet has the support of Apple Pencil, there is no Smart Connector connector in the iPad mini, and there are simply no such small keyboards on the market. No sense to use iPad mini as a full computer. However, the extended cursor support applies to iPad Mini as well as on any other iPad that can work on iPados 13.4. That is, you can easily connect an external keyboard via Bluetooth.

  • For whom: those who often wear an iPad with them, who needs a portable device with a premium display
  • Who is better not to buy: who wants to use the iPad for the tasks that are performed on the computer

Apple iPad mini

Most fresh thing. Apple iPad Mini. This is a kind of reduced iPad Air: the same design, only in a more compact case. The tablet is small, but, as for me, wide frames spoil the face of the baby and it looks worse than AIR or Pro, some kind of disproportionate.

But the tablet with excellent performance: he has a new apple A15 chipset, as in the latest generation iPhones. Just a find for those who want a big screen, but do not want to carry a bulky iPad Air or switch to the iPhone line Max. Small iPad Mini takes little space, it is a great satellite in low-view trips.

Overview iPad mini (2021)

Sergey Kuzmin

But I would be before buying as I thought, is it worth buying a tablet with a small screen or not. according to my feelings, for iPad, the optimal diagonals are about 9.7-11 inches.

How to see the charge of Apple Pennsyl?

When the Apple Pencil is connected (2nd generation) on the iPad screen, the charge state appears for a moment. View Apple Pencil’s charge in the presentation “Today” on iPad. Just wrap from left to right on the Home screen or lock screen.

Check authenticity of the purchased device is not as difficult: just enter the serial on the https site: // checkcoverage.Apple.COM / RU / RU /. If the number is busy or simply missing, the system will warn about this user.

Mac Mini

Every student is individual, but at the price and performance of Mac Mini. the most pleasant place for most people. Or, rather, if you do not need additional mobility. and if you have a separate monitor and keyboard.

With the Mac Mini itself is optimal is the current version of the entry level. Now that he has 256 GB of SSD repository, it will be a solid purchase that will last the entire course.

This elementary level is supplied with 8 GB of RAM, and this is also a good choice. Current on Mac Mini offer discounts and for each model, so the price of this MINI model is 759.

If you can use more SSD or RAM, you will be rewarded with a car that works longer. Check out our Additional Runs Installation Guide on Mac Mini.

Alternatively, if you know that you can do on a smaller SSD, now you can buy a Mac Mini Mac8 with a capacity of 128 GB worth less than 700 dollars. This is a very good price, but 128 GB are less than you think after installing your applications.

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If the cost is a key factor, you can get a Mac Mini of 128 GB and plan to add an external disk later. It is not as convenient, how to have more internal, but it can even be practical if you find that your needs grow.

Mac Mini is an excellent value for money, but you must add a monitor to it, keyboard and mouse or Trekpad.

which, ipad, better, study, 2021

Logitech MX Keys worth the same as the keyboard Magic Keyboard without keyboard. This is a full-size backlit keyboard and, possibly, the best input angle. It is not as durable as Apple’s offer, but offers particularly good print experience.

If you do not need a numeric keypad, a recently upgraded Logitech K380 keyboard is a much more inexpensive option for 39 dollars. In addition to the fact that it costs less than half of the price, it also offers the ability to quickly connect to any of the three devices. So if you are going to use the iPad or even your iPhone, this keyboard works with all of them.

Logitech offers a new mouse MX Master 3 for Mac at a price of 99 dollars, but if you love the trackpad more, then your own Magic Trackpad 2 from Apple remains the best. This is 129 for the silver-white version and 149 per cosmic gray.

The last thing you need is a monitor, and this is at the same time the easiest and most difficult choice. It is the easiest way because there are so many options available for you. Just check the monitor that fits into your budget will work with your Mac. and, of course, the overwhelming majority will.

difficult, so it is to get an absolutely correct monitor for your needs. We would recommend you to purchase one that is at least 24 inches. This is the minimum when you will mostly write or read. Although now it is only one of the many monitors of its type and price range, earlier we recommended Dell Ultrasharp U2415.

When you are going to do any schedule or video, work is better. and more expensive. Check out our guidance to determine what is best for you and your Mac Mini.

Of course, you can choose a 27-inch iMac, which comes with its own. and exceptionally good. built-in monitor. However, even at the most favorable on IMAC, the 27-inch iMac will cost more than Mac Mini.

Do not be tempted to make a compromise with a smaller 21.5-inch iMac. This screen size is too small for the desktop, and the problem with memory. You can get this model with a hard disk by 1 TB, but it is supplied as standard with a slower hard disk and without flash memory.

Editor’s Choice

Honor Pad V6 Wi-Fi

This tablet is also suitable for schoolchildren, and students thanks to the specially developed Wi-Fi technology, providing a stable connection. You can not be afraid that because of problems with the Internet will be difficult to attend the classroom in online format.

The tablet is free and smooth operation. The device can work without recharging about 13 hours with active use. It is convenient for students who do not have the ability to charge it often. You can connect a wireless keyboard and stylus to the tablet. They allow you to draw, make notes and perform other exact work.

The device is equipped with a large amount of RAM, which allows it to respond quickly even when working with “heavy” applications. Built-in memory allows you to store a large number of files in the device. The big screen contributes to the eyes not tired, and the camera will allow you to take pictures not the very bad quality. Small weight and protection against moisture and blows allow you to take the tablet on the road and study at any time.

Main characteristics:

Yoga Smart Tab is suitable for schoolchildren and students, as it is convenient to use it in any situation, thanks to a special stand. It allows you to keep the device at any angle and hang it on the wall.

High screen resolution makes the image as clear as possible and bright. Therefore, it can be easily viewed by various learning materials. Suitable for long-term classes by reducing the radiation of blue, harmful eyes. The volume of internal memory is large, and it can be extended using a memory card and store the desired materials on the device.


Apple iPad is more suitable for high school students and students. The tablet is characterized by a high power that allows you to perform the necessary operations. On the device you can work with text, study materials on the Internet. A large amount of memory allows you to save the necessary documents. You can connect a full-sized keyboard and mouse to the tablet. In the App Store you can download applications for different disciplines. For example, on geometry and to study languages.

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This model is more suitable for students, as the tablet supports Word application, which is convenient for writing course and thesis. A keyboard connected via Bluetooth and mouse can bring its functionality to a computer. Also using this device can be created presentations. Large volume of built-in memory allows you to store a variety of materials on the device. If desired, the tablet can be taken on the road, without fear of bad weather or drops. because it is equipped with shockproof and moisture protection functions. However, the gadget is pretty heavy, so it is more suitable for working out of the house.


Galaxy Tab A 8 is more suitable for students of primary or medium-sized classes, as the tablet is inexpensive, and its housing is stroy. There is protection against unwanted content.

The tablet is equipped with a good screen, which shows videos and pictures in high quality. Thanks to the metallic case, you can not be afraid of shocks and subsequent damage. The device weighs little and decorated in a thin case, so it is convenient to keep his child in his hands.


This tablet is more suitable for high school students and high school students. The device can work without recharging during the day, there is a parental control function.

Gadget makes it possible to run a variety of applications and watch educational videos and movies. Device can be used as a mobile phone. The Internet is connected via Wi-Fi or using a SIM card.

The device is equipped with a special section “Children”. It allows parents to customize access only to permitted applications and films. Also the system ensures that the child holds the device correctly in hand.


Prestigio Grace works primarily by high school students. The device supports the work even heavy applications, but the body is thin, so it is not protected from shocks. Inexpensive model, with good power and performance. Suitable for reading and viewing onlainurokov. There is a memory card slot, expanding its volume up to 128 GB. Colors Bright and rich, image quality is not lost at any lighting.

Main characteristics:

Tab M10 is more suitable for high school students and students, as one of the advantages of the tablet 一 high-quality and good image, as well as a large screen diagonal.

The tablet is equipped with a large screen, so the eyes, when used, will not be tired. The device allows you to open heavy applications, video and digital textbooks. With active use, the device works up to 7 hours, so you can take it to study.


This tablet is more suitable for primary and high school students, as, in addition to interesting design, which will not allow the child to forget his homes or in the classroom, high-quality image and high screen resolution do not allow the eyes to quickly get tired. The tablet supports many audio and video formats. RAM allows you to work with a set of main tasks. studying, watch movies or use resources for learning. If you need to download something, it is desirable to purchase a memory card and expand the volume to 64 GB.


Coronavirus 2020 has shown that the front camera in the device is a very useful thing during the conversion. Alas, but the quality of the image iPad (2020) can not boast: the front line here is simply an add-on to a modest 1.2 Mp.

which, ipad, better, study, 2021

The main camera for tablet is a secondary thing, photographs iPad well. Here are some examples:

What happens

Already adding this note, I thought about the fact that one real minus iPad is really the price. But no matter how cool, a good tablet is a great investment in the future: “Apple” tablets can remain relevant to two years. Unlimited App Store, excellent battery and good screen. this is what makes your child’s communication with iPad fruitful and pleasant. My personal conclusion comes down to the fact that I would buy an iPad to a child.

which, ipad, better, study, 2021

The above ideas would be priority for me, appear in front of me such a question. In case you, our dear readers, have their own ideas, it would be interesting to hear them.

P.S. Any statements “Samsung’s tablets may not be worse” will be left unattended. The article is written in accordance with the main topic of the portal appleinsider.Ru

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