Which samsung holds a battery for a long time. Realme C3 3 / 64GB

Smartphones with the most powerful battery / battery 2020. Top 16

If the quality of the camera and the processor power directly depend on the cost of the smartphone, the battery power (it is often called the battery) of the smartphone is not related to its value, since the expensive flagship can have a very mediocre battery, and the budget model can have a capacious battery that allows for days to forget about Charging. When choosing a long-player smartphone, it is worth considering that autonomy is not directly dependent on the battery capacity (expressed in MAY), since much depends on the size of the display (than it is more, the more battery charge on it goes) and its type as well from the processor and optimization of the system. Although, as a rule, smartphones with battery capacity from 4000 mAh (this number can reach up to 13,000 maps) have a worthy time of autonomous work. To understand how good the phone’s autonomy is best to look at the data specified by the manufacturer (talk time, waiting, games, listening to music). However, often manufacturers such data do not indicate. Therefore, resources come to the rescue, which test various phones in different parameters, including their autonomy.

This rating presents smartphones with the most long autonomous work for December 2020 according to UL Benchmarks resource tests, in which more than a thousand smartphone models. The rating includes only those telephones that are on sale in Russia and scored good reviews in Yandex Market.

What the battery capacity of the phone is better and what is “mach”?

Autonomy, that is, the ability of the battery as long as possible to work without source of energy depends on many factors. One of the key. battery capacity. Yes, it is really important, but you need to keep in mind: a large battery is not a guarantee of long-term offline work. Even the greatest capacity of the smartphone battery can show average results in practice.

The battery autonomous time is a combination of various hardware and software variables, in addition to the container. Capacity, expressed as “Mach”. Milliamper-hour is an electric charge unit. That is, the capacity of 1 mAh involves the return of DC 1 million per hour. 1000 mAh battery provides 1 mA current for 1000 hours. The battery that gives 2 mAh, respectively, will work 500 hours. Why don’t smartphones have such autonomy? Everything is simple: they consume much more energy than 1 mA current per hour.

Energy consumption in different phones varies greatly, the phone A can consume by 10%, 20% or even 30% more current than phone b. That is why the accumulation of the battery capacity is relative and not to rely only on it.

The most powerful battery on the phone is 18,000 mAh, in the smartphone from Energizer. Such a device can work up to 50 days without recharging. This is the official most “long-playing” phone in the world.

And yet, with other things being equal, the smartphone with a higher capacity can hold out longer than with less. However, “Other equal”. a rare phenomenon.

Bright proof that increased capacity is not the key parameter, serves as a study of Androidauthority overseas edition. Experts conducted a Speed ​​Test G stress test for batteries of various smartphones with different capacity, and the results surprised:

Thus, about the battery capacity, the recommendation is such: Watch out for models with a parameter from 4000 mAh, preferably from 5000 mAh, but at the same time use the results of real (non-synthetic) tests and ratings of smartphones batteries. And even better. our overview of smartphones with the strongest batteries in 2022. When drawing up the rating, we also took into account other important parameters of the selection of the smartphone: the quality of cameras and the display, the power of the processor and the overall speed.

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Samsung‘s Top Smartphones from 20000 to 30,000 / Quality


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The best Samsung smartphones models do not have expensive. In its segment, Galaxy A22 is allocated to the presence of optical stabilization for the main chamber, which compensates for shaking hands and improves the final result. There are two versions of the state employee. sharpened under work in LTE networks or in 5G networks. In the latter case, a more powerful processor is used.

In our case, MEDIATEK Helio G80 is installed with 8 cores and a frequency of up to 2 GHz. Memory. 4/64 GB, to which you can add another 1024 GB by installing microSD to a separate tray. In Antutu, this assembly dials 201869 points. Games confidently go on low, and in most cases average chart. The screen works under a low resolution of 1600×720 pixels than inferior to price competitors. But the rest of the characteristics are height. This is a high-quality super amoled matrix with an update frequency of 90 Hz and a diagonal of 6.4 inches.

From the box, the phone works on Android 11, received a NFC chip and a capacious battery for 5000 mAh. Fingerprint scanner. Selfie You will do at a 13 megapixel front-end. The highlight of Galaxy A22 became quadramemera at 48, 8, 2 and 2 megapions. On it in any conditions, you can get high-quality and detailed photos.

  • Light, thin and beautiful housing;
  • Changing battery for 5000 mAh;
  • NFC and smart fingerprint scanner
  • The presence of optical stabilization of the camera;
  • Balanced technical characteristics;
  • Juicy screen with elevated hertesov;
  • Not bad frontal
  • There is a full always-on display.


The most successful Samsung phones models are perfect for photography. And even in the budget segment you can find a qualitative option. Galaxy A32 received a quadromcamer from 64, 8, 5 and 5 MP lenses, which makes it one of the best in its class. Comes only the MediaTek Helio G80 processor, in connection with which video is written only in FHD 30 K / s. Tetra Binning technology improves the quality of night photos, and for selfie there is a 20 megapixel front-line.

The screen is perfect for games and watching movies due to the brightness of the 800 NIT, the thinnest frame and the update frequency of 90 Hz. Diagonal in 6.4-inch it works under FHD resolution, which gives good detail. Battery capacity in 5000 mAh enough for a couple of days of active operation. To save the Cellular Cell, optimizes the CPU resources and blocks the activity of applications in the background.

Game Booster gives an increase in performance in games, disables all notifications and blocks the activity of unused programs. Memory. 4/128 GB with the ability to put MicroSD to 1 TB in the highlighted slot. There is a fingerprint scanner on the screen and secure folder. Encrypted area in which you can get only by imprint.

  • Cool design;
  • Well lies in hand;
  • Memory volumes;
  • Bright and large screen;
  • There is enough single charge for a long time;
  • Price quality;
  • Good sound.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10T 5G

Overview of smartphones with a powerful battery proceeds to a novelty called Redmi Note 10T 5G. One of the best options for price and quality ratio. The phone received a curious 6.5-inch IPS display, which works under the resolution of 2400×1080 pixels. He pleases high detail and natural color reproduction. The screen will appeal and gamers, because the update frequency was increased to 90 Hz.

In the upper part of the matrix, left an island hole under 16 Mp Self-Camera. The main did triple. at 48, 2 and 2 mp. It supports a 2-fold optical zoom, writes video in 4K 30 FPS, or FHD, but 60 FPS. Not suspended and autonomy, because the employee is completed with an AKB of 5000 mAh with support for 18 W charging on the Type-C port.

The Redmi Note 10T is based on the newest MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor with the support of 5 generation networks, 8 cores and frequency in the range of 2.2 GHz. Memory. 4/128 GB, and it is fast UFS 2.2. True wanting to increase the volume you will have to abandon the second SIM card, because the tray is hybrid. In Antutu, such a bundle is gaining 297811 points. There is NFC, IR port, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1 and fast fingerprint scanner side.

  • Energy efficient processor with support for 5 generation networks;
  • Battery of high capacity;
  • Loud speaker;
  • Memory volumes;
  • Increased hertesov and screen performance;
  • Video stabilization for the main chamber;
  • NFC and IR port in stock;
  • Pleasant tactile and beautiful housing;
  • Side Fingerprint Scanner.
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Realme 8i

The rating of smartphones with a good battery falls Realme 8i with a 5000 mAh battery and support for 18 W charging on the USB-C port. On this advantages just begin, because the novelty has become the first in the range of brand with 50 megapixel main chamber. seasoned two 2 meters by sensors. Video is recorded only in FHD at 30 frames per second. The housing is completely assembled from plastic and does not exceed 8.5 mm in thickness.

The main phish side of the phone was the 6.59-inch IPS screen, which boasts a high resolution of 2408×1080 points and a 120 Hz update frequency. This makes a picture detailed and as smooth. From the box, the smartphone works on Android 11, on top of which the branded shell is applied. For performance in response 8-core MediaTek Helio G96 processor with frequency 2.05 GHz and 4/128 GB of UFS 2 format.2. A separate slot can be put MicroSD to 256 GB.

Fingerprint scanner Now on the side, and for high-speed network access is provided by two-band Wi-Fi 5. Self-camera for 16 megapions. She will help make bright photos and apply unusual effects to them.

  • It looks interesting;
  • Capacitive battery for 5000 mAh;
  • Video quality and photos;
  • Fast unlocking on the face and fingerprint;
  • Functional and stable shell Realme UI 2.0;
  • Complete case and film on the screen;
  • Quality of sound recording microphone;
  • Excellent IPS-screen with a frequency of 120 Hz;
  • A separate tray under the memory card;
  • Compact sizes of the case;
  • Call recording feature;
  • There is NFC.

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC


  • Screen: 6.67 “(2400×1080) 120 Hz
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Memory: 128 GB, memory card slot
  • 4 Cameras: 64 MP, 13 megapixel, 2 megapixel, 2 megapixel
  • Battery: 5160 mA h

In the top, pleased with a reliable smartphone with a good battery at 5160 mAh, which not only gives up to 3 days without recharging, but also very quickly charges. From the complete 33 W charger 62% runs after 30 minutes, and the cherished 100% will see 65 minutes later.

Phone also gaming. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor is combined with 6/128 GB of memory and discloses its potential to full due to the presence of an improved cooling system Liquidcool 1.0 plus. It prevents trottling even with long gaming sessions.

Explosive IPS screen is distinguished by an increased up to 120 Hz update frequency. He will delight and detail the picture. Permissions 2400 x 1080 pixels abound for a diagonal of 6.67-inch. It realistically transmits colors, and the reserve of the brightness is even on a sunny day. Melomanov will delight sound in the format of stereo, and lovers of selfie will appreciate the island 20 MP front.

The main chamber is built on four photo models at 64, 13, 2 and 2 megapions. They are not only good taking pictures, but also write video in FHD at 60 fps and 4k at 30 fps. There is an NFC, IR port, analog Face ID and side dactylocopic scanner.

  • For this money, nothing is better not found;
  • Excellent chambers with stabilization;
  • The variety of shooting modes, including macro and micro;
  • Perfectly suitable for games. Screen 120 Hz and powerful processor;
  • 33 W charging. 65 minutes to 100%;
  • Stereo sound;
  • Liquidcool 1 cooling system.0 plus;
  • NFC and IR port;
  • Cool colors and body design.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 64GB

The model entered in the summer of 2018, received 69% of the five reviews in Yandex Market and 91% of the recommendations for the purchase.

The MI MAX family is characterized by the fact that its representatives have a large screen and a powerful battery. This model. No exception, screen here is 6.9 inches, and the capacity of the battery is 5500 mAh. UL BENCHMARKS Test Result. 16 hours 59 minutes.

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Other specifications: Display resolution 2160×1080 pixels, Android operating system 8.1, 64 GB permanent and 4 GB of RAM, memory card slot over 256 GB combined with a slot for the second SIM. 8-nuclear processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 636. Fingerprint scanner on rear panel. Without nfc.

Main chamber Double: 125 megapixel with light f / 1.9, front camera 8 mp.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 6 / 128GB

Without doubt, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro turned out to be extremely successful, especially for his money. But Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro comes to the market. and puts the predecessor on the blade.

For example, a 4-modular camera (main, superwater, depth sensor and for macro) in fact allows you to receive excellent pictures even in automatic mode, and experts converge that this is one of the best camera phones. Disposable Snapdragon 720G, the power reserve is very large. the game is proved. Which is up to the battery capacity, it is 5020 mAh, a superpust charge is supported.

Finally. a great IPS-screen with a diagonal of 6.67 inches.

  • Screen Diagonal: 6.67 inches
  • Screen resolution: 2400 × 1080
  • Weight: 209 g
  • Number of SIM-Cards: 2
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G
  • Memory capacity: 64 GB
  • RAM volume: 6 GB
  • Battery capacity: 5020 mAh
  • Rear camera: Four modules 64/8/5/2 mp
  • Front camera: 16 mp
  • Memory Card Support: Yes

OPPO A53 4 / 64GB

Characteristics OPPO A53 is unlikely to be impressed by someone, but only until the moment you see its value: here you and support 90 Hz, and a 5000-mah battery with a quick charging, and the NFC sensor. The design of the case is also very good.

6.5-inch matrix with a resolution of 1600 × 720 pixels, a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor with 8 nuclei, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB ROM.

Camera? The camera is triple, but nothing special is allocated.

  • Screen Diagonal: 6.5 inches
  • Screen resolution: 1600 × 720
  • Weight: 186 g
  • Number of SIM-Cards: 2
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 460
  • Memory amount: 64 GB
  • RAM volume: 4 GB
  • Battery capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Rear camera: triple 13/2/2 MP
  • Front camera: 8 MP
  • Memory Card Support: Yes

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro 8/128GB

Very popular REDMI Note Pro series from Xiaomi. Another generation received a battery with a capacity of 5020 mAh and, of course, a quick charge. 33 W.

Here you will find an excellent amoled screen with 120 Hz support and high resolution (diagonal. 6.67 inches), a very productive platform based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G chipset and 8 GB of RAM. There are usual chips like a fingerprint scanner in the inclusion key and the NFC module.

The main thing in the smartphone is the camera. Rather, its main ISOCELL HM2 module from Samsung resolution of as many as 108 MP. Default removes in a resolution of 12 megacles, but the other is important. the quality of the photographing is extremely high for this price category. At night, removes very well.

  • Screen Diagonal: 6.67 inches
  • Screen resolution: 2400 × 1080
  • Weight: 193 g
  • Number of SIM-Cards: 2
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G
  • Memory capacity: 128 GB
  • RAM volume: 8 GB
  • Battery capacity: 5020 mAh
  • Rear camera: Four modules 108/8/5/2 mp
  • Front camera: 16 mp
  • Memory Card Support: Yes

Samsung Galaxy M21 (costs about 15,000)

Applies already to the middle class. impressive apparatus. Powerful and fresh eight-year EXYNOS 9611 chipset, with a clock frequency of 2.3 GHz, manufactured by 10 nm technical process.

Big (6.4 inches) Excellent AMOLED screen with high Full HD resolution, protective glass Gorilla Glass 3.

The operating system is the same Android in the tenth version with the One UI sheath.

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