Why samsung’s phone sits fast. Why quickly discharges Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 Mini, S3

Why quickly discharges the battery on the Samsung phone: what to do if the battery on Samsung Galaxy quickly sits down

Samsung regularly releases new firmware for its smartphones Galaxy. However, along with the advent of many useful functions, the owners of the devices often face the problem of rapid battery discharge. For example, many users with Galaxy S8 and S9, after upgrading to Android Pie One UI, at the end of 2018, began massively contact Samsung support services and seek solving a problem on thematic forums.

Today, the same S8 and S9, as well as Galaxy S10, A40, A50, A51, A71 and other models are already working on Android 10, and the batteries of phones (and Samsung tablets including) are sitting just as quickly. In some cases, the time of operation of the device from one charge of the battery has decreased by almost 50%, which, of course, is comparable to the real catastrophe.

Samsung, however, not always in a hurry to publicly recognize the discovered problem. It is likely that it is associated with software flaw, which will be eliminated with the release of a new service pack.

Why batteries smartphones quickly lose charge

The reasons for which Samsung phone quickly discharges, quite a lot. We list the main ones:

  • Technical condition of the device. If your device has two or more to your device, then its battery has already lost and continues to lose useful capacity, so the phone has to charge much more often than before;
  • Weak cellular operator signal. This can also be one of the main reasons directly related to the problem: the phone is constantly looking for a network, and this gives an additional, and very significant, load on the battery;
  • Total Load on Smartphone. Everything is clear here: the more you use the phone, the faster there is a process of dischargeing AKB. Faster than the battery does not sit at rest, but when using capacious applications. games, programs for viewing video, browsers, etc. D. Very often in this mode of use, the battery is discharged in just a couple of hours;
  • Installed applications. This reason is closely related to the previous item. But besides that applications themselves may require a lot of energy for their work, the overall problem of their quantity and quality is added here. If many programs are installed on your smartphone and you use them, they continue to work in the background, load the processor, dischargeing the battery;
  • Mobile operating system failures and errors. Android system, like any other OS, is not an example of perfection. As you use, various errors accumulate in it. Their appearance can provoke incorrect software codes, and the actions of the user itself, which, for example, incorrectly deletes the applications, does not purify the cache and T. D.;
  • unfavorable for acb external conditions. Unfavorable external conditions include frosty winter weather: at a minus temperature, the smartphone is often freezing and off. Also bad on the battery act and high temperatures, therefore it is impossible to leave your device under direct solar rays. Also need to follow, does not heat the battery during charging.

What to do if Samsung’s phone is quickly discharged

The way to solve the problem will be directly dependent on its cause. But the main thing is to understand first of all. this is what the quick discharge of the battery is caused: technical problems or errors that have a programmic character. How to determine this, we will now tell.

Recommendation: Before performing any actions to diagnose and correct problems, update the phone firmware. Check on the manufacturer’s website, are there new versions of SAMSUNG specifically for your model. If yes, download and install the update.

  • As a rule, the phone quickly discharges when unnecessary applications and services hang. To remove current tasks, perform a soft reboot of the smartphone. For this:
  • Press and hold the “POWER” button for 3-5 seconds;
  • Tap on the screen to turn off the phone.

When the phone is completely turned off, wait approximately one minute. This time is necessary in order to make sure the cache and temporary files are cleaned.

Check if there is a problem with a quick discharge of the battery when the smartphone is in safe mode. Usually this method helps to determine if the problem is caused by the application set recently. Unfortunately, not all of them work smoothly on different models of phones. Perhaps the case is just in it: the application you the other day downloaded and installed, not quite suitable for your device. In safe mode, only the programmer pre-installed by the manufacturer, with which the problems does not occur.

  • Turn off the phone;
  • Press and hold the power off button;
  • When “Samsung” appears on the phone screen, release the button;
  • Immediately after you released the power button, press and hold the audio volume button down
  • Continue to hold this button to the end of the device reboot;
  • When the reboot is completed, the “Safe Mode” must appear in the lower left corner of the screen;
  • Release the volume button when you see the “Safe Mode” string.

Now it is worth a time to use the smartphone in this mode. If you notice that the problem with the battery decided, you can be sure: the battery began to quickly sit down because of some kind of applications. Find and delete it.

Clean your phone cache. On your smartphone in the system memory (cache), these applications are saved. Using these saved data, the system opens up applications faster, the user almost does not have to wait for their full load. However, it happens that the data in the cache is damaged, and this, in turn, causes software failures. To correct the errors and get rid of the freelancers in the work of the smartphone, you must regularly clean the cache. Here is how to do it:

  • Disable the phone;
  • Press the two buttons at once. an increase in volume and “home”. Hold them, press the power button
  • At the time when the Android logo appears, release all three keys. Keep in mind that the first 30-60 seconds will be displayed a message about installing firmware update. After that you will see the menu with the options to restore the system;
  • Press the sound volume reduction key several times to go to the menu to “Clean Cache”;
  • Press the power button to select this item.
  • Click the sound volume button to highlight the answer “Yes”, and then the power button confirm the choice;
  • the process of cleaning the cache will start, upon completion you will be prompted to restart the system;
  • Press the power button and restart the smartphone.

Galaxy S10 on Exynos is discharged by themselves. We have a solution

Samsung’s own production processor line has never been famous for its energy efficiency, and this year, the new flagships of Galaxy S10 even more overwhelmed it from the world’s first android smartphones in the world. Qualcomm Snapdragon. Recently, Phonearena edition conducted a comparison of two versions of the Galaxy S10, in which Exynos and Snapdragon chipsets stood, and the model with Snapdragon 855 not only overtook exynos in terms of performance, but also worked for a whole hour longer than its analogue in the battery test.

samsung, phone, sits, fast, quickly, discharges

But on this problem, unfortunately, do not end. Over the past few weeks in the reports of users from all over the Internet, several mistakes affecting all the Galaxy S10 models are identified, which further reduce battery life on the last flagship smartphones Samsung.

First, this is the so-called “approximation sensor error”, due to which the phone error includes the screen in your or in the bag. You can solve this problem at the moment, you can turn off the “Lift to Wake” and “Tap to Wake” functions on the Galaxy S10, as the phone seems to respond to any movements and random touch.

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According to many newcomers from Samsung, when wearing a smartphone in your with a screen addressed to the leg, it can “wake up” from one touch the display to the thigh, and such constant screen activation, is mercilessly clipping the battery. Bug “Lift to Wake”, apparently caused by a random movement that the smartphone interprets as a deliberate.

But there is one more, perhaps a more disturbing problem, which affects the versions of Samsung Galaxy S10 with Processori EXYNOS. Many noverty users complain about a serious battery discharge on their smartphones.

XDA and Reddit resource users compared the results of the work from one charge of the batteries of their Galaxy S10 on the EXYNOS chipset, launching various tests on them, and could find out what causes a serious discharge of the battery in some users. Yes, this problem, fortunately, manifested itself not from many and from a terribly short time of autonomous work, as you know at the moment, just a few people suffered, while most of the Galaxy S10 owners are fully satisfied with the time of the autonomous work of their devices.

It is already known that the problem is caused by the execution and reception of VoIP calls on the Galaxy S10, and it only affects the versions of the smartphone based on Exynos. This error is called by execution or reception of VoIP calls, through applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger and any others that support this function and do not allow the smartphone to switch to the state of deep sleep in standby mode.

It is also reported that this error is caused by a problem with the approximation sensor and will prevent the phone to switch to sleep until it is rebooted. This means that the processor continues to work at elevated frequencies, even when the smartphone is not used. Even recording a voice message in some of these messengers is the mentioned bug.

The only decision that is currently found to solve this problem is to restart Galaxy S10 after each VoIP call. Note that the implementation of ordinary calls does not cause this error. That is why many people who do not use VoIP, battery life was much better than those who do it.

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Causes of fast discharge

To find out why Samsung Galaxy quickly sits down the battery, it is necessary to find out the frequency of use of the device. If the user actively uses a smartphone for all day, using all the capabilities of the device at the same time, then the rapid flow rate is not amazing. But if the gadget is used for calls and rare outputs to the network. the rapid flow rate is not the norm.

  • Wear. If the phone was purchased for a long time, check the battery status or replace it.
  • Failure to comply with the temperature regime recommended by the manufacturer. With too hot or very frosty weather, the discharge rate and battery life decreases. The optimal range can be obtained from the technical characteristics of the device.
  • Increased screen brightness. At maximum values ​​of this parameter, the battery sits faster. The optimal will be the setting of the ratio in the range of 50%.
  • Simultaneous operation of several applications. It is recommended to disable all applications running in the background, include only those required at the moment.
  • Contactless payment module. When the NFC function is enabled, the ambient space scans the surrounding space in search of the device for pairing and spends the charge.
  • Time auto disclosure display. Set the shutdown range to minimum values.
  • Mobile Internet. Some users keep data transmission functions or Wi-Fi regardless of whether or not. To save charge, it is recommended to connect to the Internet only as needed.
  • Navigation. GPS satellite communication function is rare. You need to turn off the mode after use, since the permanent connection to the satellite actively spends the battery charge.
  • Viruses. SOUTHER CONDITIONALLY ARE WITHOUT ONLY STARTED DATA, BUT AND BRAINS IN THE SYSTEM, Create instability of the smartphone in general and spend the battery capacity. Better not download suspicious programs.
  • The Bluetooth option is also putting a gadget charge. If it is required not often, it is worth keeping it off.
  • Data synchronization also spend the battery capacity. So you need to disable automatic mode and synchronize applications in manual mode as needed.

The above reasons are the main, but not a complete list of problems, thanks to which Samsung Galaxy is quickly discharged.

Important! If the battery is deformed and swept, it can lead to a breakdown of a smartphone. Electrolyte and pour the phone chipboard from the damaged battery.

Sensors and not only

Your Android phone is equipped with a variety of sensors serving for different purposes and battery consuming. Disconnecting or limiting their use, you can extend the phone’s time from the battery.

  • GPS. satellite positioning module that some of the owners of smartphones is not very needed and is used extremely rarely. You can disable the GPS module through the widget in the notification area or on the Android screen (Energy Saving widget). In addition, I recommend to go to the settings and select “Location” section in the “Personal Data” section and turn off there sending a location data.
  • Automatic screen rotation. I recommend to turn off, since this function uses a gyroscope / accelerometer, which also consumes a lot of energy. In addition to this, on Android 5 Lolipop, I would recommend to disable Google Fit application, also using these sensors in the background (the application shutdown is written below).
  • NFC. an increasing amount of Android phones today is equipped with NFC communication modules, however, people actively using them, not so much. You can disable in the “Wireless Network” settings section. “”.
  • Vibrootklik. it does not fully relate to the sensors, but I will write about it here. By default, the Android is included in the screen when you touch the screen, this function is pretty energy-efficient, since moving mechanical parts are used (electromotor). To save the charge, you can disable this feature in the settings. sounds and notifications. other sounds.

It seems that for this part did not forget. Go to the next important item. Applications and widgets on the screen.

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Answers to these simple questions will help us understand the situation and understand whether something happened to our smartphone or the tablet or the case in something else.

How many smartphone or tablet on android

To begin, it is necessary to understand that the time of operation of the device depends on the huge number of factors, and not only from the battery capacity (this is, by the way, one of the most common misconceptions).

Factors that affect battery charge flow:

Summing up: answer the question: “My phone is discharged for so much hours, is it normal?”It is very difficult, for this you need to collect a lot of information. To better navigate, we will specify the time of work in the middle mode (per day: a couple of hours of music, an hour of internet seining, a couple of hours in navigator mode, 40 minutes calls, messengers or mail in moderate quantity), it’s about one-two days. But remember that all individually.

How to enlarge smartphone or tablet on Android

Now let’s see how we can eliminate the reasons mentioned above, or at least try to reduce their influence.

In addition, I immediately want to answer a frequent question, why Samsung did not make a standard battery larger capacity. The fact is that not everyone is playing games, watch video or sit on the Internet. Most people use a smartphone moderately, do not load it with a large number of applications, and they are enough standard battery, for example, the author of the article uses Galaxy S5 and is enough for two days. If the standard battery was greater tank, firstly, the dimensions and so rather small devices would be much more (in the pants no longer), and secondly, the price would also have grown. That is why, with the help of additional accessories, we offer to increase the capacity precisely to the one you need.

Every time you decide to install a new application, pay attention to its permission. Permissions are a list of those actions that the application can perform on your device after loading it. The more application, the application is permits, the more system resources it will use, and the more difficult the device will go into the power saving mode (the so-called sleep mode), because the application can work in the background and will constantly wake it up, even if your gadget screen is turned off And nobody enjoys them. You can read more about permission in our article.

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Be sure to monitor the number of applications installed, because we found out, each application has permissions, and if there are many applications, then the permissions are increased at times. If there is an unnecessary application. remove it, do not leave about the stock.

Try to choose those applications that are written by famous authors, downloaded many times and have a high rating. Of course, this is not a guarantee of stability, but at times reduces the risks. It is also useful to know that the functionality and stability of the application can not only improve, but also deteriorate when it updates. It often happens that there were no new applications on the device, but suddenly it began to quickly discharge. The problem may be in the unsuccessful update for some application.

You can use the safe mode to diagnose your device. It differs from the usual because only standard applications work in it, and all loaded are disconnected and no impact on the system. If the problem disappears in safe mode, you can safely conclude: the downloaded applications are to blame. However, at the moment there is no tool that allows you to find out what exactly this is for the application, therefore usually act like this: load the gadget in safe mode and check the problem. If the malfunction disappeared, then loaded as usual and begin to delete those applications that have been installed or updated by the latest, until the perpetrator finds. By the way, you can try to make such a test: download your device in a safe mode, check out the time it will work from one charging, and compare it with time to work in normal mode, we assure you will be surprised. Read more about Safe mode can be read in our special article.

Also, the author of the article met user Комментарии и мнения владельцев that in the category also pre-installed (embedded) applications. It is possible that the share of truth in this is, but numerous experiments say that if there is an impact, it is extremely minor. over, the operating system is designed so that the work of many applications depends on each other and their mindless removal can only harm the device.

Nevertheless, it would be dishonest not to tell about all the possibilities, so we share with you “secrets”: part of the preset applications can be turned off so that they will not have an effect on the working system, t.E. they seem to fall asleep. How to do it, you can see in this article. If necessary, you can enable them back.


After you have revealed the reason for the rapid discharge of your smartphone. you need to go to the elimination. Some problems are solved in ten minutes, with the others. have to tinker. In any case, this question is solved, so there is no need to panic ahead of time.

Natural wear

Battery wear becomes noticeable after 1.5-2 years of using your smartphone. In this case, the solution to the problem is very obvious. it is necessary to replace the battery. You can do it yourself (if it is removable) or give a smartphone in the hands of the master (if the gadget has a whole metal case).


If your smartphone reacts strongly to a decrease or temperature increase. make yourself a rule to use the headset. At the same time, try not to expose your gadget with sharp temperature changes. So you will extend the life of the battery.

Screen brightness

Phone screen. one of the main sources of energy consumption. The higher the brightness, the faster your smartphone will be discharged. Use adaptive backlight or set the brightness not higher than 50%.


Sometimes the culprit of the quick discharge of the battery are faulty iron or system failures. In this case, the only faithful advice will be to contact a specialist. You can not solve the problem yourself, but you will be able to harm the device.


Obviously, to solve this problem it is necessary to find and remove infected objects. Of course, only the full reset of the device can save. But if the situation is not running and only one or several minor files are damaged. the usual cleaning of the antivirus program will help.


Akb resources can and applications that launched the user itself, but after they have not needed, I forgot to close. Control over processes actively consuming energy is also best to entrust special utilities. For example, as follows:

By the way, the possibilities of most of them include cleaning the system from unnecessary files, cooling processor, charging optimization and a number of other tasks. To support the device in order, one of these utilities is preferably used constantly.

What to do if the battery on samsung galaxy falls quickly

How many smartphone or battery tablet should work

Battery life depends on several factors, and not only from the tank. During work affects:

Frequency of use and load

It seems, everything is simple: use a lot of device. the battery is discharged faster. But the time of work also depends on the load.

If the load is large: mobile Internet, movies, games with good graphics. the device is discharged for several (2-5) hours.

If the load is small: music, books, SMS, conversations. the device works longer (5-20 hours).

Number and quality of installed applications

The more applications are installed on the device, the faster the battery sits down. Highly influences the quality: poorly made applications constantly load the processor and do not give the device to “fall asleep”.

Errors in the operating system

Over time, errors appear in the operating system. The reasons are different: incorrectly updated the firmware, installed low-quality applications and it was incorrectly removed, they did not clean them from the old files and T.P. The more mistakes, the faster the battery sits down.

Battery state

The useful battery capacity decreases with time. The older the battery, the smaller the charge he can carry.

Cellular network signal

The worse the signal of the cellular network, the faster the battery is discharged. This is due to the fact that the device transmitter is forced to work at a greater power to support the connection to the network.

In the middle mode. a couple of hours of music, a couple of Internet hours, 40 minutes calls, messengers or mail in moderate quantity. the device should work about one or two days. But remember that all individually.

What to do if the battery sits fast

If you suspect that something is wrong with the device, and the battery sits down much faster than it should, try the following tips:

Check the device operation in safe mode

The more applications are installed on the device, the faster the battery sits down. Some applications affect so much that the battery sits in a few hours.

To find out, in applications business or not, download the device in safe mode. In safe mode, all downloaded applications are not working. those set after the purchase. Operate only system applications. those installed at the factory.

See how many smartphone or tablet from one charge in safe mode will work, and draw conclusions.

If the battery began to discharge slower, then the problem is in some applications that installed after purchase. Delete the applications you installed or updated recently, and watch the device work until the battery starts discharged slowly.

If in safe mode the battery is discharged at the same speed, try other tips.

Disconnect those applications that do not use

If you do not use any system applications, disconnect them. Applications “tool” and will not work as long as they are not included.

Buy an external battery

If you use a lot of smartphone or tablet and you lack a standard battery. buy an external battery.

External battery works like a portable socket:

  • First charging the external battery;
  • Then plie your smartphone or tablet to it;
  • External battery charges the built-in battery.

Such batteries are produced in different sizes and tanks, they have a democratic price, and they are universal. all that is charged from USB.

Adjust brightness

Typically, the screen works on full brightness, and this consumes a decent battery charge. To spend less, use automatic brightness adjustment (if it is). Special sensor analyzes the conditions in which the device works, and automatically exposes the level of brightness.

If there is no automatic adjustment on the device. reduce brightness manually to a comfortable level.

Pull the SIM card if you do not use it

If your smartphone with two SIM cards, and you do not use one of them. pull it out. Smartphone spends energy to keep the connection with the cellular network, and the battery is discharged faster. Do not leave the SIM card in the smartphone, the networks of which are not in the area where you are (for example, tourist SIM cards).

Disconnect wireless connections if you do not use them

If you do not use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, or mobile Internet. disconnect them, they consume a lot of energy.

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To do this, the easiest way to use the quick settings panel. To open it, spend on the screen from top to bottom.

Use the “airplane” mode

The worse the signal of the cellular network, the faster the device is discharged. This is due to the fact that the device transmitter is forced to work at a greater power to support the connection to the network.

If you are often in places where there is no bad mobile network cover or it is generally absent, use the “aircraft” or “autonomous mode” mode.

In this mode, the mobile network is turned off, and the device does not spend energy for its search. Especially this advice is relevant for tablets, SIM card in them is less common than in the smartphone.

Disconnect unnecessary synchronization

Some accounts can synchronize data from the device’s memory, T.E. make a copy of them and send to the account.

Imagine that you have created a new contact on the smartphone. If it has a Google account and synchronization enabled, the smartphone immediately copies this contact to your account. If you enter this account to another device, the contact will automatically boot into the notebook.

Synchronization is a convenient function, but it does not give the device to fall asleep, because it constantly checks whether new data appeared. To reduce the battery consumption by this function, configure synchronization. select which data you need to synchronize automatically, and which manually.

Replace the battery or contact SAMSUNG service center

If no advice helps, replace the built-in battery or contact the service center.

Galaxy S21 quickly discharged? How to fix it

Galaxy S21. a fantastic phone, but the battery life does not always have the best. Learn how to extend the service life, with the help of these useful tips.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is an extremely functional Android phone. as long as the battery charge is enough. In general, Samsung made a lot with S21.He has a stunning amoled display with a frequency of 120 Hz, excellent cameras and incredibly high performance. All this in an elegant building, not to mention a competitive starting price of 800 (which is often reduced thanks to infinite sentences Samsung).

Almost everything in the Galaxy S21 at the highest level, but the battery life can be a potential problem. 4000 mAh capacity is enough for most people to live a day during normal use, but for users with particularly demanding S21 workflows can leave much to be desired. Although there is no way to magically increase the battery life of S21 and turn it into a two-day device, there are steps that users can take to extend it as long as possible on one charging.

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To begin with, you should use the built-in Samsung optimization function to charge the S21 battery Total pair of clicks. Open the “Settings” on Galaxy S21, scroll down the page down and click “Battery and Device Care”. This shows an estimate from 100 to indicate how well the S21 works, taking into account the performance of the battery, storage and memory. Pressing the “Optimize Now” button at the bottom of the page starts the optimization scan at which the tool closes unnecessary background applications, reveals an unusually high level of battery usage and detects application failures. It does not need to be done constantly, but it is recommended to run one of these optimization checks from time to time (or whenever S21 begins to lose battery life faster than expected).

Other Battery Economy Saving Tips Galaxy S21

On the same page “Care of the Device”, click the Battery button to view the full battery settings for Galaxy S21. In addition to the display of the remaining time from the battery and the current use of the phone, there are also several additional tools for saving the charge that can be used. The first feature shown is the “energy saving mode”, which, although it cannot be turned on 24/7, is a great way to extend the battery life of the S21 battery in those times when it becomes low, and the charger is not at hand. It can be enabled directly on the “Battery” page by touching the switch next to it, but by clicking on the “Energy Saving Mode” name, users will be shown a more detailed page about how it works.There are also settings to configure the operation of the power saving mode, for example, disconnecting the permanent display, the processor speed limit up to 70%, reducing the brightness of the display by 10% and much more.

Users can also click the “Background Use” option on the “Battery” page, which allows them to choose applications that should be translated into sleep mode or in deep sleep mode.Most users probably do not need applications such as Best Buy or Netflix, constantly working in the background, so make sure that they are added to these lists. a reasonable step. Galaxy S21 automatically adds applications to these lists at its discretion, but users can also log in and add / delete them at their discretion. Once again on the Battery page, click “Advanced Battery Settings” and check whether “Adaptive Battery” is enabled. When you turn on the “limits the use of the battery applications that you do not often use”.

The last advice concerns the display Galaxy S21.Although 120 Hz update frequency looks amazing, it is also a significant load for the phone battery. If someone is trying to extend the service life of its S21 as long as possible, you should consider disconnecting the update frequency 120 Hz. To do this, open the “Settings” application, click “Screen”, click “Smooth Motion”, click “Standard”, and then click “Apply”. Considering all these tips, Galaxy S21 must have maximum battery performance.

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Cardinal measures

If nothing of the factors listed above did not cause themselves to be more serious. If the Android battery comes quickly, the option to do in this case is to reset the settings. To do this, go to the settings, select “Restore and Reset”, click on “Reset Settings”.

The name of the sections may differ slightly depending on the shell and the version of the Android. Before removing information from the phone, you need to make backups to Google Account!

Official shells sometimes discharge too quickly, so rationally change the firmware. If there is no experience in this, it is better to turn to a specialist.

Google Corporation offers its battery calibration method, it looks strange, but often helps:

  • Delivered device put for charging, time. 7-9 hours.
  • Disconnect from the power supply, turn off the smartphone, put on charging.
  • Disconnect, turn on the gadget and work a couple of minutes.
  • Turn off and connect to the power supply.

Such a procedure can also be carried out with an incorrect charge indicator. Calibration will reset statistics and display the actual battery capacity. Also, the battery can wear out, then nothing remains how to change it to the new.

Most often your smartphone is discharged due to the constantly activated GPS. With the help of it, we deposit routes to different points to quickly get used in an unfamiliar city and find certain stores, services, however often forget to turn it off, because of which the battery is discharged at times faster.

It is recommended to turn off GPS after each use to reduce battery charging. To deactivate this module, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Go to “Settings” of your device and select “Location”;
  • Install the slider opposite the “ON” item to the “Disabled” state;
  • Also in this menu, you can use different location modes, depending on how much battery remains. For this purpose, separate menus with search by coordinates and GPS satellites.

Attention! On the later versions of Android, you can turn off the location through the quick access menu. To do this, it is enough to swipe down and disable the GPS item.

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