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How to send an SMS from a computer with reference to a mobile number

Few people know, but on the computer there is an opportunity to send a full SMS to the phone number with reference to your number. The need to send SMS with PC can occur at any time, so it is important to know how to do it. You can send a message from a computer in several ways: let’s look at their Read more.

Most often, this feature may need when losing access to the smartphone. modern phones are quickly discharged, it is easy to fight and can break in any, even the most inappropriate moment. Also on the phone account may simply end the funds, and the user often does not have the opportunity to urgently replenish the balance. In this case, the services for sending SMS with PC (or tablet) will be useful.

With this application you can easily send SMS from your computer. It is also quick to configure. In addition, the program has many other functions, including file transfer, backup and synchronization, contact management, and even the ability to record screen shots from a computer. This is a powerful application capable of creating stunning things. Premium version is a subscription model with a fairly reasonable price. Using a subscription, you can send larger files, transmit entire folders, transmit an unlimited number of files and more.


On the main page you will see two fields. In the first enter the recipient’s phone number, in the second. the message text. Symbol limit. 60. To send to the phone you need to undergo confirmation, collected a simple puzzle. Under the Terms of Use, SMS is sent for free. The only thing that is required by the user is to view the advertisement on the site.

internet, phone


Freaky SMS. one of the newest applications for sending free SMS messages. In accordance with the description of the program on the Google Play Store, the user with its help can send an unlimited number of messages long no more than 145 characters.

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JAXTRSMS will send you SMS on any phone in the world absolutely free. At the same time, the recipient of the message is not at all necessary to have the same application on his smartphone. All this makes the application one of the most popular in the world. In addition, the application is very convenient to work, for example, being in the application, you can open the address book and select the subscriber to whom you need to send SMS. In addition, there are no restrictions on sending messages in the application.

What is RCS and how it works

Of course, such a service is unprofitable to cellular operators, but Google actively work on its implementation in different countries. To do this, the company added support for RCS to the “Messages” proprietary application to give users more opportunities for sharing text messages, thus capturing the market of messengers. After all, if the correspondence becomes undemanding for the presence of an Internet connection, it will make unnecessary messengers who are not connected with each other, which means many can make a choice in favor of RCS.

Despite the fact that in Russia there are no operators supporting RCS fully, this standard can be used right now. Well, at least try, especially since it will not cost you smoothly anything.

SMS with replacement number

Send a message with the submenu of the room for free will not work. We checked several sites. nothing happened. Back in 2008, the working services were fully. someone else’s number or letter or letter fitted. For example, as a name could be written “Ded-Moroz” or something else. This often used spammers, but now all loopholes are closed. send a message with the submenu of the sender will not work.

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We found the forms of sending free SMS on the site of three operators:

How to send messages on Android with PC

Sending and receiving PC messages is carried out using a web browser. Here Google did not come up with anything new and, in fact, repeated how Whatsapp web intertees works. First, open the message application on the phone, press the button, made in the form of three vertical points located above each other in order to enter the settings. In the menu that opens, select the item “Web version of Messages”. Next, the program will prompt you to scan QR code. Where to take it? All simple. On your computer, open the web browser and then go to Google Message Service page. Here you will find the ability to scan the cherished code.

The service webpage almost completely copies whatsapp

You can organize a single session that will last until you close the browser tab. Or you have the opportunity to always open the messaging dialog box on this page by selecting the “Remember this computer” option. Your browser will suggest you also allow to receive notifications. Considerate, otherwise you will not see notifications about incoming messages. over, while the browser tab has been opened, you will not only receive and send text messages, you can also answer calls, without lifting the phone.

Android users have the opportunity to send free SMS. We even dedicated to this separate article. So with her, as well as subscribe to us to telegrams in order not to miss such useful materials in the future.


The third program that I got. Sendsms3 from WWW.Sidec.Ru

In the capabilities of the program, the support of sending to the substitution is announced. The site is more or less normal, gladly shake. But, unfortunately I get:

Thought that might be at least the usual SMS would be able to send. it was not there. MTS Peter failed to send. “Error number, operator is not supported.”After a few attempts.” Successfully sent “. SMS no. I tried several times. Everything is also “successful”, but SMS has not received. In the end, I received the message “Enough to spam”. And sms waiting still.

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In general, everything is beautiful. and the site and the program. Impressions positive. Minus only one. does not work 🙂

Advantages and disadvantages


  • A large base of scripts that work on different resources;
  • Quick conclusion of an agreement online (15-20 minutes);
  • Determining the subscriber’s relationship to the operator, region and sending according to the hour belt;
  • Time setting, deferred SMS;
  • Lack of subscription fees and download programs;
  • Detailed reports on SMS projects, as well as a convenient document flow;
  • Notifications about receiving shipments by customers.

SMS Aero

  • 24-hour support center;
  • Free sender signature;
  • Creating a widget for collecting information from the site;
  • Service Viber Cascade, which sends the newsletter in the messenger to active contacts and SMS to all the rest.


  • Free testing 50 days;
  • Many options for mailings, including voice;
  • The presence of a Smart mailing for an individual setting;
  • Integration with 1C and sending directly from this system.


  • Support for long messages (up to 1 thousand. characters);
  • Automatic mailing on the selected schedule;
  • Loading numbers from XLSX, CSV and TXT files;
  • Getting delivery statuses online;
  • Happy Birthday.


  • Blocking a personal account if a call from the manager will be missing;
  • Moderation is not round the clock, it works from 5 am to midnight;
  • There is no matching functional SMS and Viber;
  • There is no function check function (HLR requests).

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